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We carry a large stock of:
Track Mats (2.4m x 1.2m)
3m Tectonics/Coverspan Wooden Flooring
5m Roder HTS-Tentiq Wooden Flooring
3m & 5m modules of Steel subfloors


Framework only
Original sheets are old and will be supplied free in order to copy new ones from.

£500 VAT Free

Double PVC marquee doors
Fits 3m marquee bays.

£250 VAT Free

3m Georgian style Wood framed double doorways with wood side fills

£100 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 3
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Brown Dandy Dura each roll 40’ x 6’ wide

£30 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 7
Roder 12m A frame 160/100 profile
Consists of
2x 12m beams 2x 3m legs and 1 x ridge connector

£450 VAT Free

Nearly New Fire Exit doors x 2 (Custom Covers manufactured) to fit Roder Profile 120/80 3m x 2.4m

£70 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
New Custom Cover Manufactured Sheets for Roder 220/100 Profile
- 12x NEW Window Walls for Roder 220/100 profile 5m x 3m
- 2x NEW Gable Wall sheets for Roder 220/100 profile 4m x 3m
- 12x USED but good condition Roof Sheets 12m x 5m for Roder 220/100 Bar Tension and Bungee

£4000 VAT Free

Industry standard wooden flooring
Treated 18 mm exterior plywood on treated 2x1 battens
We produce and use all our own flooring
We can produce flooring to suit your existing flooring ie ply thickness and batten size
New boards
8x2. =£22 no vat. On 6no battens
4x2. =£12 no vat. On 3no battens

4'x2' Panel £12 Each +VAT each

| Quantity: 1000
1000 kg, 500 kg and 200 kg concrete weights
Available with eyebolt lashing points,
base plate pads, ratchet straps and covers
Options for:
Dry Hire, Delivery and Collection, Fork lift & pallet truck placing/final positioning
We can also supply 1000L and 200L water weights if required


For sale are 27 off 15 Metre Roof Beams Custom Covers/Tectonics UK compatible.
All beams are in good condition.

£125 +VAT each

| Quantity: 27
Repairing & Replacing PVC
Repair work to your existing PVC to include rips, tears, rekadaring with 7 or 12mm, new zips etc
Please contact for a quote

£50 +VAT

Roder 9m Roofs
Bay Length 3m
Bungee tension
In average condition

£80 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
30Ft x 70Ft Trad Marquee linings in Dusty Pink, Pale Pink, Gold and Blue.
Designed for Traditional marquees but could be used in village halls, barns, framed marquees.
Priced per set.

£150 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
30’ x 70’ linings in Ivory.
These linings were designed for traditional marquees, but could also be used to line a barn or village hall, or used in a framed marquee.
They are cotton material and ruched in style.

£500 £250 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
The lining comprises of a pair of 40’x20’ ends, which make a 40’x40’ marquee. They are joined together by Velcro.
Each centre is 40’x20’. If you use the ends plus one or two centres you would have a 40’x60’ or 40’x80’ lining and so on.

£100 £50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 9
We have 2 x (12’x12’), 7 x 20’walls and 3 x 10’ walls (7’ high) for sale.
Sat on the shelf for a while, but usable with a good clean.
Ideal for use for back garden parties with an old fashioned, traditional feel, or as a service tent.
Please note we only have the PVC, NOT the poles and stakes.

£400 £200 +VAT

These linings were designed for traditional marquees, but could also be used to line a barn or village hall, or used in a framed marquee.
They are cotton material and flat in style.

£150 +VAT

Both concrete and water weights are available for both dry hire and delivered to site.
We can provide up to 600 tonnes of ballast with timed delivery by knowledgeable staff.
Sizes available:
  • Concrete: 350kg to 3,000kg
  • Water: 350kg to 1000kg
Phone or email for a quote.


Toptec tradition pole Tent Ends with side poles or without side poles and king poles.
The most important part required is The PVC roof.


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