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3x 8m pvc gable triangles and walls for roder/Hoeker 120/80 profile
Good working condition

£300 £270 VAT Free

| Quantity: 3

£400 +VAT

| Quantity: 50
I have 17x 3m x 3m max clear walls which I received from custom covers.
These walls have been used only once for a 3 hour event so are being sold as NEW.

£5180 +VAT

3M x 2.3M Kadar top, plain wall with zips

£139 +VAT

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Hi, Sold in a few hours! Please mark these sold to stop my phone ringing! Andy

£20 +VAT each

| Quantity: 20
We have 20 x plain walls
And 7 x window walls for sale
All in good condition
These hook into an eave channel not a curtain pole

£1200 £700 +VAT

| Quantity: 27
2x Window walls
Made by Custom Covers To fit a 8m Roder Marquee gable end
Length 2.4 m
Wall height 2.4m

£70 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
2x 8m gable two piece sheets (One complete tent set ,walls and triangles together.
Good condition.

£50 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
100x B Grade walls
50x C Grade walls
All 3m x 2.3m
Laced together

From £30 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 150
6x walls that have got various rips and cuts through them

£10 VAT Free

| Quantity: 6
2.3mx3m Standard PVC walls
3rd Grade
65 total on the pallet and selling at £10 per wall
Ideally we want to sell as one lot - open to offers and will consider splitting in half.

£650 +VAT ono

| Quantity: 65
100x White PVC Side walls
20x Window walls
Made from Advantage Covers (Hoecker Structures)
4 Years Old
In good condition

£55 From each

| Quantity: 120

£800 Per Bay each

| Quantity: 10
Job lot of 100 marquee wallings (plus some odd half walls). Two piece standard lacing to fit 3m bays standard spec to fit Roder, Custom covers, tectonic etc. Ring tops.
Walls are old hire stock all serviceable but are showing age related marks, will need a clean as dusty. Ideal for storage tents, festivals and shows but do not expect wedding quality hence cheap price.

£800 +VAT

Rustic wooden marquee sides.
Fits into a normal 3m bay
Ideal for rustic weddings, Christmas markets and Ice rinks.
I also have 3x doors and 2x Windows

£100 +VAT each

| Quantity: 66
Gothic Marquee Walls 3m x 2.4m to fit Hoecker Marquees
These are 1 piece Walls and are in excellent condition, they only went out twice.

£100 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
Can you mark the item as sold now please. Great response to the advert, thanks for your help Richard

£800 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 44
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