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I have 4 walls for sale all in very good condition and used a few times.

£180 £100 +VAT ono

Pleated linings for sale
| Quantity: 4
4x 12mt intermediate roofs mid ivory pleated plus 2 x cable ends all in usable condition

£60 +VAT each

4x 12m Intermediate Roofs Mid Ivory Pleated - Essex
| Quantity: 4
Pleated Ivory wall linings in William read 4oz satin.
2.72m high.
Been used to line a building hence the heavier weight to hide strong coloured wall.
2 X 6.1m
5 x 5m
Two at 1.8m free.
£420.00 washed and ready to go.

£420 +VAT

Pleated Ivory Satin Wall Linings Heavy Duty - Warwickshire
4x 4.5m Roof Beams
1x 4.5m PVC - Gable
4x 4.5m Linings - Hip End Lining
2x 4.5m Linings - Gable

From £65 +VAT

Beams / PVC / Linings
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Custom Covers - Compatible with Roder, Tectonics, etc.
9m Roof beams, Roofs,
Pleated Ivory Lining with hip or gables

From £60 +VAT

9m Marquee framework / Linings / PVC for sale
For sale are linings/Gables or Hip/ custom covers make.
roder/roder HTS/ Custom Covers/Alresford Tech/Techtonics UK compatible.

£35 +VAT each

7x 3m Roof linings Custom Covers Pleated Mid Ivory - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
| Quantity: 7
We have 16x 12m pleated lining roofs in white and 2x sets of 12m hip ends all manufactured by Custom covers in 2011. We have 20 pleated custom covers walls if you would like as well but these are not included in the price.

£2250 £2000 +VAT ono

Pleated lining
3m x 1.5m Gable end linings, pleated Ivory ( tent set to fit 3m wide marquee)
Hardly used, this will make a 3m x 3m marquee
Superb condition always been folded and rolled when taken down.
Manufactured by Custom Covers
Selling due to retiring from the marquee game.

£110 VAT Free

PLeated lining fpor sale
3m x 3m Middle linings, pleated Ivory to fit 3m wide marquee.
Hardly used, great condition always been folded and rolled when taken down.
Manufactured by Custom Covers
Selling due to retiring from the marquee game.

£60 VAT Free each

Pleated lining for sale
| Quantity: 2
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9 x 3m Gable Ends Tent set. So will make a 9m wide x 6m Tent
These are in good condition and manufactured by custom covers
When taken down these have always been folded and rolled.
Selling as retiring from the marquee game

£350 VAT Free

Linings for sale
We have for sale
5 of 12m x 3m custom covers mid ivory pleated roof linings
All in very good condition

£750 +VAT ono

Linings for sale
| Quantity: 5
Like new have only been used once.
Manufactured by Covers and Linings.
- 1 pair 40ft x 20ft Ivory pleated hip ends
- 7 x 20ft x 6'6'' Ivory pleated walls
- 1 x 10ft x 6'6'' Ivory pleated wall

£1500 +VAT

40ft x 40ft Ivory Pleated Lining for traditional pole marquee
15x 12m x 3m Pleated Linings, Ex-Hire. They are clean with no holes but do have snags here and there.
They would fit any 12m wide marquee or a 12m wide hall or barn that needed ‘dressing’ for a wedding/party etc.
They are joined together with Velcro and are compatible with other linings made by Custom Covers/Covers and Linings etc.
They are USED and therefore not perfect but a lot cheaper than new ones

£140 +VAT each

12m Ex-Hire Ivory Pleated Linings
| Quantity: 15
Roder 3m x 12m pleated ivory roof and gables.
Various conditions. We advise you view before buying.

£200 inc. VAT

Roder 3m x 12m Pleated Ivory Roof And Gables - Sheerness, Kent
Roder 3m x 2.3m pleated white walls.
Various conditions. We advise you view before buying.
19 available £25.00 per unit, £475.00 for all.

£25 inc. VAT each

19x 3m x 2.3m Pleated White Walls - Sheerness, Kent
| Quantity: 19

£35 inc. VAT each

3x 9m x 3m Pleated White Roofs - Sheerness, Kent
| Quantity: 3
12m x 3m mid Ivory Roof Linings (Custom Covers) - Very good condition
VAT to be added - price is each lining

£160 £145 +VAT each

12m x 3m Mid Pleated Ivory Roof Linings
| Quantity: 5
All Linings can be viewed -Clearance Used Grade 'B' Linings. Viewing Welcomed.

From £15 +VAT

Pleated Linings - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

£100 £90 +VAT each

2x 4m x 4m Ivory Pleated Pagoda Chinese Witches Hat Linings - Cotswolds
| Quantity: 2
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