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Resin Backed Marquee Cord

Stock Clearance - various roll lengths 2m & 4m wide
Prices £0.50 - £0.75/m2

Huge range of over 50 colours available.

From £0.50 Per Sq. M each

Resin Backed Marquee Cord Carpet For Sale
| Quantity: 400
40ft long coir matting x 10

£30 +VAT each

Matting for sale
| Quantity: 10
Job lot of coir matting all 1.8m wide consisting of
3 x 6m 2 x 9m brown and black stripe all good condition just a small hole in one of the 6m lengths, only used a handful of times
2 9m lengths in plain brown this is pretty old and tatty with some holes and stains but may come in handy for something.

£200 £100 VAT Free

coir matting for sale
Ribbed cord resin backed carpet
Large quantity and colour selection in stock at any one time

£1 per Sqm+VAT each

Carpet for sale
| Quantity: 400
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14 rolls of 30 foot coconut matting, 2-4 seasons old, some light staining, signs of wear, but generally still in acceptable condition for wedding or event marquee flooring

£840 +VAT ono

Coconut Matting
| Quantity: 14
15x 9m (30ft) natural coconut matting @ £40 each
6x 6m (20ft) natural coconut matting @ £30 each
+ some smaller pieces FOC

Will sell individually or Job lot price £ 700

Joblot Price £700 +VAT

matting for sale
| Quantity: 21
20 rolls of old coconut matting, 2-6 seasons old, some stained, couple with burns and some with holes, 16 rolls of 30 foot, 2 rolls of 10 foot, and 2 cut rolls estimated 20 foot
This is not suitable for weddings or internal flooring
Possible outdoor use or events etc

£400 +VAT ono

rolls of coco matting
| Quantity: 20
2x 2m x 8m DandyDura matting in corn colour, like new and only used once.

£600 £500 VAT Free ono

DandyDura Matting for sale
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6 x 6m Lengths @ £30.00 each

7 x 9m Lengths @ £40.00 each

8 x 12m Lengths @ £50.00 each

Or £800.00 for all the above.

From £30 +VAT each

Coconut Matting Ashford
| Quantity: 21
We have 15 rolls of 9m x 1.8m Coir which is ex-hire and has stains and marks, could be cleaned up a bit but is definitely no longer wedding standard but could be used for less formal events etc. hence cheap price.

Looking for £20 a roll or £250 for the whole lot.

Also two rolls of newer 15m x 1.8m coir which is in better condition but still needs a clean - bound orange ends. £30 a roll for these or £50 for both

£250 Plus 2 New Rolls Priced Individually

15x Used Rolls Of Coir Matting Norfolk
| Quantity: 15
16 rolls of second-hand D/coco natural hessian matting previously purchased from William Arms Ltd,
2-year-old/slight marks in places

£85 +VAT each

Marquee matting
| Quantity: 16
I have approximately;

14 x 12m rolls, @ £70 each
6 x 12m rolls in a striped pattern, @ £80 each
27 x 9m rolls @ £50 each

£2400 VAT Free ono

Used Coconut/Coir Matting - Bradford, West Yorkshire
£100 for the smaller piece and £175 for the larger piece or offers!

Coir Matting / Mat 6m Length Roll

Woven Coir 4m x 6m Roll and 1.8m x 6m. Four Treadle Herringbone Weave M4A4 Anjengo / Vycome Yarns, Marquee Matting

£275 VAT Free ono each

Coir Matting Used Once - Two Pieces Available 1.8m x 6m And 4m x 6m - London
| Quantity: 2
2 x 3.5 meter half round mats [coir] will make 1 x 7 meter diameter round circle [largest available].
Only used 3 times from new cost about £600 very good condition.

£350 VAT Free

Matting for sale
Sold now. Thank you very much! Great service from Curlew, much appreciated!

£85 VAT Free ono each

Paull's Coir Matting (20ft x 6ft)
| Quantity: 4
These are custom made red carpets used once for an indoor event:
  • Carpet 1:
    2m x 12.5m, Scarlet Red 8mm, Overlocked Border, Original Cost £536 + VAT
  • Carpet 2:
    2m x 25m, Scarlet Red 8mm, Overlocked Border, Original Cost £1026 + VAT
Both relatively clean and rolled well, but obviously not as good as when they came off the roll. Will definitely last a few more events and many more if looked after properly.

£750 £675 +VAT ono

2 x Lay Flat Plush Red Carpets with Non Slip Backing
| Quantity: 2
Used once Black / Dark Green / Anthracite, Navy Blue and Champagne Carpet cord carpet.
Great condition, all dry and in various lengths.
Lots available, can be used as a terram, will let the water through but stop weeds etc coming up.
Or perfect for fitting out a barn, tent, party etc.
Cheap, need it gone asap.
Price depending on amount required. Call us for a price.


Black carpet for sale

£800 VAT Free ono

6 x 12m rolls of coconut matting
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