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Please not the photo is of a lager Tectonics marquee.

However all the marquees look much the same.! but thinner please come and look for your self.....

As the marquee is modular it can be put up as a 5m x 3m, 5m x 6m, 5m x 9m or 5m x 12m. If you buy more frame work and covers you could make it as long as you like!

£5500 +VAT

5m x 12m framed marquee

Sold 6x3m White Marquee - Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Price: £500 +VAT ono
6x3m White Marquee
6m in length
3m in height - Roof Apex adds a further 1.75m approx to height
3m in width, One side has windows
Three sides are white wall, One door zip (full length of one 3m side)
Comes with 8 heavy duty steel pegs and ratchets for a very sturdy marquee
Used with some signs of wear but in good condition

£500 +VAT ono

6x3m White Marquee

Party Tents Job Lot - Bedfordshire

Price: £3900 +VAT ono
Job lot of Gala party tents
Job lot of party tents for sale.

Gala Tent poly/upvc inc roofs, side, end panels and ground bar kits some only used once.
  • 2x 6x6m
  • 1x 6x4m
  • 1x 6x3m
  • 2x 4x12m
  • 1x 3x10m
  • 1x 4x10m
  • 1x 4x8m
  • 1x 4x4m
  • 1x 3x4m

£3900 +VAT ono

Job lot of Gala party tents

Sold 2x 6m Bell End Frame Roof - Chester

Price: £300 +VAT
6m Wide Hex Fronts
Works with any standard 6m wide structure i.e . Roder/HTS/Custom Covers/Techtonics etc

If required can supply walls at £25 + VAT each

£300 +VAT

6m Wide Hex Fronts
| Quantity: 2
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Structure Marquees
Solid structure marquee custom covers / Roder style marquees, Complete with all sides mixture of solid sheets and window sheets. Solid roof covering
The Marquees were bought brand new and have been used for 3 seasons but in excellent condition, any inspection welcome
Ideal For Starting a New Marquee business or adding to previous stock.
3m width x 9m length

£24500 ono VAT Free

Framed marquee with window walls
| Quantity: 10
This quality stock has only been used 3 times

Here we have 3 ivory satin lining marquees of different sizes
  • 10m x 4m marquee
  • 8x3m marquee
  • 6mx4m marquee

£1800 ono VAT Free

Quality gala tent

Sold Toilet Tent Marquee 9m x 6m - Carmarthenshire

Price: £3000 including VAT
Toilet Tent marquee 9m x 6m
From new 2013. This is a 9m x 6m tent on 3m legs. It's designed to house large portable toilets for marquees.

The front has a zipped door which rolls up and the toilet units are reversed into the tent. The tent has a gutter which connects the the toilet tent to the main marquee and access to the toilets is at the side connected to the marquee. The structure is just over a year old and is in v good condition and ready for use.

It was purchased from a company called custom covers whom are one of the leading manufacturers in the uk.

Viewings are welcome.

Click here for more info and contact details......

£3000 including VAT

Toilet Tent marquee 9m x 6m

Custom Covers Tent & Coco Mats - London

Price: £3300 £2805 +VAT
Custom Covers Tent & Coco Mats - London
We have Custom Covers made 4m x 6m frame marquee complete with ivory pleated lining.

Plus extra PVC roof and lining roofs to make 4 x 15m. (No pole work for extra length)

Pole work and lining compatible with all custom cover and tectonics marquee from 3 to 9m span. Cost £3000.00.

4 x 6m Used once only. Rest in new condition.

Standard brown coco mats - 5 pieces of 40ft cost £40 each

All the equipment is new and in good condition as used only once

£3300 £2805 +VAT

Custom Covers Tent & Coco Mats - London

Sold 2x Marquees 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 - Aylesbury

Price: £1200 £1000 VAT Free
commercial 500gsm grade marquee
Sold well, please take off the site!

£1200 £1000 VAT Free

commercial 500gsm grade marquee
The gazebo/marquee is easily set up and great for any events such as weddings, parties etc.

The product is made from quality PE material.

All gazebos come exactly as pictured. The 3m x 6m gazebos come with 4 individual side walls. These are all detachable so can be put on whichever sides best suit you or alternatively left off if you would prefer.

More info.....

£90 VAT Free

gazebo marquee

Marquee Business for sale in Buckinghamshire

Price: £20000 ono VAT Free
Marquee business equipment & accessories
Marquee equipment & accessories for sale in Buckinghamshire. Worked tirelessly establishing my Marquee company from literally nothing but after being in the marquee industry nearly 10yrs I want to move on. Simple as that.
So I'm shutting down and selling a one off package deal! The contents of which is as follows:
9m x 9m Tectonics Aluminium frame Marquee/PVC & Linings:
6m x 12m Tectonics Aluminium frame Marquee/PVC & Linings:
Electrics in Chandeliers, up-lighters, dimmers, extension leads and mirror ball, Aluminium and wooden doors, 4x Heaters, Flooring, 10x round tables, Window walls, gutters, gap stoppers, Swags Green, pink, burgundy, blue, Extra lining ends and middles.Window overlays, Extras inc. Portal beams, matting for walkways

2003 (03) Mercedes sprinter flatbed/dropside included in asking price, but if not required the overall price is £16,500

Click here for more info.....

