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This impressive bronze gasolier / chandelier c1860 would benefit from being in a large restaurant hotel or large house. It can be wired for electric light a very unique item.

£15000 ono VAT Free

Large antique chandelier
| £15000 ono VAT Free
Wanted pleated lining for my 6mx4m marquee in ivory,it is a gala tent style marquee
New or secondhand


Wanted pleated lining
P10 Hoecker clear span marquee 10x21m in 3m bays. 2.4m leg

All in good condition.

Includes any combination of solid pvc walls and Georgian window walls.

Price - £7000.00+VAT

Ivory pleated linings also available 10x21m - £2200.00+vat

£7000 +VAT

10m x 21m Hoecker Clearspan
| £7000 +VAT
x1 - 9m Clear PVC Roof - £80 + VAT
x1 - 3m Pagoda Roof - £30 + VAT
x4 - 6m Pagoda Roof - £100 + VAT each
x6 - Georgian Windows - £25 + VAT per Pair
x22 - 2.3 Clear windows - £40 + VAT each
x3 - Pagoda Georgian Windows - £20 + VAT each
x8 - 2.3m PVC Walls - £25 + VAT per Pair
x7 - 3m PVC Walls - £30 + VAT per Pair
x4 - 3m PVC Gutters - £5+ VAT each

£5 +VAT

Various PVC Walls/ Windows/ Pagoda Roofs
| £5 +VAT

Sold Giant Hat Tipi - Surrey

Price: £7900 +VAT
Tipi for sale
One 10.3m Giant hat tipi, used a few times last season only so in almost new condition.
Made by the Tipi Company in the UK, comes with all the poles, straps and stakes.
Bought new in the spring of 2016.

Click to see full listing and contact details

£7900 +VAT

Tipi for sale
| £7900 +VAT

LED Black Starcloth - Birmingham

Price: £300 VAT Free
LED Black Starcloth
LED Black Starcloth 6m x 3m, used for one season only. Comes with Controller & power lead. x 5 pieces @ £300per piece .
LED Black Starcloth 6m x 4m, used for one season only. Comes with Controller & power lead. x15 pieces @ £350 per piece.
LED White Starcloth 6m x 4m, used for one season only. Comes with Controller & power lead. x5 pieces @ £370 per piece.

£300 VAT Free

LED Black Starcloth
| Quantity: 25 | £300 VAT Free per unit
28x base plates,
All can be used as gable leg base plates as well as side legs.

£10 +VAT

Used base plates
| Quantity: 28 | £10 +VAT per unit
We have just finished switching all of our lighting kit over to LEDs so we have various items for sale:
  • 16x Pro Dim 10amp single location dimmers Click for info
  • 4x 8 way pin spot bars
  • 8x way pin spot bars (plus some broken ones and spares)
  • 44x 3 inch hook clamps
  • 17x 2 inch hook clamps
  • 15x Brand new boxed PAR64 bulbs Click for info
  • 20x Used PAR64 bulbs
  • 20x New boxed PAR36 bulbs Click for info
  • A set of 3 LED lights with DMX controller - no cables included - similar to Click for info
  • 200m of outdoor fairy lights. These are pro grade 240V type with a 16A plug on one end and IP66 connectors to connect the 10m strings
All of the kit is working. We're looking for about 50% retail price for all of it but obviously varies dependant on individual condition etc. Please contact for exact pricing on items or if you'd like to make an offer on the lot.

£2500 +VAT ono

Job Lot Marquee lighting
| £2500 +VAT ono
10ft x 8ft Metal Container, ideal for site storage or similar. Very presentable, straight unit-freshly painted exterior.
Features: * Double Door complete with lock * Air vents * Electrical distribution board , fully tested 29.9.16. Connects via 16amp C-form caravan type socket. *Electrical installation comprises: mini consumer unit with 40A main switch / 1 x double 13A socket / 1 x bulkhead light fitting with pull cord. * Ply floor
Any inspection welcome.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£950 +VAT ono

10ft x 8ft Metal Storage Cabin / Site Store / Lockup
| £950 +VAT ono
We have 2 of these 12' x 12' traditional green and yellow marquees. Good condition and comes complete with all fixings.
Great for a children's story time tent at an attraction park.
Sold separately or together for a reduced price.
£350 each or £600 for both
Can deliver and build anywhere in Yorkshire in October. This is included in the price.

