VAT:To be added
In very good condition with few rust mark from the walling hooks, ideal for a wedding venue or decorating an area.

These are built for a marquee however almost any building can be lined, as long as you can fix lifting pulleys above your lining.

If you require help I would be willing to help you install your lining for your first event. So far I have lined many barns, village halls and garages.
Ivory marquee lining
VAT:To be added
It is in good condition. We are only selling the roof of the traditional marquee and the lining again roof only.

The canvas roof needs cleaning, but in very good condition.

£3,600.00 for the marquee + Lining 42ft x 100ft £950
Traditional Canvas Marquee, 42ft x 100
Reduced to:£495.00
VAT:To be added
For sale due to closure of business

12 Chrome Poles (cost new £90 each)
8 Black Satin Ropes with chrome fixings (cost new £25)

Total Price was £1280
These were hired out at £180 for a 2 day hire per set

Reduced to £495

These are not the cheap versions. They all have weights, protected by rubber pads. So to not scratch any floors.

They are in very good condition.
Stantion Chrome Poles And Black Satin Ropes
Price:£10000.00 ono
VAT:To be added
We currently have a special offer on a set of Italian Style Barbieri marquees.

This set up consists of a 4m x 8m double peaked marquee, complete with glass sliding doors and a roof gutter.

This marquee is less than a year old.

The cost for this marquee complete is £10,000 excluding VAT
Italian Style Barbieri Marquee
Reduced to:£135.00 ono
Units:2 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Used 4 times indoors

• 30kW heating output
• Stainless steel element
• Adjustable thermostat
• Overheat protection
• Full metal casing
• Insulated handle
• Large wheels
• 2 Metre cable
• 63amp 5 pin plug

Reduced to £135 each

Click here for more info and contact details......
Indirect heater for sale
Reduced to:£360.00 ono
Units:3 — Price is for all units.
VAT:To be added
3 x 32 3 phase cables - 30 meters total

Reduced to £360
3 phase cables
VAT:To be added
Floorlok parquet dance floor in good condition with all aluminium edging and 2 x trolleys for transport. 18' x 18' Floorlok parquet dance floor
VAT:To be added
These are 8ft x 4ft aluminium checker plate sheets with hinged flaps at either end to enable smooth connection between to heights.

They were used for driving cars in and out of a "car showroom" marquee where the ramps connected to a Hoecker structures cassette floor.

However they could be used as disabled or pedestrian ramps with a little adaption.

They could also be used to bridge between lorry and loading bay or stage to enable flight cases to be wheeled.

Can be attached to cassette flooring.

Open to offer. 6pcs available.

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Aluminium car ramps for sale
Price:£749.99 ono
3 Phase silent diesel generator 5.5kw

We bought this last year to power a sanding machine (see the dust) As it happened it was not big enough so we never used to power anything.

As you can see from the dust it's not moved since. As such it is in As new condition.

Voltage 410v (3 phase) 240v single phase and 12v (for charging batteries) Don't be put of by the 3 phase plug you don't have to use it! It can work just as well on 240v single phase.

It's got both Volt and amp meters as well as circuit breakers to prevent overloading.

Would be an ideal standby generator or to power a workshop.

Weight is 168.5kg and it's on wheels

Cost over £1000 last year
BDE6700TE for sale
Units:6 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Fire Exit walls for 3m x 2.4m bay.

Made is 2009 used once and the packed away, excellent condition.

Legends on outside and inside of wall. Punch out from inside and grab handles on the outside.

Price is per wall
Marquee fire exit walls for sale
VAT:To be added
Tent set (both ends) clear gable ends for 9m marquee.

Used once and then rolled up and packed away.

Execellent Condition
Clear 9m Gables for sale
VAT:To be added
Sub Flooring
Like new
9m x 24m plus extra Aluminum extrusion
Can be used for 6m
Extra gable end extrusion to make 2 lots

172 boards
3x3 bearers
2x2 bearers

In picture they are shown with stilliges but these are not for sale
9m x 24m sub flooring
Price:£30.00 ono
Units:22 — Price is per unit
IBC Water Tanks 1000l

All in good working order

Some missing Pallets hence price
IBC Water Tanks
Price:£5000.00 ono
For sale to benefit a Childrens charity The Birmingham Boys and Girls Union, Charity No: 1120499

Built by The Roundhouse, using an ash frame and solid oak doors all timber is in good condition.

Been used over the last few years as a group room.

