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£600 £550 VAT Free each

BH24 Wacker for sale
| Quantity: 3
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£600 VAT Free each

Wacker breaker / Peg Driver
| Quantity: 2
Whacker/Marquee peg driver
With attachment
Fuel - 2 stroke
Very well made and reliable
3 years old

£1995 +VAT

Peg wacker for sale
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Wacker stake/pin knocker in VGC with bell cup attachment
Regularly serviced. Last serviced in May
Useful piece of equipment

£900 +VAT

Wacker for sale
Genuine Atlas Copco 22mm hex post driving tool that fits the old atlas 148 army machines. I have a few of these for sale and are probably best classed as new old stock. They may have coloured paint, surface rust and storage marks on them. None have been cut down to suit different pin types.
The price includes postage to mainland UK.

£65 VAT Free each

Peg / post driver
| Quantity: 3
Hi, Can you take the Wacker off our list of things for sale please, we love your web site. Many thanks Jan

£800 VAT Free

Marquee Peg driver Wacker BH23
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