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New 2017, from Portable Floor Makers, 3 Dance Floor trollies.
They came with the 7 new dance floors we bought and we just don't need all of them.
Hardly used - if at all!

£250 +VAT ono

Portable Floor Makers Dance Floor Trolley
| Ref #: a2f7db0251bf

2x Dance Floors - Leicestershire

Price: £1200 +VAT
Lightweight Black and White 16ft x 16ft plastic dance floor
Lightweight Black and White 16ft x 16ft plastic dance floor. Two available. Slight sparkle effect. Excellent condition, each one used twice only. Work best on solid floor but can cope with very level lawns. Complete with trolley for each one. Can be bought separately

£1200 +VAT

Lightweight Black and White 16ft x 16ft plastic dance floor
| Ref #: f19ae45a3b98

Coconut Matting - Cornwall

Price: £40 +VAT ono
Coconut Matting
Job lot of Coconut Matting 2 seasons old. Happy to sell individually or all together (make me an offer).
6x 40ft x 6ft Herringbone Weave - £45 + VAT
6x 50ft x 6ft Herringbone Weave - £50 + VAT
6x 40ft x 6ft Regular Weave - £40 + VAT

£40 +VAT ono

Coconut Matting
| Ref #: 06c0b0d889e5
A large quantity of 18mm WBP 8" x 4" sheets of Plywood
They have been used once as flooring (7 weeks) in a marquee screwed down to 3" x 2" bearers, and are therefore in very very good condition.
We also have a large quantity of 3" x 2" x 10ft lengths of treated timber, again only used for a 7 week period

£18 +VAT

Sheets of plywood for sale
| Ref #: e4023fd95a13
HFA Removals
Approximately 30 steel sub frame floor weights
5 years old, in perfect condition

£20 +VAT

Steel sub frame floor weights
| Ref #: e0d5350e14d3
Used 8ft x 2ft marquee flooring.
Overlapping battons

£4 +VAT

Interlocking floor boards
| Ref #: dc7cb6cccb0d
I have available 8rolls of professional Coir matting for sale 2M by 12m rolls.
Also available is Blue ground sheet 1.87M by 12M 8sets.
Matting still in good condition. Available to collect from the 5th October 2017

£1200 £950 VAT Free

Coir Matting Rolls
| Ref #: 6a317fa8e420

Hard Wood Floor - Essex

Price: £1500 +VAT
Hard Wood Floor
30x70ft hard wood floor, 8x4ft high grade treated panels, mixture of 2x4 batons as well as smaller batons.

£1500 +VAT

Hard Wood Floor
| Ref #: cf4d686e6b64
Grumpy Joes Parquet dancefloor, well used, may need some work 2 x 12x12ft dancefloors
(includes spare edging, and spare panels in need of repair)

£1000 +VAT

Grumpy Joes Parquet Dancefloor
| Ref #: d202373f213b
Grumpy Joes Black and white dance floor, well used but still cleans up well 12x12ft and 14x14ft
(includes spare edging and over 10 spare panels in need of repair)

£2000 +VAT

Used grumpy joe dance floor for sale
| Ref #: 9be43eb2c544

Sold 20x Rolls Of Matting - Essex

Price: £50 +VAT
Secondhand marquee matting
20x rolls of matting (6ft x 30ft)
Light brown and green stripes
(will also throw in old rolls and tarp if all rolls purchased together)

£50 +VAT

Secondhand marquee matting
| Ref #: 175c30b1493d
Dry hire or installed by our experienced team.
8’x2’ plywood marquee interlocking flooring available.
Selection of half boards


Dry Hire Marquee flooring
| Ref #: b6e177f9998f
This light parquet dance floor was manufactured by Grumpy Joes some years ago uses the 6" edging and comes in 8' x 2' and 4'x2' panels still look great down and can be configured into a number of sizes to suit location.
There is some spare edging and one 8'x2' panel which will come with the floor

£1295 +VAT

Dance floor for sale
| Ref #: e80c8d3fb10c
We carry a large stock of:
3m and 5m Boards & Extrusion * Roder/ Tectonics/ Coverspan * Wooden bearers for laying to contours * Wooden packing * Swan neck base plates * Steel sub flooring system for levelling floor * 3m Tectonics system * 5m Roder HTS system * Steel-deck sub floors for very uneven sites * Handrails, Balustrades and steps * We also carry a large stock of 8’ x 4’ ground guard style trackway
Friendly flexible service and hire rates