£450 £350 +VAT

Traditional Tent for sale
| Quantity: 2 | £450 £350 +VAT per unit
9m hip/conservatory end to fit Hocker 9m
White roof covers and Georgian window walls
All unused bought but we have now finished
Clearing at £1200 plus vat
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1200 +VAT

9m Hip / Conservatory End to fit Hocker 9m - Somerset
| £1200 +VAT

Sony LCD Projector - Southall

Price: £225 ono VAT Free
Sony LCD Projector
Sony VPL CX4 LCD projector.

Hardly used, one bulb fitted in which has several hours and one brand new bulb. Remote control. As seen in pics.

I'm also selling a portable projector screen. Comes in a easy storage and carry case.

I'm giving a free carry case for the projector.

£225 ono VAT Free

Sony LCD Projector
| £225 ono VAT Free
This structure is blue and measures approx 22 metres X 10 metres X 4 metres high.

It is designed for indoor/warehouse use and will provide an attractive indoor arena for conference/training sessions, gatherings and the like.

It has an integral roof allowing heating to be introduced very easily. There are two access/egress points. This has been used just once over the festive period and is virtually as new. It is from the same maker as our other listing except because of the fabric colour, and being dark coloured on the inside, supplementary lighting is usually necessary and effective for most events. However, this fact does lend itself to power point and "screened" presentations without the use of other blackout equipment. Again, specialist labour is not required to install this kit and this does represent huge savings where multiple uses are envisaged.

The structure is not designed for outdoor use and the UK weather. It can also be installed within marquees to form separate/break out areas.

£4900 +VAT ono

Blue Inflatable Structure
| £4900 +VAT ono
We supply aluminium floor extrusion to fit most marquee frames
Supplied in 3000mm or 3060mm lengths .

Price £20.75 per meter + VAT

£20.75 +VAT

Marquee floor beam.
| £20.75 +VAT
A 4m Diameter LED light up bar for sale. The bar comes in 8 x 1.5m curved sections which when added together make up a circular bar. Potentially you could turn this into 7 separate bars if your clients only wish to hire 1 x 1.5m bar sections. Each panel can be controlled separately or linked together on a master to slave mode. The bar comes with remote controllers for ease of changing the colour of the bar.
The bar comes with 2 shelves per section which are removeable for storage or for adding fridges. 3 flight cases are included in the sale.
The bar is in good working order and is only for sale due to having too much stock – We need the space.

£6000 +VAT

Stunning Circular 4m LED Bar
| £6000 +VAT

PAR 36 Pinspots - Merseyside

Price: £12 +VAT
17x Chrome PAR 36 Pinspots
17x Chrome PAR 36 Pinspots for sale complete with G-Clamps.

All in excellent condition.
  • 9 Pinspots with IEC socket in
  • 8 Pinspots with fly lead and 13A plugs
IEC leads supplied.

Will take £190 for all 17

£12 +VAT

17x Chrome PAR 36 Pinspots
| Quantity: 17 | £12 +VAT per unit

Builder's Trestles - Bedfordshire

Price: £25 VAT Free
Builder's trestles
Four hardly used builder's trestles that I used for storing Marquee frame.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£25 VAT Free

Builder's trestles
| Quantity: 4 | £25 VAT Free per unit
6m W x 5m Clearspan Framed Marquee
Plain white walls, Wall height 3m, Zip up walls
Been up twice , As new
Portal beams, Made as a stage cover

