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Anchor Industries USA Quality Tents
We constantly get asked for Stage systems with a roof of some kind for all types of small events, such as school fetes, presentations or sports days.
We have created some custom packages with our most popular modular stage systems coupled with our professional heavy duty Gazebo ranges. These are ideal at keeping the rain off whilst keeping the costs low.
The system is available in four size variations from 3m x 3m to 5m x 5m, each selected to give the maximum clear span for the front of the stage.

£2000 +VAT ono

Aluminium European structurally extruded 4 channel.
Our profile accepts standard knuckles (brackets).
94mm x 48mm Outside measurement. Insert measurement 85mm x 42mm
The tracks accept 8mm Kader.

£95 +VAT

The PD8'x4' Stage Deck is a traditional imperial sized stage platform for professional use.
With a full aluminium frame supporting a birch ply stage platform it offers the best in strength/weight ratio. The whole deck weighs in at 45kg which is exceptional for a deck of this size when compared to the steel equivalents.
For a limited time we are offering discounted Trade price on this DIRECT.
From £300 to £350+VAT each depending on quantity.
Legs, clamps, rails and steps are all available for the brand. Please contact the sales team for more information.

£350 +VAT each

| Quantity: 20
We use a high frequency plastics welder.
We repair or manufacture products such as marquees, curtain sides, tarpaulins for lorries, boats, trailers etc, banners and a very wide range of products.
Price On Request.


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Oasis window panels
For 5m bays
3m leg height
Will fit almost any frame make i.e Roder, Tectonics, Custom Covers

£750 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
Genuine Roder Marquee 10m wide x 15m long in 5m bays
Leg height 3m
PVC in very good condition
Sunbloc roofs and gables
Bar tension roofs
2 hole base plates
4x 5m bays of windows also available.

£6000 £5500 +VAT

Barkers Marquee, an extremely well made and very robust manufacturer.
Comes with lining and aluminium / wood flooring.
We brought the Marquee for my daughters wedding, it was a real success and a huge advantage not having a time limit on use.
You will not be disappointed.
Suitable for up to up to 180 standing or 120 @ 5ft round tables.

£17500 £13500 +VAT ono

Original Steeldeck 8'x4' For Sale
New and used decks available from stock
From the original manufacturer!
Birch Ply Tops
(Stock subject to availability)

From £225 +VAT

125/3 -> 11no. 32a (MCB)
6no. 16a (RCBO)

In good working condition - ex hire stock

£550 +VAT

Large batch P-light strands and 13a mains connectors.
Great condition ex-hire stock.
Strands can be connected to one another through locking connectors.
- 82no. 10m warm white LED strands
- 29no. 13A adaptor for for strands
- 3no. 20m strands
- 4no. 5m strands

£8 +VAT each

| Quantity: 115
Used but working and in good condition - ex hire stock

Black bar of 4 pin-spots.
Individually fused lamp heads.
Can be supplied with 15a connections in/out or bare ends.

£75 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
8-arm brown (brass-effect) chandelier
2.2m circumference, 70cm diameter, 50cm height
Screw “E14” type lamp holder
Bare ends.

£50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
12-arm brown (brass-effect) chandelier
2.2m circumference, 70cm diameter, 50cm height
Bayonet “B22-D2” type lamp holder
Can be supplied with either bare-ends or 16a connector.

£60 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
We are changing our dance floor stock a bit and have this spare. It's in good condition and plenty of life left in it. Comes complete with aluminium edging but no trolley - we always found it easier to store on a pallet and forklift into vans. Trolleys can be bought still though I believe. It has been used so does have scratches but when polished with dance floor cleaner it still looks good. Approx 7 years old.

£1500 +VAT

Price includes Walls and stakes
Stand alone or join together
Easy to erect with 2 / 3 people
Optional ground bars

From £3296 +VAT

Why buy second hand when you can afford Brand New?
Star Canopies in stock, ready for next day delivery:
Star-Canopy 12m - £1498.00 inc. walls and stakes
Star-Canopy 16m - £1887.00 inc. walls and stakes
TwinStar Canopy 19m - £2719 inc. walls and stakes

£2599 +VAT

£26 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
Wood effect dance floor in reasonable condition. I think it was made by portable floormakers new. We bought it second hand and have used it about 10 times. Works fine. Comes with aluminium edging and a few spare full panels.
Plastic backing so can be used inside or outside which is useful.

£850 +VAT ono

A tough , outdoor or indoor hand sanitiser post fitted with two 1lt hand sanitisers.
The base unit can be filled with water or sand for use in high winds and normally comes in a bright Blue.
Encourages good hand hygiene
Easy to refill
Free UK delivery

£99 +VAT each

| Quantity: 500
8 x 9m premium coir matting from Paull’s matting all in good condition no fraying, rips or stains except one small patch which is shown in the pictures.
A couple have some mud on but nothing that won’t wash off.
There is an additional mat which has been cut in half 1 bit of 5.9m and 1 bit 3.1m.

£100 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 8
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