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We are a cricket club and have been using this primarily for boxing & kick boxing events. With a full size boxing ring in the middle we generally have 20 tables of 10 people seated around 5’ round tables, 200 seated around them, and a further 150-200 people standing. We have also held presentation nights, cabaret evenings & dances. It’s been hired out to Lichfield Bower as a music tent and donated to St Giles Hospice for their solstice walk.

£11000 VAT Free

Big top marquee for sale
This is a complete Circus set up including :-
24m Big top (450 Sq M) with a standing capacity of 1350
Raked Seating for 700
Arena with barriers and flooring
A comprehensive light show and sound system
Storage containers 40ft and 20ft

£59000 +VAT

Big Top for sale
20ft (6 metre) Round Mini Big Tops. Red & Yellow Stripe ready now or any two colours of your choice made to order. Manufactured by our own Craftsmen.
The king pole can be made in two bits (7ft long each), so could fit in estate car.

£3000 +VAT

Brand new big top marquee for sale
This marquee has a standing capacity of 2500, set out in rows of seating 1000 or seated at round tables 650.
This tent is double-skinned covers to create darkness for full stage lighting effect or to view projections during daytime. The roof has a White outer skin and Orange inner skin with matching wall panels.
Install requires 6 people and a telehandler. Tent is supplied with simple to follow installation instructions and plotting diagram.

£15000 ono VAT Free

Big top tent for sale
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Sold Marquee Poles / King Poles - Stoke-On-Trent

Price: £150 £135 including VAT
Marquee Poles/King Poles Length + Feet
9.2m long with domed top, hinge-plate base
Rigging eyelets these are proper professional grade poles fabricated by Anceschi in Italy
We even have (basic) structural calculations paperwork for them.
They could be used as king-poles for a variety of marquee structures.
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£150 £135 including VAT

Marquee Poles/King Poles Length + Feet
| Quantity: 8
Portable grandstand seating, 180 seats, used condition

£2500 +VAT

Portable Grandstand Seating
This marquee gives you 16,100 ft or 1500 Sqm of space which has a legal capacity of 5,000 for standing room 1,500 set out as in rows of chairs or 1,000 guests sat at round tables.
Made by David Wine Tents in the USA out of flame retardant cloth to a very high standard.
Training and help with first installation is available (at a cost)
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£7500 £7000 +VAT

Big Top Festival Marquee
38m Miotti bigtop. Pearl white & Orange exterior, Blue interior -

Absolutely perfect for circus, festivals or events. Over 1100m2 - standing capacity of over 2400 or 700 guests for a banquet, a large dancefloor and a stage no problem

Converted to external guys so there NO quarter-poles inside holding up the secondary peaks - giving you a MASSIVE open space inside. 10m height at the middle, 4m at the walls

13m long Italian style cupola (so it can collapse straight down on to the trailer without having to take everything apart) which makes set-up / take down easy. Made with Ferrari Precontraint 702 it'll withstand just about anything the British weather throws at it without complaining. It's completely weatherproof and 99% lightproof inside.


£17500 +VAT ono

Large Space Circus tent for sale

Sold 2x Big Tops Or Circus Tents - Dorset

Price: £10000 VAT Free
Circus Tents for sale
Big Top 1
60x90ft blackout 2 pole tent with11ft side wall on purpose built 3.5t trailer.
Very good condition complete and ready to go.
£15000 including trailer

Bigtop 2
60x90ft red and yellow 2 pole tent with 9ft side walling on Ifor Williams 3.5t trailer.
Very good condition for its age,complete and ready to go.
£10000 including trailer.

Both tents can be 1 pole 60ft round.

£10000 VAT Free

Circus Tents for sale
| Quantity: 2

Sold 76Ft Diameter Top Marquee - East Sussex

Price: £7000 ono VAT Free
Big Top for sale
This Big Top Style marquee has sat unused for some years and the time has come to reluctantly sell it.

The Tent consists of two roof sections, 4 wall sections, 24 foot centre pole, 12 15 foot queen poles and 36 7 foot wall poles. Included are 36 ropes and stakes though the tent definitely benefit from ratchet straps, especially in high wind. Put up this way it is rock solid.

There are a few minor hole in the roof and one wall, easily patched and not structurally relevant.

£7000 ono VAT Free

Big Top for sale
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