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Very good condition
15‘ x 15‘ with aluminium edging
Very easy to lay and transport
No tools required
Comes with a storage rack included

£950 +VAT

Dance floor for sale
Aluminium edging
Very good condition
Very easy to lay and transport
No tools required
Comes with a storage rack included

£1350 +VAT

Dance floor for sale
We have for sale a 32' x 16' Grumpy Joes LED starlit dancefloor comprising of 60 x 4' x 2' panels and 10 x 2' x 2' panels (2 extra).

£8000 +VAT

32' x 16' Grumpy Joes LED Starlit Dancefloor
Astro Tiles - Hardly used in as new condition - sold in one lot only
1m x 1m tiles x 110

£1750 VAT Free

Astro flooring for sale
| Quantity: 110
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
Portapath Flooring - This is a used floor in good condition - sold in one lot only

£2450 VAT Free

Flooring for sale
Boarded Floor - This is a used floor in good condition - sold in one lot only

£3450 VAT Free

Board flooring for sale
18ft x 18ft parquet dance floor.
With edging.
Can be made smaller.
Comes on 2 trolleys.

£1000 +VAT

Dance floor for sale
Pine Marquee Floor built new in 2018.
265 x 8ftx2ft and 43 4ftx2ft pine flooring.
We made this flooring in house for a wedding venue and it has only been used for 5 Months.

£6500 +VAT

Marquee Flooring for sale
Portable floormaker black and white “publok” dance floor 16’x16’ with black edging.
It has literally been used just once for a wedding so therefore is in great condition! Comes with the upgraded black edging and a storage trolley.

£3500 £2995 VAT Free ono

Dance floor for sale
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For sale as a 'job lot', but we can consider splitting.
Ideal for marquee flooring as well as path/trackways.
Good condition.
Easy to lay.

£14 per square metre + Vat

Plastic flooring
We have a large amount of plastic event flooring for sale.
Selection of makes and conditions available from old to nearly brand new.

From £9 per square metre + Vat

Flooring for sale
Ex-Hire Stock there is some damage to edges and some batons are missing.
Buyer should come and see the stock prior to purchase.

£3495 +VAT

Weblock flooring for sale
Industry standard wooden flooring
Treated 18 mm exterior plywood on treated 2x1 battens
We produce and use all our own flooring
We can produce flooring to suit your existing flooring ie ply thickness and batten size
New boards
8x2. =£22 no vat. On 6no battens
4x2. =£12 no vat. On 3no battens

4'x2' Panel £12 Each +VAT

Interlocking Wooden Flooring
| Quantity: 1000
£12 per sqm
1300sqm available
Sharing many of the same great features as the original Rola-Trac product, Rola-Trac Lite is one of our latest innovations offering a brilliant budget priced option for commercial, professional and domestic settings.

£1200 VAT Free ono

Unit flooring
| Quantity: 13
I have approx 140m2, each one is 0.5m2.
It has see constant use, but it is bomb proof and any tiles that break the manufacturer will replace for free.
Tiles will have tape marks and screw holes on them but does not effect the use in any way.

£4500 including VAT ono

Platform flooring
| Quantity: 140
Ribbed cord resin backed carpet in rolls of 50m x 4m - £1.00 per SQM+VAT
Over 300-400 rolls in stock at any one time

£1 per Sqm+VAT

Carpet for sale
| Quantity: 400
Used parquet dance floor panels
49x full panels
8x half panels


Dance floor for sale
| Quantity: 57
We carry a large stock of:
3m and 5m Boards & Extrusion * Roder/ Tectonics/ Coverspan * Wooden bearers for laying to contours * Wooden packing * Swan neck base plates * Steel sub flooring system for levelling floor * 3m Tectonics system * 5m Roder HTS system * Steel-deck sub floors for very uneven sites * Handrails, Balustrades and steps * We also carry a large stock of 8’ x 4’ ground guard style trackway
Friendly flexible service and hire rates.


Marquee floor hire

£1500 +VAT ono

Flooring for sale