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Make a weather tight gutter between marquees or building and marquee
  • Ball tension gutter - attaches to curtain rails
  • Kader to Kader Gutter - joins Kader eave purlins
  • Bullet Gutter - slides into Kader channels
Ring sides available, Infils - Width to suit
PVC Manufacturing
Marquee Roof, Gables, Clear PVC Gables & for Panaoramic Windows, Walling, Bags
Bespoke PVC Manufacturing.

£50 +VAT

Marquee gutter for sale
Toptec tradition pole Tent Ends with side poles or without side poles and king poles.
The most important part required is The PVC roof.


Toptec tradition pole Tent Ends wanted
12 x 1 mt solid panels 9 x 1mt glazed panel 1 set of hard doors.
Makes 24mt side good condition includes all fixings metal work.
Suits 2.3 eaves in 3m bays Tectonics.

£4900 £2900 +VAT

Oasis hard single glazed units
10 brand new 3m curtain rails

£225 inc. VAT

| Quantity: 10
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3x roofs
18x mixed walls, some windows, some shop front, some solid
with Velcro fasteners and in PVC. Been washed but secondhand condition and some minor mould marks needing to be scrubbed off.
Ideal winter upgrade for those tougher jobs where the usual flimsy covers just won’t hack it.

£100 +VAT

Nichol Industries roof and walls
| Quantity: 3
Heavy-duty set of uPVC doors set in a steel frame. White with clear plastic windows.

Recollect they were circa £2500 new.
Can be used in various bay sizes. We used in 3m width, 2.3m height with PVC infill to one side of door to fill the gap.
Not been used in a couple of years and now surplus to requirement and in need of a clean. Been stored dry and indoors throughout.
Comes with a second damaged set included for spares or repair

£600 +VAT

A strong, lightweight and professional shelter.

Protect yourself from the elements for all-weather entertaining, with a reliable, cost-effective shelter that’s ideal for business, sports and corporate events. Our Canopro Lite Shelter is a middle-grade instant shelter, featuring a strong yet lightweight design that ticks all the boxes without breaking the budget.

£270 inc. VAT


£14750 +VAT ono

12m X 27m Tectonics Tent including PVC and all metal work. Includes 11 Georgian Windows - Winchester, Hampshire
40'x80' Oval Traditional Canvas Marquee Complete with roof, plain walls and Georgian windows on one side. Ex Wedding Rental Stock aged between 5-7 yrs.

£8200 +VAT

Traditional Marquee with round ends in Canvas
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4x 4.5m Roof Beams
1x 4.5m PVC - Gable
4x 4.5m Linings - Hip End Lining
2x 4.5m Linings - Gable

From £65 +VAT

Beams / PVC / Linings
Custom Covers - Compatible with Roder, Tectonics, etc.
9m Roof beams, Roofs,
Pleated Ivory Lining with hip or gables

From £60 +VAT

9m Marquee framework / Linings / PVC for sale
50 x 3m x 2.4m PVC 2 part walls - C GRADE
Normal wear and tear. Sold as seen on the pallets .
Price per pallet of 50x walls @ £500.00 plus VAT each
2 x Pallets available

£500 Price per Pallet

Framed marquee walls
This item is a 12m Bell End Conversion Kit (Custom Covers) and Includes :
1 PVC roof, 5 ground rails, 5 eave rails, 15 purlins, 5 Curtain poles, 5 clear max window panels (Like New), top apex joining plate with 4 pins and 2 bolts
(remember all the PVC sides and metal work are wider than standard and have special ends for coping with the angles)

£2000 £1800 +VAT

12m Bell End Conversion Kit Custom Covers
1 x 3m roof - old condition

£20 inc. VAT ono

1x 3m Roof - Berkshire
1x 9m roof - bad condition, ripped bungees and missing toggles.
1x 9m roof - Old with a ripped kader

£30 +VAT ono each

2x 9m Roof - Berkshire
| Quantity: 2
1 x 12m D-End with Georgian windows, White PVC roof and pleated Ivory linings.

£1500 inc. VAT ono

12m D-End - Berkshire
1x Bad condition with a ripped kader
1x old with a few scuff marks, no torn bungees
1x old, no holes, torn bungees and missing corner ring

£60 +VAT each

3x 12m Roof - Berkshire
| Quantity: 3
1x 6m roof- ripped kader

£25 +VAT ono

1x 6m Roof - Berkshire

£10 +VAT ono each

6x Georgian Windows - Berkshire
| Quantity: 6
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