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For sale 6m x 9m (20 x 30ft) Armbrusters style frame marquee
Frame Material: Steel connectors aluminium round Pole size 50mmx2mm, Aluminium tube 47mm x 2mm
Fabric material: Roof cover is made of 650g/ M2 PVC-coated polyester textile. Sidewalls are made of 650g/M2 translucent PVC-coated polyester textile. Flame retardant

£2200 +VAT

Framed marquee for sale
These are very good quality Tentickle tents in great structural condition - BUT THEY ARE DIRTY - they can be cleaned or would be good in a permanent set up location perhaps in a woods or a campsite.
Having said dirty, we used them at henley regatta this year and had no complaints, so maybe they are not that bad!
They both have bags, the price is for the pair and is for the fabric only.

£4000 +VAT ono

Stretch marquee for sale
| Quantity: 2
Brand new
Bay Length: 5m
Eave Height: 2.5m to 3m
Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles.
Plain White Pvc Walls centre-split with lacing and eyelet.

£16900 +VAT

Clear span marquee for sale
1.5m bay (half bay)
Fits a 3m, 6m or 9m Roder frame marquee
Have you ever done a site visit and your marquee is either just too big, or not quite big enough?

£1190 +VAT

Half bay for marquee
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Walkway entrance 2.5m x 2.5m
Works well as an entrance to a larger marquee,
as a stand alone mini marquee
or to join 2 larger marquees together

£295 +VAT

Walkway for sale
Temporary storage available to hire or buy.
The price is showing it to buy. If you require hire please let us know.
12m x 30m.

£16500 £14840 +VAT

temporary warehouse unit for sale
Hoecker Structure made marquee
SO 6217 UK 18999
12 x 24 Frame and Covers

£20000 VAT Free

Hoecker Marquee
For Sale, one 15m x 17.5m two storey marquee with viewing terrace/balcony of 15m W x 7.5m D. The structure is one of a kind and a very impressive structure. We have full engineering calculations and drawings, build manuals. Selling as this no longer fits with our business model. Can offer full training on erecting and subject to planning permission would suit permanent siting.

£120000 £105000 +VAT ono

Luxury two tier marquee
Tentipi Stratus 72 Pro Canvas. Three years old. In very good order.

£6000 +VAT

3x Tentipi Stratus 72
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
Brand new 12m x 30m Marquee
Bay Length: 5m
Eave Height: 2.3m
Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles.
Plain White Pvc Walls centre-split with lacing and eyelet.

£16800 £14840 +VAT

Framed marquee for sale
I Have 2 6m x 6m Pagodes
Metal work and walls in mint condition, roof as are in good condition.
Comes with custom cover roof lining. (Looks like new).
I am after £1500.00 each for them or swap Clearspan frame

£1500 VAT Free ono

Pagoda for sale
| Quantity: 2
9m x 18m Roder marquee - complete
(Window walls not included)

£5145 +VAT

Framed marquee
Brand new and still wrapped traditional Indian pole marquee, comes with bamboo side poles and steel center poles (3 x upright poles, 2 x ridge poles), internal block print lining for roof canopy and side walls, fabric sleeves for all poles to match, ropes and iron stakes included. Centre poles are 5.5m high with 6m span between each of the 3 upright poles, side poles are 2.2m high with 1.5m span between each of the poles.
All comes complete and ready for use.

£7950 VAT Free ono

Traditional marquee for sale
Bay Length: 3m
Eave Height: 2.3m
Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles.
Plain White Pvc Walls centre-split with lacing and eyelet.
If you require a smaller or bigger just let us know.
Lining Available for extra cost and windows.

£5500 +VAT

Clear span marquee for sale

£200 +VAT

Bell tents for sale
| Quantity: 80
12m x 21m Framed / Clear-span Marquee with 2.3m eaves
3m bay
113mm x 78mm x 4mm track Roder
Comes with Lining and some extra clear roof sheets, gables and walls

£8500 +VAT

Clear span marquee for sale
10m x 30m Framed marquee
3m Eaves height in 5m bay
Profile 130mm x 70mm x 3mm
4 track
Lining available

£9000 +VAT

Clearspan framed marquee for sale
4 Solid PVC walls including in price (Nearly New Walls)
Ex Hire Stock
300mm Dome

£1200 +VAT

Pagoda for sale
4 Solid PVC walls including in price
Ex Hire Stock
300mm Dome

£1000 +VAT

Pagodas for sale
| Quantity: 2
The marquee is 10m by 10m Eve height is 2.6m Overall height is 6.4m.
The Roof is made of white PVC.
The marquee is sold without walls.
Was purchased in approx. 2012, has been in storage since 2015

£1750 +VAT ono

Pagoda for sale