All the canvas was fireproofed this winter, however the roof needs patching is places (see photos) and a good clean. The sides again need a clean, along with some repairs near the door, the ground sheet needs replacing along with possibly the carpet although this may be salvageable once it dries out and is cleaned.

The plastic dome is fine along with the seal for the chimney, the chimney and wood burner are included.

£5000 Offers considered.
24ft Mongolian Yurt
6m Clear gables for a framed or clear span marquee.

It's not a pair it's just one end (1/2 a tent set) It's never been used.

It would fit most framed marquees (Roder, Custom Covers or Tectonic)

It would be ideal to make an entrance porch or stage cover with a clear end.
This item is now sold
Hi Ben,
can you mark the 6m Clear Gable ends ref: 11BAD9F2C66D as sold. This took 45mins.
Thanks Gerome
Framed marquee clear gables for sale
VAT:To be added
3m x 3m (aprox 10ft x 10ft) Black out marquee lining roof.

Made out of heavy flame retardant back cloth.

Has Velcro around the edge to attach a valance (or swags)

It's goes up to a point in the middle ( its made out of two hip ends) so could be extended by the addition of a rectangle of cloth in the middle.

It could be made into a star light lining with the addition of fairy lights, pea lights or fibre optics.

I'm sure it would fit most 3m x 3m framed marquees made by Roder / custom covers or Tectonics both Clear span and pagodas.
Blackout Roof 3m x 3m
Reduced to:£4000.00 ono
VAT:To be added
I have a job lot of these for sale, in theory they should comprise the following:-
  • With Green & White Covers
    3 No. 20 x 20ft, 2 No. 20 x 30ft, 2 No. 20 x 10ft
  • With White Covers
    3 No 10 x 20ft, ,1 No. 7 x 7ft
I cannot guarantee these quantities as this is not a type of marquee that we use but there should be enough gear to build something like 11 various sized marquees with a lot of spare framework that would make more except that the metal "crown" pieces are missing which I would have thought could easily be fabricated.

Reduced to £4000 or near offer

Prepared to split and sell as separate units.

Linings listed elsewhere on Curlew
Armbruster Modular Marquees
Price:£4250.00 ono
2007 SDMO J33 generator, low hours, used as a standby generator. Buyers welcome to view and test.

Engine: John Deere

Alternator: MECC ALTE

Hours: 480

Sockets 3 phase: 400v (63A), 400v (32A)

Sockets single phase: 230V (32A), 230V (16A), 110V (32A), 110V (16A)
33kva SDMO J33 Generator
Price:£1875.00 ono
VAT:To be added
2.906m x 2.225 uPVC Roder HTS party tent glazed double door unit with glass panels either side to fill the bay.

Panic bar on one wing.

  • Colour: White frame – clear toughened safety glass
  • Door frame size: 2.906m x 2.225m
  • Frame material: uPVC
  • Footer panel size: 340mm – solid white
  • Slow closing mech: Yes – on both wings
  • Door handle + key lock: YES
  • Panic bar - On One wing
uPVC Roder HTS Party Tent Glazed Double Door Unit
Very Versatile can make a range of sizes

Consists of 4' x 10' ends, 5' x 10' Mids, Walls

Including 20' x 40' Full Lining

Well used but serviceable
20' Wide Traditional Marquee
25 Panels with edging

Grub screw fixings

Ex hire

Could do with sanding and a little attention but still serviceable
Dance Floor 15' x 15'
In 10' and 15' bays.

Very versatile, makes many different sizes.

Including 10' and 15' top sheets, gable ends and walls.

Plus 20' x 60' and 30' x 60' linings.

Ex hire, could do with a little attention but still quite serviceable.
Barkers Flexi Frame Marquee 20' x 60' to 30' x 60'
Price:£0.00 ono
VAT:To be added
We require a 12m x 6m marquee ASAP. Ideally it needs to be on 3m high legs, if it is not it should be in Tectonics style so that we can buy the leg extensions.

To be clear we only require 6 legs, 6 beams, eave purlins, 2 bays of roof purlins and 2 roofs. We need a full opening of 12m on one end so definitely needs to be 3 A-frames of 12m rather than 6m wide.

The condition of the frame and PVC is not important as it is going to be up long term storage on an industrial site.
12m x 6m marquee Wanted ASAP
Price:£500.00 ono
2x strand quartet F
4x strand quartet 22/40

All leads, spare bulbs, hanging brackets etc

In flight case

Excellent condition
strand quartet F lights
Price:£4500.00 ono
VAT:To be added
Volvo/FL6E 18 tonne curtainside lorry with sleeper cab. Reg. DX03FSJ (registered 31/07/03).

