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35 metres of 3m high Ivory Flat Walling 7x 5mx3m Wall (NB one has velcro slit for heater inlet)
Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1
Available immediately

£280 +VAT

20m x 50m white flat linings with Roof and Gable extensions to extend to 25m x 50m.
Linings have been stored in a clean and dry environment.
- 10, 5m x 20m Roofs
- 10, 5m Roof Extensions
- 1 Tent set of 20m Gables
- 1 Tent set of gable extensions
- 30, 5m x 3m White walls
- 4, 3m x 3m white walls
- 4, 2m x 3m White walls

£6250 VAT Free ono

£325 +VAT each

| Quantity: 6
I need three or more white wall linings
Pleated or flat


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4x 12m x 3m roofs + Set of Gables
100% Polyester in saffron yellow
Inherently Fire Retardant

£200 +VAT

A set of burgundy red poly linings for a 12x15 marquee.
12x 3m Wall
2x 12m Gable Ends
5x 12m x 3m Roofs

£600 +VAT

5m x 5m White flat roof Lining for pagoda / chinese hat

Sorry no pics - well looked after and stored clean and dry

£95 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
Let the outside in with these great White linings
As good as new
3m x 2.3m Window Wall drapes - - WHITE
100% Polycotton
Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1
Available immediately

£20 £15 +VAT each

| Quantity: 29
11x 3m x 2.3m ivory walls. Manufactured by Custom Covers.

£200 +VAT each

| Quantity: 11
3 brand new ivory roof linings made by Custom Covers for a project that ended up not happening. They are single piece so will fit either 10x10m Pagodas or 10x10m Clearspan
They have never been out of their bags so no pictures are available - sorry.

£1200 +VAT ono

25m by 45m black and white marquee lining on 4m legs totally re-usable made by Custom Covers with hooks / velcro etc in 4oz fabric.
Good quality, used once for the corporate event shown in the photos and stored dry.
Originally cost £17K to manufacture with Custom Covers.

£3500 £2835 +VAT ono

12m by 40m roof lining in 5m bays with two walls of wall linings and fabric to make up the other two walls
Dark red with a printed design, orange and yellow in 1.6m wide stripes
2 of 5m hip ends with fabric stitched in triangles - really attractive.
4oz inherently fire retardant fabric
Good condition
Stitching by Custom Covers

£2250 £2025 +VAT ono

2x 9m Black roof linings with hooks to allow them to also fit 6m marquee
Compatible to all popular marquee manufacturers

£400 VAT Free

| Quantity: 2

£620 £560 +VAT each

| Quantity: 11
Yellow and white flat lining made by Dover marquees to fit framed marquees.
Complete with roof with gable ends and walls 3m high.
Ideal for lining barns and sports halls.
Flame retardant.
This lining is unused.

£720 VAT Free

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