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JLA D20 Tumble Dryer (Not Working) - Kent

Price: £0 ono including VAT
JLA D20 Tumble Dryer
Price: £0 ono including VAT
Tumble Dryer (Not Working)
JLA D20 tumble dryer works then stops then works again
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Price: £350 +VAT ono
Washing machine and tumble dryer.
A 9kg heavy duty washing machine and 10kg heavy duty tumble dryer both in very good condition. Neither have been used excessively.
£350.00 plus vat for the pair. Will sell singly for sensible offers.
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Price: £50 ono VAT Free
I'm selling this 'spares or repair' as one motor spins slowly and the other kicks in when it feels like it! It needs a good clean and wd40 and I'm sure it would be ok. Worked for us after some TLC.
Going to sell it cheap.
Has been used on a site, and has age related marks.
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Price: £450 VAT Free
Drying rack for clearspan 3m walling.
Own design.
Other sizes can be made for bigger walls i.e. 4m & 5m
Will hold up to 21 Walls
Frame made of boxed steel and painted.
Best investment you can make for drying your walling on wet days.

250L Road Tow Washer Bowser - Cambridgeshire

Price: £2225 including VAT
Jet washing trailer
Price: £2225 including VAT
250L Road tow washer bowser
Diesel yamar engine Starts and runs well, Very high pressure, 250 gallon bowser
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Yard/Store Floor Sweeper - Aberdeenshire

Price: £650 ono VAT Free
Floor Master SW70P,Yard Store Floor Sweeper
Price: £650 ono VAT Free
Floor Master SW70P, recently serviced, very good condition.

Purchased a new one is only reason for sale.

Perfect for keeping your store floor clean and not covering your equipment in dust!
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items