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Why buy second hand when you can afford brand new?
All Espree’s come complete with everything you need including window walls, plain walls with zips, stakes and bags.
Espree² 55 (20ft x 30ft) - £2,799.00 inc. walls and stakes
Espree² 72 (28ft x 28ft) - £2,725.00 inc. walls and stakes
Espree² 102 (28ft x 38ft) - £3,579.00 inc. walls and stakes
Espree² 102 XG (28ft x 38ft) - £3,851.00 inc. walls and stakes and XG ground bar system
Espree² 148 (28ft x 57ft) - £4,495.00 inc. walls and stakes

From £2799 +VAT

Why buy second hand when you can afford Brand New?
Star Canopies in stock, ready for next day delivery:
Star-Canopy 12m - £1498.00 inc. walls and stakes
Star-Canopy 16m - £1887.00 inc. walls and stakes
TwinStar Canopy 19m - £2417.00 inc. walls and stakes

£2599 +VAT

Hi Ben, The Capri Marquees have now sold , thank you for the advertising. John

£2000 +VAT

25x Angled corner plates
4x centre pole plates

£20 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 29
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3 X Capri Plus Marquees 28ftx38ft complete with ratchets, triangular plates, sides and stakes. The Capri Plus is the new upgraded version of the standard 28ftX38ft Capri and includes better wind ratings, stronger poles similar to the Trapeze, Ratchets similar to the Trapeze and a Triangular base plate for added anchoring. The canopy and sides are also made from a much thicker material meaning that the whole marquee keeps the aesthetics of the standard Capri but has more functionality for harsher weather conditions.
The marquees are in extremely good condition as they have only been used for this season. A few marks etc as to be expected. Please feel free to view in our warehouse and lay them out, however we do not have room to erect the marquees.

£3250 £2632 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
Thanks for the help, the Marquee sold in 12 hours, great job.

£1800 ono

Capri Marquee Style business located in North Yorkshire with extensive stock that allows for immediate start up or adds to an existing stock.
The stock and associated business marketing allow for an immediate start-up, especially within the current location. Our client base has reached as far south as York to all the way up to the borders of Scotland.

£17000 inc. VAT

Hi Ben Everything has SOLD now thank you so much again for your service’s. Kindest Regards Mark

£300 +VAT

From £5000 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10

£4500 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 2
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