9m Roder Poles, PVC and Lining Package - Essex


Used Roder Pole Work (9m Wide, 3m Bays, 2.3m Legs):-
48 x main roof bars (12 x four channel and 36 x single channel)
24 x apex’s (19 in good condition, 5 channels in need of repair)
48 x legs (three or four in need of repair)
67 x feet
20 x gable legs
16 x gable leg extensions
20 x chris cross supports
140 x roof purlins
40 x bay purlins
72 x wall/curtain bars
72 x ground bars
100 x 2 ½ foot stakes + stake puller

Roder PVC for the above:-
9 x gable end sets. Mixture of conditions, none new would recommend lining
58 x walls, Dutch laced, (includes three Georgian windows), none new would recommend lining
17 x roofs well used

Custom covers lining for the above (includes lining wall weight bars):-
2 x 9m x 3m ivory pleated hip ends (one old, one a few years old)
1 x 9m ivory pleated gable set (well used)
9 x 9m x 3m ivory pleated middles (mostly in great condition, may need a few repairs, two old, seven a few years old)
1 x 9m ivory partition curtain, used twice, great for revealing dance area at a wedding
30 x 3m x 2.3m ivory pleated lining walls (used three times)

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Price: £12000 £10000 +VAT
Ref#: B0CC2F44B982

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