26ft x 8ft 4” platform and is 13ft high, with tail lift.

527000 km on clock.

Tested until April 2015.

In average condition including tyres.

We have now retired and are selling off all our stock.
Volvo Curtainside Lorry
VAT:To be added
  • Compatible to most manufacturing
  • Bay Length: 3m
  • Eave Height: 2.3m
  • Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles
  • Plain White Pvc Walls
  • Ground Rails & Earth Anchors included
  • Legs 2.3
Windows £45 each

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Clearspan marquees for sale
VAT:To be added
We have 39 x 6’ long x 2’ high panels.

We are selling the panels for £8 + VAT each

We would like payment by cheque or bank transfer.
White Picket Fencing
VAT:To be added
This marquee is erected in our yard (OX155JW) so can be properly seen by the purchaser.

Easy to put up, on 4 track profile and a professional kader channel system.

Covers and walls are in good condition the odd mark here and there but no rips tares, leaks etc.

Ideal for a pub to increase Christmas trade or to use for temporary storage.

This marquee is a bargain at £3995 + VAT
End of 9m x 9m Clear span Marquee
1.3m high x 1.9m wide


List price £550.00 + VAT

Free - Buyer collects
Cab Roof Spoiler
VAT:To be added
Roof bags for 6m 9m 12m and 15m made from heavy 900 PVC with 50mm webbing holding strap - £85 + vat

When sheets are pulled off of a clearspan frame do they get folded up on the grass? What happens if it's muddy?

Have the sizes of roof sheets ever been mixed up with a shout from the foremen: 'Who loaded this?'.

Have roof sheets ever been thrown into a van/truck on top of framework and been torn or damaged in some way?

The answer to these problems is a bag made to lay out on the grass and as the roof is pulled off it is concertinaed directly into the bag. The bag is folded over and laced up safe from damage.

A colour coded bag can reduce errors.
Marquee bag for sale
VAT:To be added
If you join two marquees together or join a marquee to a house then there will inevitable be a gap between the legs. These neat strips of pvc with two cador channels can either join two legs together or between the legs of a marquee and a house.

To join this to the wall of a house you will need a piece of timber with a candor channel on it. This can either be screwed into position or wedged with timber between the marque and the building.

2.4m Infills available in various sizes:
25cm - £20 +vat
35cm - £25 +vat
45cm - £30 +vat
55cm - £35 +vat
65cm - £40 +vat
75cm - £45 +vat
Marquee Infill panels or leg Joiners - National Delivery.
Units:100 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Wall Tie Backs with Velcro - £1 +vat

They make your marques look much smarter when the walls are rolled back. Some times it't the little details that finish a marquee off. On a summers day when the window walls of a marquee are opened up these handy ties keep the walls neat and tidy.

Made from PVC with Velcro either side they look just the job.
Marquee wall tie backs
VAT:To be added
These are used to join two marquees together forming a waterproof gutter.

Ball tension gutters have eyelets and ball ties (bungees) to fasten them to the two marquees. As in the photograph.

The Bullet gutter has "bullets" to slide through cador (kador) channels.

Ball Tension or Bullet Gutter:
3m - £40 + vat
5m - £60 + vat
6m - £75 + vat
9m - £100 +vat
12m - £140 +vat
Marquee gutter for sale
VAT:To be added
Kader to Kader Gutter: Used when joining two marquees together with Kader Eave Purlings.

3m - £35 + vat
5m - £50 + vat
6m - £65 + vat
9m - £90 + vat
12m - £130 +vat

Using these gutter you can form a weather tight gutter between two marquees or a house and a marquee Just slide the gutter into the existing Kador channels.

Some gutters are straight and others are tapered. The important thing is how the gutter is attached to the marquee or house so that it doesn't let water through.

Sometimes a gutter is needed in between a house and a marquee. In this case the use of an aluminium channel / groove/slot / rail (which we can provide) with kader slid through it will give a good seal. (Kader is a special rib which has been attached to the edge of a piece of fabric. This rib is 'welded' on and provides a very easy fixing mechanism.) The other side of the gutter might have standard ball tension attachments as explained above.
Kader or cador marquee gutters
17 rolls of polypropylene Dandy Dura matting. 40ft/12m lengths. Natural fleck.

Used but good condition and plenty of wear left in them.

