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New, white, 20' x 40' Classic Series Frame Marquee, 1 Piece Marquee Top, Complete
The Classic Series Frame marquee is a tent which utilizes a simple frame to support the marquee top, maximizing the usable space available underneath the marquee. All Classic Series Frame tents use West Coast Style frames and fittings, making them interchangeable with all other frames and fittings in this style. Frame marquees need to be staked to the ground or otherwise anchored for maximum stability.

£2896.35 +VAT ono

6.1m x 12.2m (20' x 40') Classic Series Frame Marquee
| Ref #: fae94a889936
Wooden wedding marquee door.
3m wide and 2.4m high.
All perspex panes are intact with no cracks.
The doors open inwards.
Full measurements are -
292cm wide x 211cm high. Door opening is 155cm.

£285 +VAT

Wedding marquee doors for sale
| Ref #: 1b045a48a321
7.5m x 25m Roder Marquee, on a 3m leg with 5m bays.
The frame is in good condition with all components intact. The PVC is usable for a storage/kitchen tent. It comes with complete aluminum and PVC including gable ends.
If you wanted to use this as a storage tent then a build price can be arranged as well.
Please note that this is for the marquee only, none of the contents of the marquee are for sale.

£3250 +VAT

Used Roder marquee for sale
| Ref #: e71573b168b7
7x Chandelier
1100mm in diameter approx.

£30 +VAT

Used Chandelier for sale UK
| Ref #: 6bafd19e8569
Florida Marquees
9x Chandelier (CODE L 105)
1300mm in diameter approx.

£35 +VAT

Used Chandelier for sale UK
| Ref #: fdcd847a339b
Both concrete and water weights are available for both dry hire and delivered to site.
We can provide up to 600 tonnes of ballast with timed delivery by knowledgeable staff.
Sizes available
Concrete: 350kg to 3,000kg
Water: 350kg to 1000kg
Phone or email for a quote.


Marquee weights
| Ref #: e36ebd75cc66

Wedding Decorations Business For Sale - London

Price: £15000 ono including VAT
Indian Wedding Themed For Sale
We have closed our business and selling the lot.
Please see if there is anything you would be Interested in.
This is what I'm selling. Excellent condition.
Mandaps, Wedding Furniture, Backdrops, Wall Drapes, Table Decor, Chair Covers and Sashes
For individual items please call us to check the prices.

£15000 ono including VAT

Indian Wedding Themed For Sale
| Ref #: 8b6e8daeda1d
Grumpy Joes Black LED dance floor

£100 +VAT ono

Grumpy joes LED dance floor for sale
| Ref #: 730755ff75fb
A rare opportunity to purchase a used mirrored dance floor 20x20 (18x18 perfect)
We charge this floor out at £4.50 per sq ft plus vat. standard size panels and trim can lay with other floors like the pics looks great with black.
Any future bookings would be past on to you

£2000 +VAT

Used portable mirrored dancefloor
| Ref #: 9cd3108d02a2
10' x 10' Classic Series Frame Marquee, 1 Piece Marquee Top, Complete
Width: 10 ft. / 3.0m
Length: 10 ft. / 3.0m
Area: 100 ft² / 9.0m²

£716.65 +VAT ono

3m x 3m (10' x 10') Classic Series Frame Marquee,
| Ref #: 3f7c9659f10c
LED STAR CLOTH with starlight 6m x 3m by Custom Covers with travel case.
Star Cloth, for stage or ceiling or DJ rig. Top of the range.
This is in very good condition for a used product and has been in our music room from new and used no more than 12 times and bought only three years ago.
Original Price £1,422.06 Original receipt available.

£799 £499 VAT Free

6m x 3m Custom Covers LED Star Cloth and Travel Case
| Ref #: ef720da35066
Steel earth anchors - better performance than conventional stakes in soft, wet ground (typically double the holding power).
Screw in by hand or power tool. Suitable for marquees, stage covers, light aircraft, inflatables - anything that needs holding down!
Sizes from 0.5m to 1.5m. Various head styles available: eg flanged hexagon head, ring head, flush mount etc.
Flush-fitting earth anchors are ideal for semi-permanent/ frequently used sites such as glamping venues, playing fields etc as they can be left in the ground all season.
Prices start at £12 + VAT each, ex-works, for a 750mm size - minimum qty is 12 anchors.
Custom sizes/styles made to order - load-testing and certification available.

