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Various lengths of used AstroTurf.
Good quality rolls of 2m width AstroTurf only used for a handful of high end events.
Total approx 400sqm.
Darker green and Lighter green.

£3 sqm

Rolls of Second Hand AstroTurf
| Quantity: 400
Quantity of mid-green carpet for sale including two 25m lengths which have only been twice this season.

£400 VAT Free

Mid-Green Carpet
| Quantity: 9
I have used this to make various sizes of dance floor from 24' x 16' to 16'x16
The kit comprises of sheets of plywood with 4"x2" bearers.

£10 VAT Free ono

Plywood sheets for sale
| Quantity: 36
Industry standard wooden flooring
Treated 18 mm exterior plywood on treated 2x1 battens
We produce and use all our own flooring
We can produce flooring to suit your existing flooring ie ply thickness and batten size
New boards
8x2. =£22 no vat. On 6no battens
4x2. =£12 no vat. On 3no battens

4'x2' Panel £12 Each +VAT

Interlocking Wooden Flooring
| Quantity: 1000
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
Ribbed cord resin backed carpet in rolls of 50m x 4m - £1.00 per SQM+VAT
Over 300-400 rolls in stock at any one time

£1 per Sqm+VAT

Carpet for sale
| Quantity: 400
Used parquet dance floor panels
  • 49x full panels - £10 each
  • 8x half panels - £5 each
No edging

£10 per full panel

Dance floor for sale
| Quantity: 49
This sale is the opportunity to take over a successful business. The customers that have booked with us are our main priority and we are looking for a buyer that would be able to honour all of the bookings and contracts. There is a significant potential income in the region of £12,000 from the bookings already secured.
For Sale Two year old white LED Starlok Dancefloor (20x20ft) in excellent condition with additional panels, edging and cables.
Included in the sale are 4ft white LOVE letters and LED Mr&Mrs Markers with flower balls

£20000 £17000 ono

Dance floor hire business for sale
5m Wooden Boards.
140 available.
Well used but serviceable.

£20 including VAT

Marquee wood floor
| Quantity: 140
4m Wooden Boards. 10 available.

£12 including VAT

Secondhand marquee wood floor for sale
| Quantity: 10
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Roder 3m Wooden Boards.
180 available.
Well used but serviceable.

£12 including VAT

Marquee wood floor for sale
| Quantity: 180
We have a selection of solid wood flooring panels available for sale. These are the Malaysian floor boards made by grumpy joe's.
There are approximately 220 of the 8ft x 2ft and 50 of the 4ft x 2ft. We also have the 1ft fillers too.
Various condition. Only selling due to company sale
8ft x 2ft and 4ft x 2ft

£15 Per 8ft x 2ft board. +VAT

Marquee wood floor for sale
This dance floor as shown is now surplus to requirements at a hotel in North Devon
It covers 77 square meters and has had moderate use from new its a cherry wood finish with a strong durable aluminium hem
Hand made for us & our spec four years ago it has been used perhaps on twenty occasions in all, it has been stored correctly & carefully as to avoid wear or damage
We are looking for sensible offers for purchase & can be inspected & delivered on request

£7500 VAT Free ono

Bespoke Cherry Wood Dance Floor
These are all in good condition and have a lot more wear in them in fact at least 3 of the rolls have only been used twice and one of the 9m rolls only once.
They were originally supplied to our company by Paul's Matting as can be seen on the labels and on the whole still have a lot of their brass eyelets still in place at each end although some are missing but can easily be replaced very cheaply as Paul's matting supply replacement eyelets.
The original cost of this matting new was £2,780 so the price we are asking, £1390 is a real bargain particularly when you consider that a couple of the rolls have hardly had any use and the rest have only been hired out approx 10 times at the most.

£1390 VAT Free ono

Rolls of good quality Coconut matting
| Quantity: 16
Brand new, but been stored for 3 years
Brand New, never used portable, folding Grumpy Joes, dance stage
8ft x 4ft x 3ft / 8 foot x 4 foot, & 3 foot high
There are about x20 of these sections with a wooden top, brand new, but 3 years old, was ordered in for a job, but once delivered it was to high for the client, retails is about £4,000 for the lot, there is some hand rails with it

£80 VAT Free ono

Grumpy Joe's Dance Stage x20 Sections New
| Quantity: 20
LED 3D Effect Infinity Dancefloor.
5m x 5m total size.
Panels are 50cm x 50cm. Spare panels and cables included.
All in flight cases easy for transport. Black Edging.
Can be controlled by DMX, Sound Active, Auto Run Patterns or Selected Pattern.

£8500 VAT Free ono

Infinity sound to light dance floor
Black LED 18x18ft dance floor manufactured by Grumpy Joes for sale. This includes matching black trim. Great condition.
24x24ft parquet floor and individual plain white panels (all Grumpy Joes) also for sale - price on enquiry.
The seller is a small family run (father and daughter) business.

£5000 VAT Free ono

Dance floor for sale
48 x panels of 1 msq
14 x half panels
15 x panels of 1 msq damaged for spares and repairs
3 x Trolleys
No Edging
Great bargain for someone.

£750 +VAT

Florlok Parquet Dance floor for sale

£10 Per Sheet

SICO Parquet Dance Floor
| Quantity: 120
For sale 15x21 light oak dance floor
Makers florlock 2016
This floor comes with full edging and storage trolley.
I very nice floor viewing welcome.

£2250 VAT Free ono

Light oak dance floor for sale