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I'm often asked how much a marquee is worth.

The simple answer is as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

There are many factors that you should consider; here are a few...

Who made the marquee

There are a few factors that I've got to take into account.

  • Unknown manufacturer (The customer has no way of knowing the quality of the marquee frame or covers)
  • They will not be compatible with existing stock (Roder, Tectonics and Custom Covers).
  • I don't know how much they cost new so may assume they are cheaper that they really are.

Imagine you were buying a car, which would you buy... a BMW, or a car made by Guangzhou Automobile group (China). There is no question. They may or may not be of equal quality, however, I know which one I would buy.

Again using the analogy of used cars a second-hand middle range 10 year old Ford keeps more of its value (as a % of new price) than a top of the range BMW. Possibly because there are more cheap spare parts for a Ford or more people want a cheap run-around than a big old gas guzzling luxury cars.

Still, considering buying cars, people will pay much more for a car from a main dealer than a back street garage. And again less if the car is sold privately.

For a very rough guide this is the aporximate price per Sq M

  • Cheap Chinese marquee (steel frame with round tubes) £10 - £13 per sq M
  • Heavy European / American tubular steel marquees  £15 - £20 pounds per Sq M
  • Traditional marquees £15 - £30 per Sq M
  • Aluminium framed  marquee Chinese / far east / unknown European manufacture £15 - £30
  • Aluminium framed  marquees European from a well known manufacture  £25 - £45 per Sq M

The above assumes 2 -3 years old, in good condition about 60% of the original price. 

Profile Size

The same width of marquee can be made with different sizes of profile.

It makes sense to have one profile for different number of widths of marquee. This means that for example you can have a 12m marquee on a small profile that is one third of the weight of the heavy profile.

Generally heavy profiles are more expensive to buy new and you receive less money when you sell them second hand.

This is because the heavy profile requires more material to make however is less attractive to a smaller marquee company who generally prefer marquees that are easier and quicker to put up. As well as much easer to transport.

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