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Steel earth anchors - better performance than conventional stakes in soft, wet ground (typically double the holding power).
Screw in by hand or power tool. Suitable for marquees, stage covers, light aircraft, inflatables, bouncy castles - anything that needs holding down!
Sizes from 0.5m to 1.5m. Various head styles available: eg flanged hexagon head, ring head, flush mount etc.
Flush-fitting earth anchors are ideal for semi-permanent/ frequently used sites such as glamping venues, playing fields etc as they can be left in the ground all season.
Prices start at £12 + VAT each, ex-works.
Custom sizes/styles made to order - load-testing and certification available.

£12 +VAT

Screw in Earth Anchors
For sale x15 900mm Hurricane Anchors, hardly used, purchased new from Spyra Base.

£225 £170 +VAT ono

anchors for sale
| Quantity: 15
Spyra base Hurricane Anchors 500 x 40 and 2 x Jack screws. Used but in good condition.

£11.25 £10 +VAT each

Spyra base Hurricane Anchors
| Quantity: 40
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Hi Ben, All sold thank you very much Tom

£5 +VAT ono each

Stakes for sale
| Quantity: 150
20 x Large Marquee Stakes/ Big top Stakes £240 for all 20
22 x Traditional Marquee Stakes £70 for all 22
In Good Condition - ready to work

£310 +VAT

Marquee pegs
Hurricane Ground Anchors - Used
Green powder coated
£15/ anchor
57 x 650mm ground anchors (holding power 560kg)
38 x 500mm ground anchors (holding power 960kg)

£15 +VAT each

Ground anchor
| Quantity: 95
Marquee pegs from £3.90 each
All in good condition (not bent)
with space for a peg puller to fit

£3.90 +VAT each

Marquee pegs for sale
| Quantity: 100
Peg puller for sale
Well made & very strong
Easy to use
Pegs also for sale

£99 +VAT each

Peg puller for sale
| Quantity: 2
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£1050 +VAT ono

Ground anchors for sale
| Quantity: 70

£3 VAT Free each

Stake pegs for sale
| Quantity: 60

£25 +VAT

Wooden Pegs
| Quantity: 25

£4 VAT Free each

Rebar Tent stakes for Stretch Tents
| Quantity: 70
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