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Quality Voile drapes ready-made stock
34 x Black voiles 5m x 3.65m drop
51 x Black voiles 3m wide x 4.2m drop
54 x Black voile 3m wide x 5.2m drop

£25 £20 +VAT each

| Quantity: 139
90 x white voile 3m x 4.2m drop £20.00 per drape
61 x white voile 3m wide x 6m drop £20.00 per drape

From £25 £20 +VAT each

| Quantity: 151
Custom covers - White gathered roof linings
Pair of Hip ends in White
Three middle roofs White

£1450 VAT Free

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Fibre Optic Starlight Roof Hip 9m x 3m with light box
Have video images also please email for a copy

£300 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
Fibre Optic Starlight Roof 9m x 3m with light box
Have video images also please email for a copy

£250 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
12m x 3m Custom Covers Hip End in White Starcloth.

£850 +VAT

2x 12m x 6m Sections of Custom Covers White Starcloth

£700 +VAT

Weatherill Brothers pleated Ivory linings for a 9m x 21m frame marquee
About 9 years old
In good condition
Wedding standard

£2995 +VAT

12m x 21m Starlight Roof Lining
12m x 21m Ivory Pleated Roofs
9m x 10m Ivory Pleated Roofs
234x meters of Ivory Pleated Walls
Door Infills, Swags etc

These linings where bought as a job lot with a marquee, we needed the marquee but not the linings, linings have been checked for sizing so this list could be generated, we have not used any of the linings, linings look in fair condition.

£1500 £1250 VAT Free

| Quantity: 73
Heavy duty black LED Star Cloth - Highspec.
Suitable for 6m frame marquees.
Hook to lining wire.
Excellent condition
Complete with storage box.

£500 £400 +VAT ono

Second hand marquee lining in good condition
Manufactured for 3m wide marquees
FR fabric 2oz
Available immediately

£390 £220 +VAT

Swags and window drapes - all very good condition and in self-coloured bags. All Custom Covers.
Lemon swags, Pale Blue Swags, Chocolate Swags, Chocolate Window Drapes.
£1 per swag, £3 per window drape

From £2 £1 VAT Free ono

4x 6m x 3m Ivory Starlight
1x Pair Ivory Gables (1 tents worth)
Ideal for Roder style marque (or Tectonics, Custom Covers or Barkers Etc)

£3200 £2400 +VAT

35 metres of 3m high Ivory Flat Walling 7x 5mx3m Wall (NB one has velcro slit for heater inlet)
Inherently Fire Retardant (FR): BS5867/ EN13773 Class 1
Available immediately

£280 +VAT

£350 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
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