Sold 523x 3m Length Swags - Essex


10x Peach

40x Gold + 7 half walls

20x Silver

10x Bronze

50x Black + 8 half walls

16x Sky Blue

37x Royal Blue + 10 half walls

14x Purple

13x Lilac

24x Fuchsia Pink

57x Light Pink

22x Burgundy

12x Holly Red

16x Belgium Red

10x Grass Green

8x Bottle Green + 7 half walls

10x Terracotta

10x Turquoise

16x Daffodil Yellow

10x Lemon

20x Dark Chocolate

18x Burnt Orange

14x Aubergine

16x Lime Green

50x Ivory

A real mixture of conditions some new, some stained, some old, all have a use though.

£2 per 3m length

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