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10 x 12mtr x 3mtr Roof Linings
2x Tent sets 12mtr x 3mtr Hip ends
1x Tent set of 12mtr Gable Triangles
All Pleated Mid Ivory made by Custom Covers

£1000 +VAT

12m x 3m Ivory Roof Linings - Cornwall
Custom Covers Swags to be sold in four lots.
33x 3m Ivory Swags
33x 3m Red Swags
33x 3m Blue Swags
20x 3m Gold Swags

£165 +VAT each

Red Swags for sale
| Quantity: 4
Flat White Roof Lining - 9m x15m in 3m bays.
Produced by Custom Covers
Used once in a village hall so immaculate condition. Good as new.
No valance.

£650 +VAT ono

Flat White Roof Lining Leeds
Flat blue swag 3m and 5m lengths (100m)
Blue Ruched swag 3m lengths (120m)
both styles are in used condition

£2.00 per running metre

£2 inc. VAT

Blue Swag 3m pieces
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USED 3m ivory pleated wall linings
20 available
Need some attention (see pictures)
will need washing and some minimal repairs

£10 inc. VAT each

Pleated Wall Linings 3m
| Quantity: 20
USED pleated ivory window drapes 10 available
in good condition £12.00 each

£12 inc. VAT each

Pleated Ivory Window Drapes - Cheshire
| Quantity: 10
Various swags available 3m in length

£8 £7.20 +VAT each

Swags for sale
| Quantity: 50
Assortment of linings in superb condition. Low price – First Come First Served!
Ivory pleated & flat white walls, roofs and gables for 3m, 6m and 9m structures.
Can arrange next day delivery.

£800 £720 VAT Free ono

Marquee Linings 9m - 6m - 3m Roofs - Gables – Walls Ivory – Flat White Swags - Next Day Delivery - London
Ivory Flat PolyCotton Marquee Linings 100% Polycotton FR.
15m x 27m with 2x sets of gables
Walls 2.4m and 3m available

£135 Per Roof

Marquee linings for sale
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
The benefits of this system include:
· Fewer stock items – the same kit can be used in 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m marquees
· Easier to wash – a modular system so only dirty roof squares need washing and fit in smaller washing machines · Smaller storage requirements · Lower investment cost – fewer stock items required for max flexibility
· Easy to install · Greater access for Production rigging – sound and light find multiple access point useful for cabling
We have sold half this stock to a client... he wrote "I am very happy with the squares I purchased, used them over the weekend, brilliant system.

£6500 £5265 +VAT

Ivory Pleated Lining System 20m
A set of burgundy red poly linings for a 12x15 marquee.
12x 3m Wall
2x 12m Gable Ends
5x 12m x 3m Roofs

£600 £486 +VAT

12m x 15m Burgundy Red Poly Linings Roof, Gables, Walls - Cotswolds
4x 12m x 3m roofs + Set of Gables
100% Polyester in saffron yellow
Inherently Fire Retardant

£200 £180 +VAT

12m x 12m Saffron Yellow Roof Linings - Cotswolds

£100 £80 +VAT each

2x 4m x 4m Ivory Pleated Pagoda Chinese Witches Hat Linings - Cotswolds
| Quantity: 2
Cloth: 8m x4.5m
288 X 5mm cool white LEDs
Fast fix hook & loop tabs
Low reflection, fire retardant material

£600 +VAT

Star cloth
Covers and Linings 9 x 9m Starlight Roof Starlight linings really give any event a sparkle. These cool white LED star cloth roofs have a controller for several different effects.
Made in high quality flame retardant acrylic.
Gives a blackout for daytime events.
comes with flame retardant backing cloth to help protect the wiring system.

£1000 For a quick sale

Covers and Linings 9 x 9m Starlight Roof - East Yorkshire
4.5m x 4.5m Starlight Lining Roof.
Made by Custom Covers, LED bulb system.
Good condition and in crates, might need the odd hook repaired.

£200 £170 +VAT each

2x Ivory Starlight Linings Roofs for 4.5m Pagoda Hat - Chepstow, Monmouthshire
| Quantity: 2
160x40ft Yellow/White Roushed
60x40ft Blue/White Roushed
220x40ft Pink/Blue/White Roushed 1970. Ideal for a Large Diamond Jubilee Party in a Shed
70x30 ft As above smaller Party.
160x40ft Peaches and Cream,roushed,Satin,Ends Gathered to the Centre.What more could a girl want! Ideal for turning a Farm shed into a Summer Wedding Venue

£2000 +VAT

Traditional Marquee Linings
Ivory swags

Comes complete with storage bag

£150 VAT Free

Used Ivory Swags for sale
| Quantity: 35
Used Valence Pelmet 27m Dark Green Straight

£35 +VAT

Used Valence Pelmet 27m Dark Green Straight
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