£12 +VAT

Screw in Earth Anchors
| Ref #: d14ab1611dbb
12m x 27m Tectonics metal work with custom cover roofs and walls
including 6 Georgian windows
Full set if Ivory pleated linings
Ivory pleated hips and mids
Ivory pleated walls
Lining bars

£12000 +VAT

12m x 27m Tectronics framed marquee
| Ref #: abec5b13aa19
This Very Bright PAR 64 Uplighter by BEAMZ pro is the ultimate in value for money for all your Marquee or event lighting needs. This compact LED fixture offers a large and powerful output via 36x1W super bright RGB LED’s.
Exceptionally easy to use via the included Infrared remote, which will allow full control over static colours as well as delicate fades and chases.
Also equipped with 6 DMX channels should an external controller be used.
The chassis is fitted with a twin yoke bracket for easy floor positioning or for hanging via a clamp.

£90 +VAT

Very Bright Power LED Flat Profile PAR 64 Full Colour Marquee Event Uplighter 36 x 1W
| Ref #: 218e37368a55

Reveal Curtain - Stockbridge

Price: £300 ono VAT Free
Ivory reveal curtain for sale
Ivory reveal curtain hardly used and in excellent condition.

£300 ono VAT Free

Ivory reveal curtain for sale
| Ref #: 230d68a0cad5

Sold Grey Portapath Flooring - Aberdeenshire

Price: £700 ono VAT Free
Grey portapath flooring for sale
Grey Portapath Flooring
Shrink wrapped on pallets
Can arrange pallet transport

£700 ono VAT Free

Grey portapath flooring for sale
| Ref #: 797bd20b4848
Large capacity
Powered by propane gas (bottles, regulators and pipework available), with a 13amp supply for the motor.
Requires external venting.

£1750 +VAT

Used gas powered tumble
| Ref #: 0d782c6075ec
6 months old.
4ft x 4ft with folding top (so folds to 2ft x 4 ft).
18 inch high, aluminium frame, so very lightweight.
Only used 3 or 4 times as a conductors podium - the conductor is only 5'4" and this is too high for him, so we've purchased a 1ft high unit instead.
Purchased from Grumpy Joe's back in May, cost £198 new (including VAT).

£160 VAT Free

Grumpy Joe's 4ft x 4ft Conductors Stand / Podium
| Ref #: 268908a0a583
Large glass chandeliers with boxes

£120 +VAT

Boxed glass chandeliers for sale
| Ref #: bd62ae55130e

6x Uplights - Ashford, Kent

Price: £60 +VAT ono
Used white uplights for sale
6 white uplights

£60 +VAT ono

Used white uplights for sale
| Ref #: f88b8c876a39

20x Spotlights - Ashford, Kent

Price: £15 +VAT ono
Used Pin Spotlight for sale
15 plus sets of spotlights,
Four different styles

£15 +VAT ono

Used Pin Spotlight for sale
| Ref #: 18860343e1fc
Pinnacle High Peak Cross Cable tents are designed with a high peak tube supported by cross cables extending from each corner tube, maximizing the usable space underneath while at the same time eliminating the need for interior frames or support poles. The simple design allows for easy transportation, storage, and installation involving only two people due to the reduced amount of hardware in comparison to other frame or pole tents. All Pinnacle fittings are made from aluminum, giving you the highest strength, the lowest weight, and the best corrosion resistance you can ask for. Die-cast for easy manufacturing, each fitting is created to last for years.

£797 +VAT ono

Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Marquee
| Ref #: edeec04974aa

Sold De Borer Clearspan Marquee / Pavilion - 15.4m x 30m - Falkirk

Price: £35000 £14500 ono VAT Free
De Borer Pavilion For Sale
The Pavilion a 15 years old De Borer
30m long 15.4m width
5m bays, 3m eves
Roller tension, Hard sides
Total height from ground to apex of the roof 6.1m
Ladies, gents and disabled toilet cubicle

£35000 £14500 ono VAT Free

De Borer Pavilion For Sale
| Ref #: 2cd85f6f8001

Sold 12m x 9m Black Starlight Roofs - Aberdeenshire

Price: £1750 £1575 VAT Free
Black Starlight Roofs
12m x 9m Black Starlight Roofs
2 Sets of Transformers
Can be used in a 9m or 12m marquee
We're in recent use but now surplus to requirements
Made by Covers & Linings

£1750 £1575 VAT Free

Black Starlight Roofs
| Ref #: 09cd41959a2c

Yard/Store Floor Sweeper - Aberdeenshire

Price: £650 £585 ono VAT Free
Floor Master SW70P,Yard Store Floor Sweeper
Floor Master SW70P, recently serviced, very good condition.
Purchased a new one is only reason for sale.
Perfect for keeping your store floor clean and not covering your equipment in dust!

£650 £585 ono VAT Free

Floor Master SW70P,Yard Store Floor Sweeper
| Ref #: 92b514c89b3c
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