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Roder Marquees from First Choice
Wooden parquet dancefloor, each piece measures 1sq metre, 65 pieces in total plus edging (20 x straight int groove, 21 x external groove, 15 x corner edging int groove, 15 x corner edging ext groove.
Complete with trolley.

£1200 VAT Free

We have for sale 2 x PFM Florlok® Ex-Demonstration Portable Dance Floors. 1 x Light Oak, 1 x Smoked Oak.
- 1 x Florlok® Light Oak Portable Dance Floor - Size 12ft x 12ft, Silver Edging, incl. 1 x Spare Full Panel + 4 x Spare Half Panels - Price: £1,560.00 + VAT
- 1 x Florlok® Smoked Oak Portable Dance Floor - Size 12ft x 12ft, Silver Edging, incl. 2 x Spare Full Panels + 2 x Spare Half Panels - £1,560.00 + VAT

£1560 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2

£1250 VAT Free

16x16ft Black Star Light Dance Floor (Portable Floor Makers)
Also 4 Trolly's for Wood Effect Dance Floors available


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15ft x 15ft Florlok wooden parquet dance floor.
Ex-hire but in good overall condition.

£2000 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
We are selling a conker brown dance floor with aluminium edging
We have 144x pieces 4x2 in size. Total 1,152 sq ft.

£2480 £950 +VAT

33x Full Panels
4x Half Panels
37x Total
2x Left Corner Edge Pieces
2x Right Corner Edge Pieces
20x Full Edge Pieces
4x Half Edge Pieces
2x Trolleys

£2000 +VAT

66 sheets of Oak Parquet Dancefloor.
In good condition with years of use ahead of it.
Maximum dancefloor size to be made from this is 8m x 8m, or, hire out a 6m x 6m and a 5m x 5m on the same event day.
Edging is included in the sale, to include corners and middles.
The Dancefloor slots together and locked via a hex key system.

£1500 +VAT each

| Quantity: 66
Sico Cam-Lock Portable Dance Floor and Trolleys

Excellent quality

£800 +VAT

£3950 £2900 inc. VAT ono

Grumpy Joes Parquet Dance Floor
In very good condition.
Requires no tools or screws, Industry standard since 1989! Made from traditional Jatoba red wood with aluminium tray and battens.
Quick and easy to lay suitable for Hotels, marquees, private parties and wedding venues.
More than enough to make a 16.5Ft x 15Ft dance floor with edging or two smaller dance floors.

£1900 VAT Free

Parquet Dance floor
Made by PFM / Portable floor makers
Model Florlok

£1000 VAT Free

The most desirable LED Dance Floor on today’s market. Starlok is a fully cabled system offering reliability as well as stunning visuals with a choice of different control options including static, chase and twinkle.

£3800 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 3
Aluminium dance floor edging strips
Approx 90 foot

£100 VAT Free

Parquet dance floor
15ft x 18ft
Made by PFM (Portable Floor Makers)

£1200 VAT Free

Wooden dance floor
Approx 50 boards available at £10 each
Also, all metal edging available at £15 per corner and £10 per straight
Lots of under board packing timber available at £1 per length

From £10 VAT Free

Dated from 2018.
All panels work
Comes with
Dance floor + Edging
Control Box + All Wires

£5500 £3995 inc. VAT ono

Pure white LED dance floor max size 26 x 26 Portable Floormaker brand NOT Grumpy Joe's ( each panel hard wired! )

£10000 VAT Free ono

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