Wooden Flooring & Trackway Dry Hire Hampshire
| Ref #: 7670a1ad5f26
For sale, in excess of 2000m2 Boen Sport Boflex laminate sports floor. This floor is an almost new, and of an extremely high quality. The floor has been lifted and professionally cut into 2.4 x 1.2m rectangles. The floor would need to be relaid adding dowels or biscuits into the new butt joints and glued. The 3.5mm Oak veneer is on a 20mm spruce backing, with 4mm rubber strip backing on the underneath. The flooring is being sold at £5.00 per square metre, a tiny fraction of it's cost when new. The floor has painted sports pitch lines which will require sanding off once the floor is relaid prior to sealing. Any questions please ask. Transport can be arranged. Please ask for a quote depending upon location and quantity.

£5 +VAT

2000m2 Boen Sport Boflex laminate sports floor
| Ref #: 99167068d662
Grey Gridmat interlocking flooring. 13cm x 40cm individual sections, we normally store and use it joined together in sections measuring approx 1m x 1m. Easier to lay, lift and store in this size but smaller pieces do mean it can be adjusted to fit neatly into most spaces.

£2850 +VAT

Grey grid matting
| Ref #: 7e537a79785a
500 sq. m of Lightly Used Rola-Trac Event Flooring
Stacked as 1m squares
Has been pressure washed after last use.
Has only had light seasonal use at a wedding venue

£5000 VAT Free

Trac Flooring for sale
| Ref #: dfdddcc8df4d
This durable interlocking plastic flooring system allows the grass underneath to breath and allows water to flow underneath while keeping people dry.
Quick and easy to lay/transport it will follows the contours of the ground really nicely.
I have c. 77sqm of flooring in storage currently in South East London (SE25 South Norwood). It's completely dry but needs a clean to get a bit of old mud and a few cobwebs off.
Sheets of roughly 1 meter squared are stacked in a pile as per the photograph. Looking for a quick sale and pickup as I'm having a clear out.

£650 £640 VAT Free

Marquee Flooring - Plastic Interlocking Black c. 7m x 11m
| Ref #: c69b842791a0
12m x 24m multi span floor with step feet

£5250 +VAT

12m x 24m multi span floor with step feet
| Ref #: 165c7bed218c

Grumpy Joe Dance Floor - Widnes

Price: £3200 ono VAT Free
Used grumpy Joe dance floor
Hi selling my white starlit LED dancefloor
In excellent working order lays first time
Wireless ready for work 14 by 14

£3200 ono VAT Free

Used grumpy Joe dance floor
| Ref #: c333507d02e5
Grumpy Joes Black LED dance floor

£100 +VAT ono

Grumpy joes LED dance floor for sale
| Ref #: 730755ff75fb
A rare opportunity to purchase a used mirrored dance floor 20x20 (18x18 perfect)
We charge this floor out at £4.50 per sq ft plus vat. standard size panels and trim can lay with other floors like the pics looks great with black.
Any future bookings would be past on to you

£2000 +VAT

Used portable mirrored dancefloor
| Ref #: 9cd3108d02a2

Sold Grey Portapath Flooring - Aberdeenshire

Price: £700 ono VAT Free
Grey portapath flooring for sale
Grey Portapath Flooring
Shrink wrapped on pallets
Can arrange pallet transport

£700 ono VAT Free

Grey portapath flooring for sale
| Ref #: 797bd20b4848

LED Dance Floors - Cornwall

Price: £4000 VAT Free
Ex hire LED dance floors for sale
We are switching around our stock after a busy season and are offering four of our LED floors for sale:
These are great floors and are in very good condition, but will all be polished and LED's checked before dispatch.
Manufacturer is JOH lighting and year for manufacturer is 2015.
20x20ft Black Twinkle £4000
20x20ft White Twinkle £4000
20x20ft Video Matrix £6000
16x16 Video Matrix £4750

£4000 VAT Free

Ex hire LED dance floors for sale
| Ref #: 5025064d1475
6x Rolls of 2' x 3' herringbone coir matting for sale - brand new condition.
High quality coconut coir, bright / golden in appearance and chemical free
100% natural, reversible and comes without latex backing

£600 +VAT ono

Used coir matting for sale
| Ref #: 043c951830ce
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