£1995 +VAT

6m x 5m Clearspan Framed Marquee
| £1995 +VAT

£210 +VAT

End legs
| £210 +VAT

Pair x 9m White Walter PVC Gables

Price: £140 VAT Free
Pair x 9m White Walter PVC Gables

£140 VAT Free

Pair x 9m White Walter PVC Gables
| £140 VAT Free
45.5 x 20 x 10ft Heavy Duty Military Shelter.
- Comfortably Sleeps 20 People
- Strong Steel Galvanised Frame combined with Tough Plastic Canvas
- Installed in under 2 hours by 2 people
- Designed to stand for a minimum of 10 years
- Fully Waterproof
- The end panels can be removed to allow vehicle access
- Can be joined together
- Was the main tent system used at Camp Bastion, although these were only stored in the UK and were not deployed overseas.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£2495 +VAT ono

Military Shelter 45.5 x 20 x 10ft Army Tent Marquee Storage MOD Workshop 14 x 6 x 3m
| Quantity: 2 | £2495 +VAT ono per unit
This two channel cable protector from Master Audio.
Made from reinfored rubber complying to Directive 2006/95/EC.
Interlocking ends
1m x 250mm x 50mm

£45 +VAT ono

2 Channel Reinforced Rubber Cable Protector 1m Long
| Quantity: 50 | £45 +VAT ono per unit
Each bay is Height 1285mm x Depth 450mm x Lenth 935mm

Each starter bay with four shelves includes a cross brace priced at £25 + VAT

Each additional bay is priced at £15 + vat.

A run of 5 units will only require 1 cross brace.

Will do deals for large quantities

£25 +VAT

Bays Of Wooden Shelving
| £25 +VAT

Beautiful Velvet Drapes - Cotswolds

Price: £0 +VAT ono
Velvet Drapes
These were made for a bespoke job in 2014 and have been used and well looked after. They were made in such a way that they work well in a 3m leg marquee or on a pipe and base system (tabs/ties at top)
10x 3.0m drop x 2.4m Curtain - RED BURGUNDY - Velvet/Velour (DFR) c/w tabs at top and gold tassel braiding on LEFT side, can have fullness added
10x 3.0m drop x 2.4m Curtain - RED BURGUNDY - Velvet/Velour (DFR) c/w tabs at top and gold tassel braiding on RIGHT side, can have fullness added
All fabrics are Durably Flame Retardant


Velvet Drapes
6m x 15m Liri Tents Marquee - eave height 2.6m, ridge height 3.71m and 14 ground anchors. Aluminium frame, waterproof plain white PVC roof covers & clear PVC window sidewalls. (erected once)
3m x 3m Liri Tents Pagoda - eave height 2.5m, ridge height - 4.3m and 4 ground anchors. Aluminium frame, waterproof plain white PVC roof covers & clear PVC window sidewalls. (erected once)
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£8750 £5865 VAT Free

6m x 15m Liri Marquee and 3m x 3m Pagoda tent (new)
| £8750 £5865 VAT Free
Three Gala Pro50 Gazebo frames, all in excellent condition, one with full set of side covers.
Plus, also included:
1 roof, needs a clean and small repair but would be fine, wall weights for all 3 gazebos, two more sides, two carry bags and 2 x 6m and 3 m guttering so all gazebos can be joined together if required.

£750 including VAT

Three 6m x 3m Gala Pro 50 Gazebo Marquee Frames
| Quantity: 3 | £750 including VAT
6m pvc 6m x 3m pvc roof, to tt/cc/roder spec - new - delivery for 15 - 2 working days
Price £150 each
9m pvc 9m x 3m pvc roof, to tt/cc/roder spec -new - delivery for 15 - 20 working days
Price £190 each
2 part pvc side wall 2.3m x 3m pvc side all to suit curtain rails NEW, lacing in the middle, made from 650gsm Mahler
Price £70
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£150 +VAT

marquee roofs
| £150 +VAT

£780 +VAT

4.5m x 6m Black PVC Roof and Walls (No Framework) - Hampshire
| £780 +VAT
16a 3 Core Arctic Blue Cable
32a 3 Core Arctic Blue Cable
Branded plugs / decent cable
Sold in 15m or 25m Lengths
Price is per metre

