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Roder Marquees from First Choice

You may also find Heater Diffusers usfull. 

5x EC70 heaters all work ok heaters only.

£400 £300 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 5
Has flue duct stat and diffuser

£350 VAT Free

Only used in covid in our marquee in our pub garden (3-4 months).
Fully working, with cover , chimney, thermostat, heater duct.

£900 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
Antares 50 Indirect Diesel Blow Heater
Antares 70 Indirect Diesel Blow Heater
EC70 Arcotherm Indirect Diesel Blow Heater

£800 VAT Free

| Quantity: 3
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Thermobile ITA-45 Robust Diesel Electric Space
Heater Complete with Flexible Ducting, Nozzle, and

2 of these are available

£1000 £800 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
Aged space heater bought second hand and now quite old. Worked well but now good for parts or reconditioning.

£200 £150 +VAT ono

From £800 £750 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
An EC70 Series Diesel Heater
Well used condition

£400 +VAT

CLARKE Devil 3150 Space Heater
Used still in good working order

£200 £140 VAT Free ono

EC70 indirect heater good condition has been serviced

£650 £600 VAT Free

Good morning Admin Just to say that both arcotherm heaters are now sold . Many thanks, had lots of enquiries Regard’s David

£1400 £1250 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 2
Biemmedue Arcotherm Industrial Space Heater + various attachments
All in working order.

£750 +VAT ono

£1700 £1500 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Standard EC 55 Arcotherm heater, with diffuser and tube, plus they're converted to feed from from a Bunded, wheelie bin fuel bowser.
Holds 105 litres, easy to refill and move
Approx. 5 years old Fair condition
Will sell individually or as set of Three

£950 £800 inc. VAT each

| Quantity: 3
2019 year of manufacture
16amp single phase
Tiger loop and 500 litre fuel cube
Split ducting 4 x 5 metre sections
Low level diffusers x 2
Can be used as vent only in summer months

£5000 £4500 +VAT

This device can be used to heat tents and other installations to even use them in winter.
For heating oil, diesel, petrol
Power consumption max.: 1140 W
Heating oil consumption: 8.43 l/h

£1400 +VAT

Heavy duty connectable ducting for use with indirect heaters.
These come with their own integrated storage bag.

£20 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
Hi, my heater is now sold. Many thanks. Steve

£1700 £1500 +VAT

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