Sold Interlocking Flooring or Trackway PRO TRACK NEW


Interlocking Flooring or Trackway PRO TRACK NEW

Pro-Track® is superior portable roadway, tough enough to withstand the heavy impact of trucks, aircraft, earth-moving equipment, machinery and cars while providing premium grass protection. This durable flooring can also be used as garage flooring tiles and temporary paths, is quick and easy to install and accommodates uneven ground.

•Heavy duty ground protection
•Tough enough to carry cars, trucks and machinery
•Quick and easy installation
•No ground preparation necessary
•Accommodates uneven ground

•Temporary access roads
•Loading dock areas
•Machinery exhibitions
•Vehicle displays
•Command centres
•Aircraft hangars

•Councils and contractors
•Construction & mining
•Major events

Tiles are laid by hand and the system is quickly installed by unskilled labour.

Installation Rate
Approximately 100sqm per person per hour

HDPE, recyclable, stable up to 60 degrees, UV & Flame resistant (B2). Flame rated for internal use by special order.

Sold per pallet of 26.45m² (287.705 ft²) 3.63 tiles per m² price per tile 11.50 pounds

Wholesale price for large quantities

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