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We have a large amount of plastic event flooring for sale.
Selection of makes and conditions available from old to nearly brand new.

From £9 £8 per square metre + Vat

Plastic flooring
We have for sale around x4 pallets of Supa-Trac flooring (30 sheets per pallet).
The trackway is in Grey colour.

£20 Sqm

| Quantity: 120
Easy to lay, extremely durable event flooring. Excellent condition.

£750 VAT Free

Flooring for sale
Here is an opportunity to buy 240 square meters of dark green Eco Trackway plastic event flooring.
Being event accessory hire professionals all our equipment is kept in excellent condition – as is the case with the flooring.

£11.25 Per Sq M +VAT each

342 Square Meters of Eco Trackway Interlocking Plastic Event Flooring
| Quantity: 240
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For sale as a 'job lot', but we can consider splitting.
Ideal for marquee flooring as well as path/trackways.
Good condition.
Easy to lay.

£12.60 per square metre + Vat

Plastic flooring
ArmorDeck® is the most advanced engineered heavy-duty temporary special event flooring and turf protection system on the market today. Translucent with aeration holes, to create a uniform, fully connected floor for all event areas. We have some spare panels and edging plus ArmorDeck tool only if buying job lot) simple allan key. Quantity – 290 panels @ £30 p/panel = £8,700 (Price reduced due to business move, this will sell quick)

Half Price! £9900 £8700 inc. VAT

Event flooring for sale
| Quantity: 290
Large Scale Moulded Plastic Temporary Event Walkway Flooring for Indoor and Outdoor Use. Perfect for Marquees.
Easy Floor is a newly developed temporary flooring system suitable for both inside and outside. It is made from recycled strong polypropylene for maximum life with minimum breakages, and is also recyclable at end of use, helping you meet sustainability targets.

£10 Per Full Panel 58cm x 58cm each

Easy flooring for sale
| Quantity: 1000
Heavy duty interlocking plastic panels used for vehicle hardstand, parking, roadway, trackway.
Used – some imperfections, but good usable condition.
We have a few thousand of these panels left available. Each panel has a surface area of 1.15m2 and weighs 23kg.
They are stacked on double pallets, 28 panels per double pallet, for a coverage of 32.2m2.

£22.50 Per Pannel No VAT

Profloor Portable Flooring
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote

£15 + VAT per Sqm

Flooring for sale
| Quantity: 98
Tiles can be rolled up due to the unique design, which makes it easy to be paved, transported and stored.

£11 per sq m + VAT each

Plastic flooring
| Quantity: 800
440 sheets
= 5280 sqft
= 490 sqm of flooring for sale

£10 per sqm

Gridmat Flooring
The original and best long & short term heavy duty PVC flooring system for marquess or temporary warehousing. Suitable for temporary and long term installations. Only laid and used once in a permanent venue. All steam cleaned when uplifted and in excellent condition and palletised ready for transport. £2.00 per square foot or 81 x 8' x 2' boards @ £32.00

£2 per square ft

PVC flooring
Lightly used Rola-Trac in Green.
Clean and in good condition.
Wedding Venue use only.

£10 per Sq.m each

Rola - Trac, Lightly Used
| Quantity: 500
Medium duty grounds protection allows fast deployment of temporary ground protection and access, whilst providing safe movement of personnel and equipment over soft sensitive ground.
Ideal for car parking, site compounds, Roadway

£95 £89 Per Panel each

Terra Matt ground protection
| Quantity: 50
Rola-Trac is currently used for many different applications such as events and tent flooring, no tools needed for installation or extraction which makes it quick and easy to use.
1.16m2 per sheet, 21 individual interlocking panels make up 1 sheet.

£12.50 + VAT per m2 each

Rola Trac
| Quantity: 100

£10 per square metre + VAT

Plastic flooring for sale

£27 £19 Per Sq M + VAT each

Event flooring for sale
| Quantity: 1716

£1200 VAT Free ono each

Unit flooring
| Quantity: 13
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