Marquee or Bigtop King Poles - Stoke-on-Trent


Built by Ancheschi in italy (the absolute #1 tent metalwork company in the world) these are properly designed, 9m long fully galvanised steel poles. With a dome at one end (complete with 2 heavy-duty rigging points) and a good quality hinged foot-plate at the other end these are poles designed for real-world use.

They are 9m long & approx 15cm diameter good quality tubular steel - in the past we have found it's no hassle to chop them in half and put a sleeve joint in so you can split them to smaller size. All of the ones we are currently selling are 9m long but on request we have a suitable saw that can be used to split them before you collect.

Delivery notes

Collect from our yard in Stoke-on-Trent at a mutually agreeable time. We may be able to deliver but that's dependant on us having a suitable vehicle travelling in your area

Contact notes

Questions via email only please
Price: £175 £160 VAT Free
Quantity: 4 — Price is per unit
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