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Emergency Signs/Lights x 2 Bulkhead and 2 Twin Emergency Lights

LED Emergency Bulkhead
Bulkhead can be installed as a maintained or non-maintained emergency light, providing up to 3 hours of backup operation in the event of a power cut. As a maintained light, the fitting is used normally and stays switched on even when mains power is lost. A non-maintained light is permanently kept switched off, and only activates during a power cut.
Helped by its use of LEDs, this emergency bulkhead has an extremely slim, compact design that is unobtrusive but every bit as efficient as fluorescent bulkheads.

LED Twin Emergency Lights Lighting
Featuring two LED lights, this extra bright set of spotlights will effortlessly illuminate an area using just 20W of energy.
Presented in cool white for a distinct style
Wattage - 10W
3 hour Battery Life

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