£1.10 +VAT

16amp Arctic Cable with Cee form plugs
| £1.10 +VAT

Sold IBC Water Weights For Sale 1000L - West Sussex

Price: £100 £80 +VAT
IBC 1000L water weight
Standard IBC weights /containers

8 available

£100 £80 +VAT

IBC 1000L water weight
| Quantity: 8 | £100 £80 +VAT per unit
Add on bays available, please ask for details.

Some 6m framework also available.

This is used but serviceable kit.

We are replenishing some PVC stock and have a limited supply of PVC for this structure also available, please ask for details and prices.

£2150 +VAT

9m x 9m framed marquee for sale
| £2150 +VAT
Long Term Marquee Hire
Almost any size of marquee available for long term hire.
If your venue requires more than 2 consecutive weekends or 5 marquees a year it could be less expensive hiring the marquee by the month or for the whole season.
Excellent modern stock erected at any location in the UK.
We tailor the marquee to your requirements which could include pleated linings, windows, chandelier lighting, flooring, Doors, heating, air conditioning, tables and chairs.


Long term marquee hire

Sold Marquee Hire Business Sale - West Midlands

Price: £35000 £31500 VAT Free
Marquee Hire Business Sale
Capri marquee hire business, started 2000 and well established. Selling due to retirement. Sale includes all stock, website, business name, contact lists, introduction to several venues for repeat work, 2016 and 2017 bookings.
Stock includes 9 Capri Marquees of varying sizes, all either new, excellent or very good condition, 7 gutters, cocomatting flooring, black & white dance floor, electrics and a range of furniture. All ready to go for the new season.
There is an opportunity for the existing owner to assist, train etc through the transition, if required.
More information available to genuine enquirers on application.
Price reduced to reflect that we are coming to the end of a record breaking 2016 season. Bookings for 2017 are continuing strongly and expected to, at least, match the current year.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£35000 £31500 VAT Free

Marquee Hire Business Sale
| £35000 £31500 VAT Free
Wanted natural fleck dandy dura matting, all lengths considered.

Must be excellent condition please.


Dandy Dura Matting
Pinnacle High Peak Cross Cable tents are designed with a high peak tube supported by cross cables extending from each corner tube, maximizing the usable space underneath while at the same time eliminating the need for interior frames or support poles. The simple design allows for easy transportation, storage, and installation involving only two people due to the reduced amount of hardware in comparison to other frame or pole tents. All Pinnacle fittings are made from aluminum, giving you the highest strength, the lowest weight, and the best corrosion resistance you can ask for. Die-cast for easy manufacturing, each fitting is created to last for years.

£1412.11 +VAT ono

Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent/Cross Cable Marquee
| Quantity: 10 | £1412.11 +VAT ono per unit
Here is an opportunity to buy 342 square meters (3,750 square feet – approx.) of dark green Eco Trackway plastic event flooring.
Being event accessory hire professionals all our equipment is kept in excellent condition – as is the case with the flooring.

£4275 +VAT

342 Square Meters of Eco Trackway Interlocking Plastic Event Flooring
| £4275 +VAT
Stunning black star cloths with luxury black voile overlay curtains, ties to tops

Each cloth comes with a tungsten halogen lightsource with twinklewheel
  • 2 star cloths 3m wide x 4m high
  • 1 star cloth 4.5m wide x 4m high

Price for sale as a whole. Enquires for single cloths welcome

Used once for an exhibition stand

For sale by manufacturer

Structure / framework not included

£3995 +VAT ono

Luxury black fibre optic star cloth
| £3995 +VAT ono
5x Essential Supplies 12 arm Crystal Chandeliers
One is brand new
Storage boxes Inc
Pat tested until Feb 2018

£1000 +VAT

Marquee chandeliers for sale
| Quantity: 5 | £1000 +VAT
The gazebo/marquee is easily set up and great for any events such as weddings, parties etc.

