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New Custom Cover Manufactured Sheets for Roder 220/100 Profile
- 12x NEW Window Walls for Roder 220/100 profile 5m x 3m
- 2x NEW Gable Wall sheets for Roder 220/100 profile 4m x 3m
- 12x USED but good condition Roof Sheets 12m x 5m for Roder 220/100 Bar Tension and Bungee

£4000 VAT Free

Repairing & Replacing PVC
Repair work to your existing PVC to include rips, tears, rekadaring with 7 or 12mm, new zips etc
Please contact for a quote

£50 +VAT

Roder 9m Roofs
Bay Length 3m
Bungee tension
In average condition

£80 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
We have 2 x (12’x12’), 7 x 20’walls and 3 x 10’ walls (7’ high) for sale.
Sat on the shelf for a while, but usable with a good clean.
Ideal for use for back garden parties with an old fashioned, traditional feel, or as a service tent.
Please note we only have the PVC, NOT the poles and stakes.

£400 £200 +VAT

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Toptec tradition pole Tent Ends with side poles or without side poles and king poles.
The most important part required is The PVC roof.


I have for sale 26 x 2.3m x 3m Mid Ivory pleated lining walls, all cleaned ready for 2020 season, approx 4/5 years old, all excellent condition have all recently been used for weddings and corporate events.

£40 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 26
15m Clear Gable End £300 plus vat
Enough for one end of the marquee.

£90 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 11
15x15 pole tent PVC roof and walls .. in good condition (no king pole or stakes)
New ropes and sliders

£350 VAT Free

• Almost new – used for one project
• 2 of 3m x 3m Red PVC Roof Available
• 2 of 6m x 6m Red PVC Roof Available
• 20’ Red PVC Walls
• All Suitable for Bond Fabrications/Marshall Marquees style of Frame Marquee
• 6m x 6m Red PVC Roof & Walls £300 + VAT
• 3m x 3m Red PVC Roof & Walls £200 + VAT

£500 +VAT

Glass windows
Genuine Roder HTS Glass walling for 5.00m x 3.00m bay, 4 x glass panels per bay, manufactured in powder coated aluminium with all anodised aluminium hardware.
Quantity: 24 panels in 2 Roder stillages. This is for 6 bays.
Good condition

£8250 +VAT ono

Hoecker P8 Roofs 8no. available (Used, purchased few months ago second hand).
6 are 8m span x 3m (of which two non Hoecker)
2 are basically a Chinese Top hat include all fixings (small tear to one of the eaves).
£110.25 each or all 8 for £800.00

£110.25 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 8
These might be useful to some one, two decorative sides, left and right both the same pattern, the rear panel is plain black, I do have the top however that has a telephone number on it so can not be used.
Was used in outside catering, no frame just the sides and rear panels.
Also included is four waterproof lyno/canvas panels with a picture of a wooden gate on them these could be used for drop backs in side the tent or table coverings.

£100 +VAT

x24 - 15m x 3m White PVC Roof - £120 + VAT each
x11 - 12m x 3m White PVC Roof - £100 + VAT each

From £100 +VAT ono

x10 - 3m x 2.3m White PVC Walls - £20+ VAT each
x2 3m x 2.3m White PVC Walls with String- £20+ VAT each
x2 3m x 3m White PVC Walls with String- £25+ VAT each

From £20 +VAT ono

x2 4m Half Bay Wall White PVC - £25+ VAT each

£25 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
x2 9m White PVC Gables - £50+ VAT each
x0.5 12m White PVC Gable End (Eyelet 1/2) - £30+ VAT

From £50 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 3
x6 - 6m x 6m Pagoda White PVC Roof - £150+ VAT each
x3 6m x 6m Pagoda Georgian Windows - £15+ VAT each
x1 6m x 6m Pagoda White PVC Walls - £15+ VAT
x1 3m x 3m Pagoda Georgian Windows with String - £20+ VAT

£1160 +VAT ono

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