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300 square meters of dark green Gridmat plastic event flooring. Make - Gridmat - 300 Sq M for sale as a 'job lot'
Ex marquee hire stock Good condition Light weight but incredibly strong Very easy to stack / transport Very easy to lay. Can be used as a path / walk way as well as to floor a marquee.
Finance available

From £19 Per Sq M +VAT each

| Quantity: 300
Large Scale Moulded Plastic Temporary Event Walkway Flooring for Indoor and Outdoor Use. Perfect for Marquees.
Easy Floor is a newly developed temporary flooring system suitable for both inside and outside. It is made from recycled strong polypropylene for maximum life with minimum breakages, and is also recyclable at end of use, helping you meet sustainability targets.

£10 Per Full Panel 58cm x 58cm each

| Quantity: 1000
For sale as a 'job lot', but we can consider splitting. Ideal for marquee flooring as well as path/trackways. Good condition. Easy to lay. Finance available

From £19 per square metre + Vat each

| Quantity: 1000
Portable Floormakers plastic non-slip flooring
Approx 240 8ftx2ft (63x2420mm)
25 4ftx2ft

£2200 +VAT

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Exhibition Flooring - Eco-floor, recycled Polypropylene.
Very easy to lay
Can be re-used and re-configured 1000s of times
With ample cable and ducting points.

£35 Per Sq M each

| Quantity: 40

£7.50 per square metre VAT FREE each

| Quantity: 80
Rolla track marquee / event flooring.

£18 Psm

I currently have roughly 40 floor panels that I wish to sell.
Price is per panel.
They are hard wearing and sturdy flooring.
Made from plastic and black in colour..
Some may need a lil wipe down.

£15 inc. VAT

£18 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 300
Qik-Link is a modular interlocking flooring 1m x 1m tile that allows users to create a raised platform quicker than traditional methods, with the added advantage that cables can be installed easily to run power or communications to any area of the floor. Typical applications will be a raised platform for the exhibition sector, a temporary flooring for an event, conference or even the creation of a temporary office space.
We have 256 tile in stock

£35 Per Sq M each

| Quantity: 256
Pallet of Used portapath flooring

£400 +VAT ono

We have a large amount of plastic event flooring for sale.
Selection of makes and conditions available from old to nearly brand new.
Finance available

From £19 per square metre + Vat

From £10 plus VAT per sqm each

| Quantity: 17
This Ultra Deck is in good condition and is a versatile flooring product. It can be used for many different applications, no tools needed for installation and extraction which makes it quick and easy to use. Ideal for;
  • Walkways
  • Marquee Flooring
  • Stadium Flooring
  • Lawn Protection

£18 +VAT per sqm each

| Quantity: 100

£8 per sqm

Rola-Trac is currently used for many different applications such as events and tent flooring, no tools needed for installation or extraction which makes it quick and easy to use. Ideal for;
  • Walkways
  • Marquee Flooring
  • Stadium Flooring

£12.50 + VAT per m2 each

| Quantity: 100

£15 + VAT per Sqm

| Quantity: 98
Medium duty grounds protection allows fast deployment of temporary ground protection and access, whilst providing safe movement of personnel and equipment over soft sensitive ground. Ideal for;
  • Car Parking
  • Site Compounds
  • Pavement and Root Protection
  • Medium Duty Roadway

£95 £89 Per Panel each

| Quantity: 50
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