17 rolls of 30ft also available for a combined price. Contact seller for details.
This item is now sold

It has sold very quickly.
That is for both the 30' and 40' rolls.

17 rolls of 40ft (12m) Dandy Dura Matting
17 rolls of polypropylene Dandy Dura matting. 30ft/9m lengths. Natural fleck.

Used but good condition and plenty of wear left in them.

17 rolls of 40ft also available for a combined price.

Contact seller for details.
This item is now sold
Natural fleck polypropylene Dandy Dura matting
Units:2 — Price is for all units.
2 Dance floor trolleys available. With storage trays for edging.

Very lightly used, in great condition. Made by portable floor maker.
Dance floor trolley
360 square feet of 18mm Plywood (Varnished / coated ) interlocking flooring.

Wooden battens

18 pieces 8ft x 2ft
9 pieces 4ft x 2ft

Last used 2 years ago, (2 pieces have battens missing, but can supply battens.

Always stored in dry storage.
18mm Plywood (coated) Interlocking Flooring
14 Icom radios for sale with charging stations.

In very good condition

£1250 for the lot
This item is now sold
Icom Radios for sale
VAT:To be added
  • Iveco Eurocargo 75E17
  • Year 2004, only 282k km, that's 175k miles!
  • 20ft Curtainside with tail lift
  • Tyres all very good
  • MOT July 2015
  • Bluetooth radio
Utterly reliable, no expense spared. In daily use so mileage may creep up a little.

Selling due to change of transport policy. We will remove lettering.
Iveco Eurocargo Curtainside Lorry
VAT:To be added
Bay Length: 4m
Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles
Plain White Pvc Walls
Ground Rails & Earth Anchors included
Legs 2.4
Lining available for extra cost

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9m x 12m marquee
VAT:To be added
  • 6 speed, 3000cc, 16valve, 170HP diesel engine
  • 6 ton van
  • Long wheel base, high top in White
  • MOT until end of July 2015
  • Low mileage, only 227000 kilometres (141,000 MILES)
  • Tax band A (£165 annually)
  • 3 previous owners
  • Electronic tacho
  • High Spec Security locks fitted on all doors
Click here for more info and contact details......
2006 IVECO DAILY 60C17
Reduced to:£350.00
VAT:To be added
30'x 8' Walkway

Can be used as 10ft 20ft or 30ft long all with built in gutters

All Aluminium Poles and Joints in good condition

3 PVC Roof Sections

Comes with 3 new white pleated lining roofs most have never been used

Bought two years ago the walkways are about 6 years old

Reduced to £350
Armbuster 30'x 8' Walkway
Reduced to:£2000.00
VAT:To be added
Very nearly new Eureka 28 x 28 Capri with 2 x solid walls, 2 x clear walls, poles, stakes and plates.

In excellent condition, only ever put up twice and only selling due to personal circumstances preventing continuation of new business.
Very nearly new Eureka 28 x 28 Capri marquee
VAT:To be added
Space: 90msq
Standing capacity: 112
Seated capacity: 90

Price includes everything required for erection:
Aluminium frame, PVC roof, walls, all marquee and ground fixings, instruction manual and packing list

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New Commercial Marquee (6m x 15m)
Units:20 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
These boxes are practically bullet proof (literally)!! Perfect for transporting all of your marquee bits and pieces - no more lethal broken cheap plastic boxes!!

2 sizes available
Used condition but ready for work

60cm x40 x 40 (10 available)
60cm x 40 x 25 (10 available)

£14.00 each (no vat)

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60cm x40 x 40 Plastic Army Storage Boxes
VAT:To be added
Multi-light Pagoda, manufactured by German company, Eshenbach. Frame made from adonised aluminium round proles with 2 keder profiles.

Steel knuckles. All fits together by plug in system. Professional grade white pvc roof and plain wall sheets.

Eaves height - 2.26m
Main profile - 50 x 2 mm
Longest component - 2.70m
Weight - 96Kg

Still on pallet and in shrink wrap
3m x 3m Multi-light Pagoda
VAT:To be added
Heavy duty palisade security fencing - compound.

On the trailer you have a small compound, I think it was used for gas cylinders, but could be used for bins or an oil tank.

It's 8ft x 6ft x 7ft high. With a hinged gate to the front.

security fencing
Fiesta Furniture
Pub Equipment
Secondhand banqueting chairs from just £4 each
Get cash for your marquees
Ridgeways marquee components
Truck for sale
Why Hire Generators When You Can BUY? Click HERE
Foresters cottage
Event Interiors