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4x Light Columns - Worcester

Price: £350 VAT Free
Illuminated Light Columns
FOUR Light Columns for Venues, Marquees or outside use.
These Light Columns create features in open spaces like reception areas, large bars or night club stage areas. Theatres would also use these as props for plays.
They are designed to have small lights inside them for a dramatic night time effect, but can be used without lights. They are designed for event use and are perfect also for decoration in marquees, or fixed venues.
They cost £300 each to make so this is a bargain for £350 for the four

£350 VAT Free

Illuminated Light Columns
| Ref #: 315acbb00030

6x Hanging Lamps - London

Price: £600 +VAT
Hanging lamps
6x hanging lamps used briefly in events
Great contemporary marquee lighting
Good condition, original boxes

£600 +VAT

Hanging lamps
| Ref #: 2ee78ed3086f
This is a 10 year old EC70 indirect kerosene/diesel heater, we have owned from new and has become unreliable, we have decided to renew all our heaters, so we have had a little look at fixing it but we are not really mechanically minded, the fan turns when you set the thermostat but it cuts out before a flame comes on. It comes with everything in the photo, so diffuser, rain cowl, and thermostat.

£250 +VAT ono

EC 70 Arcotherm Kerosne / Indirect Diesel Heater Spares or Repair
| Ref #: 1b2ce8a4aa6e

2x Heater Diffusers - Bedfordshire

Price: £69.95 +VAT
Second hand heater diffusers for sale
I have for sale 2 heater diffusers
They came with a couple of Arcotherm Heaters I brought when I took over another company to find the heaters didn't work

£69.95 +VAT

Second hand heater diffusers for sale
| Ref #: af18acf6e49e
7x Chandelier
1100mm in diameter approx.

£30 +VAT

Used Chandelier for sale UK
| Ref #: 6bafd19e8569
9x Chandelier (CODE L 105)
1300mm in diameter approx.

£35 +VAT

Used Chandelier for sale UK
| Ref #: fdcd847a339b
This Very Bright PAR 64 Uplighter by BEAMZ pro is the ultimate in value for money for all your Marquee or event lighting needs. This compact LED fixture offers a large and powerful output via 36x1W super bright RGB LED’s.
Exceptionally easy to use via the included Infrared remote, which will allow full control over static colours as well as delicate fades and chases.
Also equipped with 6 DMX channels should an external controller be used.
The chassis is fitted with a twin yoke bracket for easy floor positioning or for hanging via a clamp.

£90 +VAT

Very Bright Power LED Flat Profile PAR 64 Full Colour Marquee Event Uplighter 36 x 1W
| Ref #: 218e37368a55
Large glass chandeliers with boxes

£120 +VAT

Boxed glass chandeliers for sale
| Ref #: bd62ae55130e

Sold 6x Uplights - Ashford, Kent

Price: £60 +VAT ono
Used white uplights for sale
6 white uplights

£60 +VAT ono

Used white uplights for sale
| Ref #: f88b8c876a39

20x Spotlights - Ashford, Kent

Price: £15 +VAT ono
Used Pin Spotlight for sale
15 plus sets of spotlights,
Four different styles

£15 +VAT ono

Used Pin Spotlight for sale
| Ref #: 18860343e1fc
Large Acrotherm diesel heater

£750 +VAT

Large Acrotherm Diesel Heater - Essex
| Ref #: e83452afc61b
4x medium Clarke blow heaters

£50 +VAT

4x Medium Clarke Blow Heaters - Essex
| Ref #: ace8162888e7
4x Small Clarke blow heaters

£50 +VAT

4x Small Clarke Blow Heaters - Essex
| Ref #: 0512749f6e0e
2x 8 arm brass chandeliers
(Practically new)

£75 +VAT

8 Arm Brass Chandelier
| Ref #: e45e198e1aa1
2x 4 arm cream chandeliers
(Practically new)

£100 +VAT

4 arm chandelier for sale
| Ref #: 946a17daf8e4
6x 8 arm cream chandeliers with boxes
(practically new)

£200 +VAT

8 arm chandelier
| Ref #: 8d14ced029d2
5x 8 arm black chandeliers
(used in good condition)

£75 +VAT

Black 8 arm Chandeliers
| Ref #: 358c13ab2a63

12x White Uplighters - Essex

Price: £20 +VAT
12x White Uplighters - Essex
12x white uplighters (in need of a respray,
my mechanic said it’s easy)

£20 +VAT

12x White Uplighters - Essex
| Ref #: 3db431140991
This two channel cable protector from Master Audio.
Made from reinfored rubber complying to Directive 2006/95/EC.
Interlocking ends
1m x 250mm x 50mm

£45 +VAT ono

2 Channel Reinforced Rubber Cable Protector 1m Long
| Ref #: a8bc6c859139
2 x blue heaters - £700
1x Andrews Heater - £450
These together have heated a 12x27m marquee in the middle of winter for the last 2 years.
All working but may require a service.
Comes with the thermostats and whatever ducting we have!

£700 VAT Free

Marquee Diesel / Kerosene Heaters
| Ref #: 11a011aa72b3

29x PAR64 Lamps - London

Price: £2 +VAT
PAR64 lamps
29 Assorted used PAR64 lamps. All working.
9x CP86
2x CP87
19x CP88

£2 +VAT

PAR64 lamps
| Ref #: ed324464dee6
This is a 3 Phase Distribution Box, ideal for temporary electrical installations and the events industry.
Tri Rated wiring is housed in a tough thermoplastic enclosure with the sockets and switchgear areas recessed for mechanical protection.
The wiring is terminated on a Terminal Block rather than Terminal Studs, this helps with maintaining the box.
The switchgear is covered with transparent windows for visual identification and easy access in the event of a trip.
Each Inlet and Socket is fitted with Neon indication for added visual aid.
We gave this unit overall protection, by installing a 4 Pole 32A MCB on the incomer, so you can't overload the Distribution Box.

£650 +VAT

CW Instant Power 3 Phase Power Distribution Distro Box
| Ref #: 905da98d37a1
6x Brand New & Boxed Outdoor Patio Heater GREEN
Material: steel with powder coated, CE Certification
Total Height 2222mm, Power: 5000-13000 watts
Fuel: Propane or Butane gas only
Flux 450g-870g/hour with regulator and gas hose

£75 +VAT

patio heaters
| Ref #: be5d0625b276
These new IP65 waterproof LED wash fixtures are perfect for any events that require versatile lighting options.
Specifications: PAR STYLE
- Rechargeable Lithium battery powered, with wireless DMX
- IP65, Outdoor Rated, - Built-in WiFLY wireless DMX:
- Variable RGBA color mixing, - Creates no RGBA shadows

£300 +VAT

IP65 External Waterproof RGB Uplighters with Battery & Wireless Operation
| Ref #: 3dcf4c1d0af0
White Aluminum LED Power Spot 4x 18W 6-in-1 LEDs
Designed for installation or mobile use. A bright and powerful spot with 4 multi -colour LEDs. Each LED can produce a mixture of 6 colours (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White and Ultra violet) making it ideal for in-store lighting, hotels, marquees or to illuminate different aspects on stage or theatre. Also useable as light effect with different functions in DMX mode. Functions include a strobe, dimmer and individual colour mixing.

£85 +VAT

White Aluminum LED Spot
| Ref #: 4b5468063c52
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