The product is made from quality PE material.

All gazebos come exactly as pictured. The 3m x 6m gazebos come with 4 individual side walls. These are all detachable so can be put on whichever sides best suit you or alternatively left off if you would prefer.

More info.....

£90 VAT Free

gazebo marquee
| £90 VAT Free
All In Arctic White. Pleated with Nylon hooks, Velcro joins Lining and weight pocket at bottom
Ideal for any 2.3m leg marquee.
Curtain Walls in 3m sections x 5
3m gutter linings

£250 +VAT

White pleated lining for sale
| Quantity: 15 | £250 +VAT

15m Clear PVC Gable - Hampshire

Price: £180 +VAT
15m Clear PVC Gable - Hampshire

£180 +VAT

15m Clear PVC Gable - Hampshire
| £180 +VAT
Here we have for sale an excellent Heavy Duty, Sealed, PVC coated, Blue Inflatable Dome
This does not need constant inflation, so once inflated, it's up...!
It measures 10 metres in diameter and 5 metres high at centre when inflated.
Supplied with 2 electric, high pressure inflation pumps and a heavy duty 'spider' tether, to secure the whole structure to the ground.
Click to see full listing and contact details

£4000 ono VAT Free

inflatable dome
| £4000 ono VAT Free
9 x Blocks of 8ft x 4ft x 1ft high - £110 each

8 x Blocks of 8ft x 4ft x 2ft high - £130 each

7 x Blocks of 4ft x 4ft x 1ft High - £75 each

See more items form this seller

£130 +VAT

Portable folding stage
| £130 +VAT
These walls which are 3m x 2.3m are all in great condition having only been used once (manufactured by Custom Covers in 2015). £55 + VAT per wall lining.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£55 +VAT

Flat ivory walls
| Quantity: 3 | £55 +VAT per unit
We are selling 2 x 9m Bell-end Conversion Kits, to be sold as one lot.
These fit standard Custom Covers / tectonics or Roder Tec-Span Frames. You can put a kit at each end of a 9m marquee or put both together to make a hexagonal marquee.
Each kit is a conversion kit so you use your own 9m roof beams and legs. Each kit includes:
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£3000 +VAT ono

9m Bell-End Conversion Kit - Custom Covers 3-Sided
| Quantity: 2 | £3000 +VAT ono
Brand New Star-Canopies by Crown Canopies.
Why buy second hand when you can afford Brand New.
Please note our Star-Canopies are of commercial quality and are designed for the UK hire trade, hotels, pubs and festival vendors etc...
Click here for more info and contact details......

£1436 +VAT

Brand New Star-Canopies By Crown Canopies
| £1436 +VAT

£200 VAT Free

Colourful Inflatable Stars
| Quantity: 2 | £200 VAT Free per unit
9m x 18m Frame marquee
(similar to photo)
Used in good, clean condition
In 3m bays but will split
Comes complete with all stakes/wires/etc
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£5500 +VAT

9m x 18m Frame marquee
| £5500 +VAT
Come and join us in Jersey
Marquee Solutions are looking to recruit a site supervisor and experienced marquee erectors to join our team in the sunny island of Jersey.
If you have the relevant experience, are a practical and hard working person who enjoys the marquee trade then read on…………


Site Supervisor and Experienced Marquee Erectors

Gas Flambeaux - Cheshire

Price: £800 +VAT
Gas Flambeaux
6 units finished in black available .
Less than 3 months old.
Fully working and easily take apart for transport.
Price £800.00 + VAT each or £1500.00 +VAT pair.
Click for more info and contact details

£800 +VAT

Gas Flambeaux
| Quantity: 6 | £800 +VAT per unit