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12m clearspan frame loops from Custom Covers
Each loop includes : 2 x 12m beams, 2 x 12m legs, 1 x ridge knuckle, 2 x eave knuckles, 2 x steel base plates, 4 x Drop Nose Pins, 2 x Base Plate Pins inc. R-Clips
Price is per loop and is plus VAT
ONLY parts as described in the detail (not as shown in the picture) included for sale

£650 £615 +VAT

12m Clearspan Frame Loops
| Quantity: 5
12m x 3m Bell End / Hex End Conversion Kit (bar tensioned)
  • Frame: Full Conversion Kit
  • PVC: White Bell End Roof
  • Lining: 12m Bell End Ivory Pleated Roof
This item is used but like new, only used twice in the summer months. Price new for this kit is £3777.55, we are looking for £1900.00

£1900 +VAT

12m Bell End / Hex End
10x of each
Max clear window walls, PVC walls, pleated wall lining and window drapes
Manufactured by Custom Covers in 2017 and used 3-4 times, as new

From £25 - 80

3m x 3m Custom Covers - Max Clear Window Wall with Zips
| Quantity: 42
Bell end frame (beams and legs not included)
With clear roof, panoramic window walls with zips
3 years old in good condition

£1500 +VAT

Clear bell end with frame work.
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9m hip end or bell extension conversion kit with ivory pleated linings. Compatible with Tectonics, Custom Covers or Roder marquees

£1400 +VAT

Extension kit for sale
3 A frames of 12m Roder Wine Marquee on 3m bays for sale.
This is the aluminium only - no roof sheets and walls.
The aluminium is all original Roder UK apart from the roof and side purlings that have been customised by another company but fit together perfectly.
The frames are about 12 years old.
We sold the main part of the tent on and this is what is left. We have the feet, the legs, knuckles, roof beams, ridge connectors and associated bolts.

£2000 +VAT

Roder wine marquee
6m bell end conversion kits for Custom Covers / Tectonics / Roder
Consists of 1 x coupler, 3 x eave bars and 3 purlins

£150 +VAT

6m Bell End Conversion Kits
| Quantity: 4
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