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9m Linings - Redditch, Worcestershire

Price: £500 £450 +VAT
9m Linings
9m x 18m pleated linings in ivory (1 pair hip ends & 4 middle sections) manufactured by Covers and Linings in good condition

£500 £450 +VAT

9m Linings
| Ref #: 1aa84b1b629c
2x 10'x20', 3x 15' x 15', 3x 40' x 20' and 20' x 60' Marshalls Tubular Marquee Polework
Marshalls PVC (very well used)
Custom covers ivory pleated lining for Marshall

Can offer all Marshall marquee equipment for £5000 including VAT

£5000 +VAT

Marshal marquees for sale
| Ref #: 7dd74532b547
70x 3m x 2.3m ivory pleated lining walls
Well used and in need of sewing repairs

£1400 +VAT

70x 3m x 2.3m Ivory Pleated Lining Walls - Essex
| Ref #: af353a7c57c8
30x 3m x 2.3m ivory pleated lining

£1200 +VAT

30x 3m x 2.3m Ivory Pleated Lining Walls - Essex
| Ref #: 0e8b8ff4922b
Florida Marquees
2x Ivory pleated hip ends
9x 9m x 3m Middle sections
1x Set of gables

Could make a 9m x 33m or several smaller linings.

£1200 +VAT ono

9m hip end linings
| Ref #: a06f943e9bc2
3m Ivory Walls
3m White Walls
Ex hire stock

£42 +VAT

Pleated wall lining
| Ref #: 9f70e7034553
Pleated lining in 2oz
12m wide in 3m bays.

£260 +VAT

12m pleated lining
| Ref #: 208efa5a0436
Pleated white linings for clear span marquees
Most sizes available
From 9m x 6m to 9m x 30m
Click for prices and contact info.

£200 +VAT

9m Pleated White Lining - Hampshire
| Ref #: dee7924f2901
Pleated white lining
6m x 6m to 6m x 42m From our ex hire stock.
Click advert to see prices.

£260 +VAT

Pleated white lining for sale
| Ref #: 4e4727d5b89b
2oz Pleated marquee lining
3m x 3m
3m x 9m
3m x 12m
Available with or without walls.

£250 +VAT

3m White Pleated lining - Hampshire
| Ref #: a0d56dd86e52
Ex hire 12m x 12m Pleated Ivory Lining in good condition.
From our hire fleet.
4x Middle sections
1x Pair of gables. (tent set)

£700 +VAT

12m x 12m Pleated Ivory Lining 2oz - Hampshire
| Ref #: 4b374ed5e3a8
6m wide Ivory pleated linings
4x 6m x 3m Middle sections
3x Pairs of Hip Ends
Can make / buy the following sizes .
6m x 6m, 6m x 9m, 6m x 12m, 6m x 15m, 6m x 18m
Consists of middles and hip ends. See full listing for prices.

£520 +VAT

6m x 18m Ivory Pleated Lining 2oz - Hampshire
| Ref #: 8aadd200abb2
3m x 3m Ivory pleated roof lining
1x 3m x 3m Middle section
1x Pair of Gables 3m
Walls available @ extra cost.

£80 +VAT

3m x 3m Pleated Ivory Lining - Hampshire
| Ref #: e44a30a422e5
Wanted pleated lining for my 6mx4m marquee in ivory,it is a gala tent style marquee
New or secondhand


Wanted pleated lining
| Ref #: d5435952788a
9m x 12m pleated ivory lining including curtains and swags
The lining is in 2m bays

£250 VAT Free

9m x 12m Pleated Ivory Lining / Curtains / Swags
| Ref #: 25c72573e884
A complete set of 15m x 27m in 3m bays - Tectonics roofs and Custom Covers walls and swags . All you need for to line a marquee or sports hall
2x 15m x 3 m Hips ends
7x 15m x 3m Roofs
20x white walls
23x 3m white swags
Hardly ever used and excellent quality – perfect for sports halls and schools

£2200 +VAT ono

Pleated white lining
| Ref #: 7ba95c7df386
All In Arctic White. Pleated with Nylon hooks, Velcro joins Lining and weight pocket at bottom
Ideal for any 2.3m leg marquee.
Curtain Walls in 3m sections x 5
3m gutter linings

£250 +VAT

White pleated lining for sale
| Ref #: b56ed296ec7b
Second hand marquee walling in good condition
Manufactured by leisure interiors for 3m leg height marquees
Fr fabric
Available immediately
Hooks at top

£900 £825 +VAT

110m of 3m High Ivory Gathered Marquee Walls
| Ref #: 6a1d80037cfa

Ivory Linings 10m x 30m - Middlesex

Price: £1500 including VAT
Pleated 10m wide ivory linings
We are replacing all our ivory linings in our 10x30m Loesberger Marquee
Made by Leisure Linings
Leg height is 3.1m so can be amended to suit your venue
Linings are in good condition

£1500 including VAT

Pleated 10m wide ivory linings
| Ref #: 187db042bfb0
All Linings can be viewed - Old Clearance Used Linings. Some small holes and discoloration - Hense low prices.
Viewing Welcomed. All Prices PLUS VAT @ 20%
Various pleated and flat wall linings available
Click here for more info and contact details......

£150 +VAT ono

Clearance - Ivory Pleated Stock Linings - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
| Ref #: c7a75684935c
I have enough linings for two marquees 6m x 24m or one long marquee 6m x 48m
All in good hire condition. Ideal for weddings and parties.
I have both hip and gable ends.
6m x 24m with hip ends = £900
6m x 24m with Gable ends = £600 SOLD
Click here for more info and contact details......

£900 +VAT

6m Ivory Pleated Linings Will Fit Roder
| Ref #: bf33b087c018
The benefits of this system include:
· Fewer stock items – the same kit can be used in 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m marquees
· Easier to wash – a modular system so only dirty roof squares need washing and fit in smaller washing machines
· Smaller storage requirements
· Lower investment cost – fewer stock items required for max flexibility
· Easy to install
· Greater access for Production rigging – sound and light find multiple access point useful for cabling
We have sold half this stock to a client... he wrote "I am very happy with the squares I purchased, used them over the weekend, brilliant system.

£7500 +VAT

Ivory Pleated Lining System 20m
| Ref #: b2038d240ff4
Secondhand Clean Marquee lining roofs in nearly NEW condition – used once. Consisting of:
12no. 12m x 3m Roof - WHITE - Pleated Poly (TT velcro)
4no 12m Gable ends (2 gablesets) - WHITE - Pleated Poly (TT Velcro)
Manufactured by Leisure Interiors in 2016
FR fabric 2oz poly
Available immediately
Popular for Christmas and winter marquee events
Click here for more info and contact details......

£2400 +VAT

12m x 36m of White Pleated Roofs and 2 gablesets (2016)
| Ref #: 9cc31f554b5c

Sold 6m Span White Pleated Roofs - Cotswolds

Price: £600 +VAT
6m Span White Pleated Roof
Would make 2x 6m x18m marquees (using hip ends)
Or one 6m x 30m marquee (using hip ends)
(NB picture shows 9m span White pleated linings)
Click here for more info and contact details......

£600 +VAT

6m Span White Pleated Roof
| Ref #: 2797db09cc90
20x 5m x 2.4m mid-Ivory pleated walls
2oz FR fabric - Pleated not gathered
Available immediately - Clean
Weight bar pocket/staple strip at bottom
Hooks at top - replacement value of these walls is £80 +VAT each
Click here for more info and contact details......

£35 +VAT

5m x 2.4m Ivory Pleated Walls
| Ref #: 0dcb674c21fe
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