Sold Lining Swags – various size/colours


14 No. Blue/Green Swags – 15ft long
18 No. Red/Gold Swags – 3m Long
4 No. Red/Gold Swags – 15ft Long
10 No. Red Swags – 3m Long
24 No. Red Swags – 1m Long
14 No. Gold Swags – 1m Long
20 No. Dark Purple Swags – 1m Long
6 No. Purple/Silver Swags – 3m Long
16 No. Purple Swags – 1m long
34 No. Light Purple Swags – 1m Long
15 No. Heather Swags – 1m Long
17 No. Turquoise Swags – 1m Long
5 No. Plum/Silver Swags – 3m Long
4 No. Grass Green Swags – 1m Long
15 No. Mint Green Swags – 1m long
40 No. Gold Swags – 1m Long
18 No. Midnight Blue Swags – 1m Long
26 No. Silver Swags – 1m long
All swags priced at £1/metre. If you would like a specific item photographed, please say and we’ll send one! The 1m swags are handy for putting a bit of colour in without going overboard!

Delivery notes

collection from our warehouse in Chepstow NP16 5QZ. Carriage arranged at cost.

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Price: Sold