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Jack / Lift In good condition
Height adjustable from 2.3m to 2.6m approx

£195 VAT Free

Marquee / Tent lifting Jack made by Crockers
Marquee lifting Jack. Enable you to safely lift marquees that are assembled on the floor and lifted onto their legs.
For example many makes of pagodas, Marshall marquees, TT Tents, Curlew / Florida frame, Ambruster, Gala / DIY Marquees Racklet and Crocker Brothers.
Lits well over 8ft High

£150 +VAT

Crockers Marquee winch (manufactures photo)

£170 VAT Free ono

Marquee Lifting Equipment
| Quantity: 3
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£650 +VAT

Jet winch for pagoda for sale

£145 +VAT

Marquee lifter for sale
| Quantity: 2
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