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Both concrete and water weights are available for both dry hire and delivered to site.
We can provide up to 600 tonnes of ballast with timed delivery by knowledgeable staff.
Sizes available
Concrete: 350kg to 3,000kg
Water: 350kg to 1000kg
Phone or email for a quote.


Marquee weights
| Ref #: e36ebd75cc66
45 identical 600 litre IBC units in very good condition. Bought for temporary walling display. Never had fluid in them since purchase from Hambleys in November 2017.
Sold as complete set.
Must be collected on 22nd or 23rd December 2017.

£700 +VAT ono

reconditioned water containers for sale
| Ref #: e76aa29b1ee0
16x 250 Litre white marquee water ballast
250kilo marquee weight, with a capacity of 250 litres of water ballast. Stackable with strong handles that allow easy carrying and double up as tie-down points, as an alternative to guy lines and the trip risk they present.
Due to its unique design, these water tanks can be forklifted of moved with a pallet truck
These marquee water ballasts are ideal for use on a hard standing surface and protect sites where stakes cannot be used, the tank capacity is 250 litres of water or sand.
These tanks make a versatile substitute for concrete block ballast and dramatically reduce transport costs
These water tanks are in excellent condition

£450 +VAT

Water ballasts
| Ref #: f7ff94e55279

Marquee Water Weights - Chester

Price: £25 VAT Free
45 gallon drum water weight
45 gallon drum water weight with a galvanised ring bolt in top ideal for 6-9m marquees. Used once.
White PVC covers can be made for an additional cost

£25 VAT Free

45 gallon drum water weight
| Ref #: c6b5244644b2
HFA Removals
Concrete weights in yellow buckets with ratchet strap

£10 +VAT

Concrete weights in yellow buckets with ratchet strap
| Ref #: 8083d04374fe

Sold IBC Water Weights - Cambridgeshire

Price: £15 +VAT
IBC Water Weights
IBC 1 tonne water weights
69 in total - Discount for big orders
Green covers are available at an extra cost!

£15 +VAT

IBC Water Weights
| Ref #: 63d59be3f26c
21x Round Concrete Weights with smart stainless steel anchor point on top.
Approx. 250kg each
Viewing Welcomed. All prices are PLUS VAT @ 20%
£40 each weight
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£40 +VAT

Round Concrete Weights
| Ref #: 5ad5297eebc7
We have for sale on a regular basis, 600Litre IBC Tanks with 3” discharge valve fill with water.
Ideal for ballast weight for marquees and liquid storage.
Previously they have contained a food product, we have washed them out but there is a slight trace of water left in them. They have never had chemicals in them.
Price negotiable on quantities ordered
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£36 +VAT

IBC water tanks
| Ref #: b9f78ab465b4

Marquee Weight Blocks - Telford

Price: £37.95 +VAT ono
Marquee Weight Block
40kgs complete with lifting handles
£18.95 plus VAT
100kgs complete with recessed lifting eye
£37.95 plus VAT
Cast from high strength concrete
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£37.95 +VAT ono

Marquee Weight Block
| Ref #: 9fdd62f9bf9a

Plastic Drums (120 Litre) - Cheshire

Price: £12 including VAT
Blue Plastic Drums
Plastic drums (120 Litre) BLUE complete with lids and lever locking fasteners
Ex food grade
Washed out
Price: £12.00 each (inclusive of VAT) collected
Shrink wrapped 10 x pallet
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£12 including VAT

Blue Plastic Drums
| Ref #: 776540983cf2
Water ballast weights – 1,000 litre capacity, complete with cages to protect.
More than one unit available.
Price: £45 per unit plus VAT
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£40 +VAT

IPC Water ballast weights
| Ref #: 9118a88c448a
New 45 gallon PVC water weight covers - white or black.

30 available.

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£40 VAT Free

Marquee weight covers
| Ref #: f9ba7eced9f3
Domed Marquee Blocks approx 250kg
Anti theft lifting point
4no M16 inserts for your fixings
No sharp edges
Made new
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£150 +VAT ono

Marquee Weight 250kg
| Ref #: 74fbdec72583

Concrete weights - Bedfordshire

Price: £90 VAT Free
Marquee weights
Three concrete weights, heavy, needs two people to lift them.

£90 VAT Free

Marquee weights
| Ref #: bfcb00accfb0
IBC Water tanks.

Can be used as water weights for marquees (when full) will give you 1000kg of basalt.

Can be moved by hand when empty.

Price £50 to buy or £10 to hire

Info on these tanks
IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) also known as tote tanks, can be used to store a wide range of hazardous and non hazardous materials and liquids. Available on plastic, steel or wooden pallets. IBCs are strong, stackable and easy to transport.
IBCs make ideal bulk weights for the HGV Laden Testing regulations, and are also used as general water storage tanks for car valeting.

£50 +VAT

IBC Water Containers hire and sale
| Ref #: e29c77d04307

Sold IBC Water Weights For Sale 1000L - West Sussex

Price: £100 £80 +VAT
IBC 1000L water weight
Standard IBC weights /containers

8 available

£100 £80 +VAT

IBC 1000L water weight
| Ref #: c670de298af9
Concrete marquee weight blocks used once.

Each block weighs 375kg.

4 available

Can load with forklift

Buyer to collect.

£50 +VAT

Concrete Blocks for marquee weights
| Ref #: 6509bde354a8

Sold Heavy Weights - Brighton

Price: £10 ono VAT Free
Heavy Weights

£10 ono VAT Free

Heavy Weights
| Ref #: 0d5b27a6b685

Sold Marquee Weights 100kg - Nottingham

Price: £240 including VAT
Concrete Marquee Weights approx. 100kg each complete with medal D rings
job lot of 12 blocks

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£240 including VAT

| Ref #: 03b2da85260c
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