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Floor panels are 1m x 1m
Levelling of uneven floors
Feet can be adjusted from the top
Fast installation and dismantling
Max 5,000 kg/m2 distributed evenly across the floor
Individual floor panels can be lifted

£40 £35 +VAT

Octanorm Flooring
| Ref #: 6f2d44d95b35
9m x 24m galvanised metal sub-base complete with interlocking wooden floor, designed for use with Tectonics equipment.
Very good condition, having had only had light use, the interlocking boards come in a manageable size for installation, moving and storage.

£4995 +VAT

9m x 24m Galvanised Metal Sub-Base Flooring
| Ref #: d5c741d9b1f8
Here is an opportunity to buy 342 square meters (3,750 square feet – approx.) of dark green Eco Trackway plastic event flooring.
Being event accessory hire professionals all our equipment is kept in excellent condition – as is the case with the flooring.

£4275 +VAT

342 Square Meters of Eco Trackway Interlocking Plastic Event Flooring
| Ref #: a48c35384cd5

£1800 £500 +VAT

Cassette Floor Stacked
| Ref #: 49314f60483a
Florida Marquees
Marquee flooring package which we believe will be sufficient to lift a 9m x 15m and give it a tidy and level floor.
We have had this some years now and only ever sent it out as a 9m x 9m hence not being sure of its cover.
The aluminium extrusion is listed elsewhere on this excellent site for circa £23 a meter - I would guess at there being 45m included?
Get a bargain, we need the space ( as you can see ). We would be prepared to do a deal for any 6m tectonics compatible gear you might have spare or W.H.Y?
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£1200 +VAT

Marquee flooring
| Ref #: 8fec879fe54a

Walu/Ascot Cassette Floor - East Sussex

Price: £30000 including VAT
Walu/Ascot Cassette Floor
1000m2 of Cassette floor with ring beams.

For sale at £30.00 per m2
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£30000 including VAT

Walu/Ascot Cassette Floor
| Ref #: ac4f1843af60

Buzon Pedastals - West Sussex

Price: £250 +VAT
Buzons Stacked
Over 1000 Buzon pedestals and extension pieces for levelling
To be sold in lots of 100 minimum.

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£250 +VAT

Buzons Stacked
| Ref #: 7750ee6f54d2
Used 5 times
Great system
Includes full adaption system to convert to use on 9m and 12m frames.
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£6.30 +VAT

Cassette Flooring Tectonics
| Ref #: a62a81324df2

Sold Tectonics Wood Floor For Oriental 6x6

Price: £1500 +VAT ono
Used Tectonics Wood Floor For Oriental 6x6 for sale

£1500 +VAT ono

Used Tectonics Wood Floor For Oriental 6x6 for sale
| Ref #: e07f705b7897
2m x 1m Chequer plate flooring cassettes ex Land Rover (Military) exhibition stands capable of supporting heavy military Land Rovers.

Each 2 m² cassette would cost over £250 to custom build. On offer are eight cassettes making a 4 m x 4 m (16 m²) display plinth.

As can be seen the chequer plate is in very good, little used condition.

The cassettes have provision for underfloor cabling.

The chequer plate is 3 mm thick mounted on 18 mm ply and 3 inch by 2 inch beam sub base so immensely strong.

Price for a 16 m² plinth/floor.

£600 +VAT

Used Chequer Plate Flooring For Sale
| Ref #: bae7b7585a5e

WANTED: Cassette Flooring

Price: £0 +VAT ono
Cassette Flooring wanted
Cassette Flooring wanted for a walu 12m x 30m marquee

Cash waiting


Cassette Flooring wanted
| Ref #: a8d656747718
We have a complete 30 x 70ft / 9 x 21m flooring system in very good condition

  • Boards
  • Aluminium runners
  • Wooden battens
  • Stake plates
Very good system sadly under used by us.

£2500 +VAT

30 x 70 9m x 21 Flooring System
| Ref #: 54b1185571e7

Sold Roder HTS Cassette Flooring Hex End - Somerset

Price: £750 £499 +VAT
Roder cassette flooring
Roder HTS Hex end Cassette floor as in photo.

£750 £499 +VAT

Roder cassette flooring
| Ref #: a6d37566b8f2

Sold Aluminium Floor Extrusion - Worcestershire

Price: £4675.50 +VAT
Wooden Unit flooring
Fed up with DIY flooring? Upgrade your flooring to a full professional system.

We supply aluminium floor extrusion compatible to most tent frame systems - supplied in 3000mm or 3060mm
  • Lengths or to suit requirements £23 per metre
  • Steel foot plate to suit £40.00 each
  • Boarding at £26.50 per panel
e.g. 9m x 18m
  • Ali extrusion in 3m lenghts 21
  • Foot plates 18 off
  • Timber boards 108
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£4675.50 +VAT

Wooden Unit flooring
| Ref #: 167fd1e59fa2
Manufactured by Expo Floors, Walsall

50cm x 100cm decks
Top is 18mm Plywood
Aluminium frame base
Aluminium screw-in legs


£1 +VAT

Expo Floor Exhibition - Display Flooring System
| Ref #: 326892553e69
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