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All In Arctic White. Pleated with Nylon hooks, Velcro joins Lining and weight pocket at bottom
Ideal for any 2.3m leg marquee.
Curtain Walls in 3m sections x 5
3m gutter linings

£250 £180 +VAT

White pleated lining for sale
| Quantity: 15
Selling a 6mx 12m gala tent.
The condition is used but has been well looked after.
Used for marquee hire for one summer.

£1500 ono VAT Free

Marquee for sale
1no. 10m 5-sided shaped /hex / Bell end
Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1
Available immediately

£200 +VAT ono

Blackout roof linings
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Clear Span Marquee Framework (Legs, base plates, Roof Beams 3m, 6m, 9m, Gable Legs, Purlins, Scissors etc)
Ivory pleated Linings (6m x 6m and 9m x 18m)
Flat linings (9m x 12m and 3m x 6m)
Swags (Red and Ivory)
PVC roofs 9m
PVC, Roofs, walls and gables

£10500 ono VAT Free

Linings for sale
x12 pairs - 3m Drapes (no tie backs) - £10 each
x4 pairs- 2.3m Drapes (no tie backs) - £10 each

£10 +VAT

Drapes - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
| Quantity: 16
x2 - 50ft (15m) Ivory Pleated Roof - £90 each
x2 - 10ft (3m) Ivory Pleated Hipend - £25 each
x1 - 10ft (3m) Ivory Pleated Roof - £40
x4 - 30ft (9m) Ivory Pleated Roof - £110 each
x77 - 2.3m x 3m Ivory Pleated Walls - £15 each

£15 +VAT

Pleated Linings - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
x2 - 3m x 3m White Flat Walls - £18 each
x1 - 2.3m x 3m White Flat Wall - £14
x1 - 10m Premium White Flat Gable - £200
x1 - 50ft (15m) White Flat Roof - £120

£14 +VAT

Flat Linings - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Custom covers 12m x 21m Flat Ivory roof lining in good condition. Will be cleaned prior to sale.
7x roofs and a tent set of gables. There may be some walls and swags which will be FOC.

£1050 +VAT

12m x 21m Flat Ivory Roof Lining - Isle of Sheppey, Kent

Sold 10x 9m Roofs - Gloucestershire

Price: £55 +VAT
Roofs for sale

£55 +VAT

Roofs for sale
| Quantity: 10

White Flat Linings - Cotswolds

Price: £0 +VAT ono
Flat linings for sale
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Flat linings for sale
4x 12m Gable End - IVORY Flat Poly 9x 12m x 5m Roof - IVORY Flat Poly 5x 3m x 2m Wall - IVORY Flat Poly 4x 3m x 3m Wall - IVORY Flat Poly 13x 3m x 5m Wall - IVORY Flat Poly 1x 3m x 6m Wall - IVORY Flat Poly 35x 5m Valence - 15cm deep - Ivory Flat Poly (incl 1x 15m Gable End - IVORY Flat Poly FOC) 100% Polyester 4OZ – this is the heavier grade fabric for Polyester FLAT linings

£2500 £2000 +VAT

Marquee linings

£100 £90 +VAT

2x 4m x 4m Ivory Pleated Pagoda Chinese Witches Hat Linings - Cotswolds
| Quantity: 2
3x 6m x 3m and 3x 9m x 3m Linings.
Custom Covers Star light lining in good condition.
The older pea light style, come with transformers.
Bound to give sparkle to any event.

£600 VAT Free

Band playing in starlight marquee
| Quantity: 6

Sold 40m x Black Out Walls + 9m Gables - Suffolk

Price: £750 VAT Free
Custom Covers black out walls LSB-302W

12m Starlight Cloth - Essex

Price: £2300 +VAT
Starcloth for sale
12m wide x 3 x 3m bays custom covers starlight lining suits tectonics type marquee

£2300 +VAT

Starcloth for sale

Sold Ivory Drop Curtains - Essex

Price: £250 +VAT
Ivory Drop Curtains
SOLD thanks ben regards Janet

£250 +VAT

Ivory Drop Curtains
| Quantity: 2
12m by 21m flat ivory roof Custom Covers

£150 +VAT

12m x 3m Ivory Flat Roof Linings and Gable Triangle
| Quantity: 7
Made by Custom Covers
15m by 3m

£200 +VAT

4x 15m x 3m Ivory Pleated Linings - Staffordshire
| Quantity: 4
We have for sale numerous bungee tensioned roofs all bought from Custom Covers. Bulk discounts available:-


Custom marquee covers for sale
| Quantity: 73
Custom Covers Ivory flat starlight roof lining made for a 6mx6m pagoda in great condition to Inc 2 channel dimmer controller and Transformers

£450 +VAT

Custom Covers Ivory Flat Starlight Roof Lining - Nottinghamshire
Popular size of 6 x 3 m Starcloth
Made for transporting around with tough control box and remote.
Non DMX but a few together an still just use one remote to sync them
Several programs available
We have blue and white and just white (blue and white can be used just blue or just white)
Used in major venues and all pics are of the Starcloth we are selling, its great quality at a great price.

£300 including VAT

Black star cloth
| Quantity: 10
Covers & Linings Starlight Roof Black 12m x 5m.
5M jump lead
2 channel controller
In/Out Jct unit
Spares kit

£650 +VAT

Starcloth for sale
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