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Capri Marquee Style business located in North Yorkshire with extensive stock that allows for immediate start up or adds to an existing stock.
The stock and associated business marketing allow for an immediate start-up, especially within the current location. Our client base has reached as far south as York to all the way up to the borders of Scotland.

£25000 £20250 inc. VAT

Capri Marquee Style
Ex-hire 40ft x 100ft push up PVC traditional marquee, complete with king & ridge poles, side poles and guy ropes.
Window walls are extra.

£6900 +VAT each

Traditional push up marquee
For sale are linings/Gables or Hip/ custom covers make.
roder/roder HTS/ Custom Covers/Alresford Tech/Techtonics UK compatible.

£35 +VAT each

7x 3m Roof linings Custom Covers Pleated Mid Ivory - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
| Quantity: 7
For sale is bay sets of roof beams custom covers origin.
roder/roder HTS/ Custom Covers/Alresford Tech/Techtonics UK compatable.
All PVC is white bungee tension with scalloped edge.
All bay sets consist of:
1x9m Roof PVC
2x9m Roof Beames

£175 +VAT each

2x 9m Roof Beam With 9m Pvc Roof Sheet - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
| Quantity: 5
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Steel earth anchors - better performance than conventional stakes in soft, wet ground (typically double the holding power).
Screw in by hand or power tool. Suitable for marquees, stage covers, light aircraft, inflatables, bouncy castles - anything that needs holding down!
Sizes from 0.5m to 1.5m. Various head styles available: eg flanged hexagon head, ring head, flush mount etc.
Flush-fitting earth anchors are ideal for semi-permanent/ frequently used sites such as glamping venues, playing fields etc as they can be left in the ground all season.
Prices start at £12 + VAT each, ex-works.
Custom sizes/styles made to order - load-testing and certification available.

£12 +VAT each

Screw in Earth Anchors
Used once Black / Dark Green / Anthracite, Navy Blue and Champagne Carpet cord carpet.
Great condition, all dry and in various lengths.
Lots available, can be used as a terram, will let the water through but stop weeds etc coming up.
Or perfect for fitting out a barn, tent, party etc.
Cheap, need it gone asap.
Price depending on amount required. Call us for a price.


Black carpet for sale
Both concrete and water weights are available for both dry hire and delivered to site.
We can provide up to 600 tonnes of ballast with timed delivery by knowledgeable staff.
Sizes available:
  • Concrete: 350kg to 3,000kg
  • Water: 350kg to 1000kg
Phone or email for a quote.


Marquee weights
We carry extensive stocks of the following frame and PVC
Roder / Tectonics / Coverspan:
3m, 4.5m, 6m, 9m, 12m & 15m
3m & 6m Oriental
Flexible Hire Rates
Free stillage and pallet box loan


Marquee Dry Hire Hampshire 3m – 30m
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
We have one LED bar the total length is just over 8m long 4 long segments which are 1600 long and two curved ends which are around 1m. The four long units come on aluminium trolleys for easy transportation and the two corner segments are easy enough to carry this bar is under a year old and it has been used on two jobs one as a drinks bar and one as a smoothie bar / 2 x spare controllers and 2 x LED replacement lights also comes with 2 x LED illuminated shelving Plus one large LED centre piece runs or mains also runs on battery.

£3500 £3200 VAT Free ono each

For sale one Grumpy Joe’s white LED dance floor 16 x 18 just over a year old. Comes with spare tiles / edging also have a spare power supply and controller and power edge. It comes on 2 x stainless steel trolleys also including in the deal one set of Grumpy Joes love letters extremely lightweight not your cheap MDF style letters they also come in a flight case.

£6800 £6500 VAT Free ono

16 x 18 White LED Dancefloor and Letters
| Quantity: 2
I've got some Toptec. Clean but will still have some staining.
This 40ft x 80ft PVC traditional marquee is complete with king & ridge poles, side poles and guy ropes.
No Window walls.
Can be set up as a 40ft x 40ft, 40 x 60, and 40 x 80ft.

£6900 +VAT each

40ft x 100ft PVC traditional marquee
Currently for weddings, parties and events.
Ideal for standing room of 280 or seated at round tables for a wedding or dinner of up to 120 guests.
Available with 2 x chandeliers.

£3350 £3000 VAT Free ono each

Trad Canvas marquee for sale
SpanTech Hexagon Marquee - 8.7m x 10m
Includes 3 plain PVC walls and 3 clear PVC walls each 5m x 2.8m. Roof lining, swags, matting and cedar doors.
2.5 years old. White. Good condition.

£5000 VAT Free ono each

Hexagonal marquee for sale
Starlit 18 x 18 refurbished like new white wireless dance floor with edging I am told it's like a pro lite dance floor, but it is an import, I am not sure if it's age as I bought from eBay with the hope of hiring it out, but sadly my hubby has had a heart attack and cannot proceed with this venture.

£4000 VAT Free ono each

Dance floor for sale
We are after a roof for our traditional marquee 40ft x 100ft or anything similar in size.
Or a (cheap) second-hand traditional marquee...


WANTED: Traditional Marquee / Roof
1000 kg, 500 kg and 200 kg concrete weights
Available with eyebolt lashing points,
base plate pads, ratchet straps and covers
Options for:
Dry Hire, Delivery and Collection, Fork lift & pallet truck placing/final positioning
We can also supply 1000L and 200L water weights if required


Marquee weight hire
Brand new (in boxes unopened) 7 x 10w LED Uplights, perfect for events, venues, marquees. Indoor use, DMX compatible, static programme and sound activation, small, powerful and easy to use

£55 +VAT ono each

LED Uplights
| Quantity: 40
21 x 2.3m Ivory leg wraps for window walls.
Various conditions. We advise you view before buying.
£15.00 per unit, £315.00 for all

£15 inc. VAT each

2.3m Ivory Leg Wraps for Window Walls - Sheerness, Kent
| Quantity: 21
Successful Big Top hire company.
Jellyfish Tents is currently trading with a Summer season of festival bookings.
Includes three big tops - 18m x 24m, 13m x 23m and 16m Round
Included - lorry and two trailers all in good condition.

£65000 VAT Free each

Big Top hire business for sale
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