£20000 ono VAT Free

Marquee business equipment & accessories
This is a great opportunity to buy some genuine Tectonics marquees.
They could be joined together with a gutter to make one larger marquee for 260 guests.
If you are looking to start a marquee hire business these would be ideal as they the industry standard for medium sized marquees.

£9000 VAT Free

Tectonics 9m x 18m marque
Sturdy tubular framed marquee

Ex hire stock but in good used condition

£350 +VAT

20ft x 20ft Tubular Framed Marquee - London

Tube framed marquees - London

Price: £4000 VAT Free
Tube framed marquees - London
2. 20x40
3. 10x10
1 10x20

All this frame work make different sizes

£4000 VAT Free

Tube framed marquees - London
This marquee is brand new having only been put up once for 4 days.

It was bought as a market stall, however it is too large for the pitch and therefore I can't use it.

It comes complete with all 8 side walls.

£3000 VAT Free

Hoecker 6m x 6m Marquee for sale

Sold Gala Tent Frame & Linings - Essex

Price: £100 ono VAT Free
dressed gala tent
We have a large selection of Gala Tents available for sale. The equipment consists of frames, pvc & linings.

The majority of equipment is 6m wide, we also have some in 3m wide and limited stock of 4m wide.

The linings have been made bespoke for Gala Tents and are white pleated.

This is a very cost effective way of providing a comparable looking product to the more expensive traditional marquee.

Willing to consider reasonable offers.

£100 ono VAT Free

dressed gala tent
| Quantity: 20
  • 4 track aluminium frame
  • 2.3m eaves
  • Supplied with second hand sheets (part new also available on first come basis)
  • All manufactured by Doaba Tent Hire & Manufacturers
  • 6 Years old

Price £5000each (5.7x30m) + VAT Or nearest offers

£5000 +VAT

5.7m x 30m Aluminium Structure Frame Marquee - Birmingham, Midlands
Full 4 track aluminium frame
Ex-hire stock
Available with new or second hand side walls
Roofs are in good condition
Marquee is 4 years old

This marquee has been manufactured by Doaba Tent Hire and Manufacturers.

£2000 £1650 +VAT ono

5.7x6m Aluminium Structure Framed Marquee - Birmingham, Midlands
For sale two 20x60ft marquees that comes in sections of 10ft. There is enough to do 20x120 or this can be butted together to make a maximum 40x60ft marquee.
Can be made also into sections smallest being 20ftx10ft.
Also with the marquee is a selection of mismatch lining. Black ivory and white. Some damaged, some needing repair and some in full working order.
Also with this listing is two chandeliers and two sets of ball lights.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£2000 ono VAT Free

20x120ft Marquee or Two marquees at 40x60ft

10m x 6m Commercial Marquee

Price: £1200 +VAT
10m x 6m Commercial Marquee

  • High to Apex 12' 6''

  • Upright Poles are 43mm OD

  • A few small holes where side doors have been tied back. The zip is jammed and may need some attention

Apart from minor cosmetic problems listed the overall condition in good. The steel works, cross pieces and threads are all fine. When assembled they make a good solid frame

New Bungee cords

£1200 +VAT

10m x 6m Commercial Marquee

Armbruster Marquees - Wrexham

Price: £7000 +VAT
Used Armbruster Marquees
I have a job lot of these for sale, in theory they should comprise the following :-

With Green & White Covers

3 No. 20 x 20ft
2 No. 20 x 30ft

With White Covers

1 No. 20 x 30ft
2 No 10 x 20ft


£7000 +VAT

Used Armbruster Marquees
Price Per Sq M
Ex Hire Stock Aluminium Clearspan Structures Available as follows:-
5 No, 24m x 6m Roder Party frame.
All Structures are complete with White PVC roof and white and green and white walls.
PVC covers are mix of Grade 2 & Grade 3
Click to see full listing and contact details

£24 +VAT

Roder Party frames for sale
| Quantity: 5
Four sections of glass panelling on 5x3m bays to fit clearspan framed marquees (bought to fit Roder 15m marquees from Oasis Event Doors)

Brand new, never used

Price £1,800 plus VAT per 5x3m bay

May also sell glass door sections with glass side infills to match if interested

£1800 +VAT

marquee glass panels

Sold Italian Style Barbieri Marquee - Edinburgh

Price: £6000 ono including VAT
Italian Style Barbieri Marquee
1 Leader style Barbieri marquee at 4m x 12m (made up of 3 units at 4m x 4m, joined with a guttering & infill system). Units could be sold separately as 4m x 4m only.
Comes complete with white powder coated frame & roof jack, soft sided window walls on a rail system which lock into the leg, 4m UPVC gutters x 2 and leg infill sets x 2.
1.5 years old.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£6000 ono including VAT

Italian Style Barbieri Marquee
Dear Ben, Please mark my advert as sold, as the marquee has now been sold. This took only three days, so the site works well. Yours, Simon

£500 +VAT

Armbruster 20' x 20' Aluminium Framed Marquee
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