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Ford transit long wheel base Luton with tail lift,
07 plate, 165000 miles,
Fully serviced and MOT,

£5000 +VAT

Ford Transit Long Wheel Base Luton With Tail Lift - Essex
| Ref #: a33f58bf6961
Black 63 Plate Ford Ranger Pickup
45000 miles fully serviced and MOT

£13500 +VAT

Black 63 Plate Ford Ranger Pickup - Essex
| Ref #: 4d526f38c79d

Used Shed 12x8ft - Essex

Price: £500 +VAT
Used Shed 12x8ft  - Essex
(immaculate used as office inside our unit, will need dismantling)

£500 +VAT

Used Shed 12x8ft  - Essex
| Ref #: 4f34b0fa6ea4

2x Walkways - Essex

Price: £250 +VAT
2x Walkways - Essex
2x Walkways
Includes poles and PVC

£250 +VAT

2x Walkways - Essex
| Ref #: 052270820d97
Florida Marquees

Various Racking - Essex

Price: £350 +VAT
Various Racking - Essex
Various racking
(used inside only)

£350 +VAT

Various Racking - Essex
| Ref #: 7b8f9b425683

Karcher Jet Wash - Essex

Price: £50 +VAT
Karcher Jet Wash - Essex
Karcher jet wash (well used)

£50 +VAT

Karcher Jet Wash - Essex
| Ref #: b9843659066c

Floor Buffer With Pads - Essex

Price: £60 +VAT
Floor Buffer With Pads - Essex
Floor buffer with pads £60 (well used)

£60 +VAT

Floor Buffer With Pads - Essex
| Ref #: cd7b1e88958a
Large Acrotherm diesel heater

£750 +VAT

Large Acrotherm Diesel Heater - Essex
| Ref #: e83452afc61b
4x medium Clarke blow heaters

£50 +VAT

4x Medium Clarke Blow Heaters - Essex
| Ref #: ace8162888e7
4x Small Clarke blow heaters

£50 +VAT

4x Small Clarke Blow Heaters - Essex
| Ref #: 0512749f6e0e
Concrete weights in yellow buckets

£10 +VAT

Concrete Weights In Yellow Buckets - Essex
| Ref #: 8083d04374fe

Hard Wood Floor - Essex

Price: £1500 +VAT
Hard Wood Floor - Essex
30 x 90ft hardwood floor
a mixture of 2x4 batons as well as smaller batons.

£1500 +VAT

Hard Wood Floor - Essex
| Ref #: cf4d686e6b64
Grumpy Joes Black and white dance floor,
(includes spare edging and panels)

£2000 +VAT

Used grumpy joe dance floor for sale
| Ref #: 9be43eb2c544
Grumpy Joes Parquet Dancefloor
(includes spare edging, and panels)

£1000 +VAT

Grumpy Joes Parquet Dancefloor - Essex
| Ref #: d202373f213b

22x Rolls Of Matting - Essex

Price: £50 +VAT
Secondhand marquee matting
22x rolls of matting (6ft x 30ft)
light brown and green stripes

£50 +VAT

Secondhand marquee matting
| Ref #: 175c30b1493d

Roder 12m x 18m Package - Hertfordshire

Price: £7000 +VAT ono
Roder 12m x 18m Package
We have for sale a 12m x 18m roder, bar tension marquee with full ivory linings and wooden flooring
Flooring is a underbaors Grumpy Joes style
  • 12m x 18m roder marquee £7000
  • 12m x 18m ivory pleated linings £1800
  • 12m x 18m grumpy joes style wooden flooring £2000 and gel back beige carpet £600
Also have another bay or 2 of the Roder frame and PVC but some items missing and PVC in not very good condition. Will throw this in free with the marquee. - Open to offers on the whole thing...

£7000 +VAT ono

Roder 12m x 18m Package
| Ref #: 5961dfe9e915
2x 8 arm brass chandeliers
(Practically new)

£75 +VAT

8 Arm Brass Chandelier
| Ref #: e45e198e1aa1
2x 4 arm cream chandeliers
(Practically new)

£100 +VAT

4 arm chandelier for sale
| Ref #: 946a17daf8e4
6x 8 arm cream chandeliers with boxes
(practically new)

£200 +VAT

8 arm chandelier
| Ref #: 8d14ced029d2
3x 9m x 3m Blackout Starlight panels
9m Set of Gables
15x 3m x 2.3m Black blackout lining walls

Great for making a black starlight end to a wedding marquee or as a stand alone 9m x 9m.

£3200 +VAT

Starlight lining for sale
| Ref #: 083b886854c7
5x 8 arm black chandeliers
(used in good condition)

£75 +VAT

Black 8 arm Chandeliers
| Ref #: 358c13ab2a63

12x White Uplighters - Essex

Price: £20 +VAT
12x White Uplighters - Essex
12x white uplighters (in need of a respray,
my mechanic said it’s easy)

£20 +VAT

12x White Uplighters - Essex
| Ref #: 3db431140991
2x 10'x20', 3x 15' x 15', 3x 40' x 20' and 20' x 60' Marshalls Tubular Marquee Polework
Marshalls PVC (very well used)
Custom covers ivory pleated lining for Marshall

Can offer all Marshall marquee equipment for £5000 including VAT

£5000 +VAT

Marshal marquees for sale
| Ref #: 7dd74532b547
This two channel cable protector from Master Audio.
Made from reinfored rubber complying to Directive 2006/95/EC.
Interlocking ends
1m x 250mm x 50mm

£45 +VAT ono

2 Channel Reinforced Rubber Cable Protector 1m Long
| Ref #: a8bc6c859139

523x 3m Length Swags - Essex

Price: £1000 +VAT
Black swags for sale
3m Swag colours
Ivory, Silver, Lemon, Daffodil Yellow, Gold, Peach, Burnt Orange, Terracotta, Bronze, Belgium, Red, Holly Red, Burgundy, Light pink, Fuchsia Pink, Lilac, Purple, Royal BLue, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Aubergine, Grass Green, Bottle Green
A real mixture of conditions some new, some stained, some old, all have a use though.

£1000 +VAT

Black swags for sale
| Ref #: 2470f190bc78
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