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Double fire extinguisher stands for events
| Ref #: 2ace26c605dc

Emergency Signs / Lights - Worcester

Price: £75 VAT Free
Emergency Signs/Lights
Emergency Signs/Lights:
2x LED Emergency Bulkhead
2x LED Twin Emergency Lights Lighting
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£75 VAT Free

Emergency Signs/Lights
| Ref #: f77e370ef16a
Emergency Exit Lighting
  • 16 x Non maintained bulkhead lights
  • 11 x Maintained bulkhead lights
  • 12 x Maintained emergency exit signs
All in good working condition. Wired in and out.
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Emergency Exit Lighting
| Ref #: a305790a9b18
Emergency indoor twin flood light.
When the power is cut the lights come on using their in built battery power supply.
Floodlights are non maintained. Lights come on only when the mains fails, then last for approx hours under battery power.
Wired, 16A / switch.

£65 VAT Free

Emergency Indoor Flood Lighting
| Ref #: 95da0d1639b4
Florida Marquees
These emergency twin packs were used for a summer season and hung from marquee frame, included is a cable and loom that switches battery off from accessible point and 16 amp inlet, approx 10 metres on loom.

Have 5 of these available

£45 each or £199 the lot

£65 £45 VAT Free

Emergency Lights with Switching Loom
| Ref #: cce3c7f8033f
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