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Cee Form 5 Pole 32 amp Made by BALS internal and external use IP rated IP44 with interlock switch high quality product at low prices

6 /230/400v


£40 +VAT

5 Pole 32 amp socket IP44 rated
| Ref #: 8e9082ca302a
Beautiful traditional marquee with handprinted linen lining. Two large central ridge poles and 30 edge poles. All poles have gold and white striped canvas for decoration. Marquee can be fully sided or left open. Sides also lined. Perfect for weddings bought for 2 weddings this year. Now ready to let others enjoy this marquee. A little time staining on seems but totally waterproof. Not noticeable when decorated. Packs down to be carried in VW transporter size van easily. However heavy to move around. Instructions on how to erect.

£4500 ono VAT Free

traditional canvas indian pole marquee
| Ref #: 3922a45ff1a1

Steel Mesh Cage - North Wales

Price: £30 ono VAT Free
Steel Mesh Cage
These cages look great when painted, perfect for storing various goods, can be moved around with ease.
As for the size, they are roughly the same dimensions as a pallet.
Has been used on a site, and has age related marks.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£30 ono VAT Free

Steel Mesh Cage
| Ref #: 7893af33f080
9m Reveal set
2x 12m White Reveal set

£300 +VAT

9m and 12m White Reveal Curtain - Hampshire
| Ref #: 555563a8d10e
Long Term Marquee Hire
Almost any size of marquee available for long term hire.
If your venue requires more than 2 consecutive weekends or 5 marquees a year it could be less expensive hiring the marquee by the month or for the whole season.
Excellent modern stock erected at any location in the UK.
We tailor the marquee to your requirements which could include pleated linings, windows, chandelier lighting, flooring, Doors, heating, air conditioning, tables and chairs.


Long term marquee hire
| Ref #: 3015d23e1d51
Raclet steel frame heavy duty marquee made in France
Builds as 2 sizes 6x4 M or 6x6 M
Formally used as trade stand
For sale due to bad health
White roof has slight staining on due to use
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£2700 ono VAT Free

6Mx 4M or 6M x 6M Raclet Marquee
| Ref #: 00e5b6c08e52
A & M Marquees based in Cheshire are looking to recruit a number of positions.

A & M Marquees are an established marquee hire company supplying Clearspan marquees up to 15m span, traditional, pagoda and stretch marquees based in Cheshire.

The successful candidates will be required to be reliable and punctual in meeting at our storage facility in Northwich.

Experience is preferable but not essential as training will be provided.

Competitive rates of pay.


Employment Opportunities in an established marquee hire company.
| Ref #: 92001f31dbaf

12m x 3m Walter Roofs and Walls - Cheshire

Price: £400 £360 +VAT ono
2x 12mtre Walter Roofs  6x 3mtre Walter Walls  4x3 Various walls
2x 12mtre x 3mtre Walter Roofs @ £100 each = £200
6x 3mtre x 2.4mtre Walter Walls @ £50 each = £300
4x 3mtre x 2.4mtre Various walls to the left of the picture @ £25 each = £100

£400 £360 +VAT ono

2x 12mtre Walter Roofs  6x 3mtre Walter Walls  4x3 Various walls
| Ref #: a7dbd7a8fd65
This heater develops up to 200,000 BTU from an enclosed flame which is powered by an electronically controlled and unique heat exchange concept using forced gas control.
Virtual 100% efficiency is obtained by the option of ducting exhaust gases back into the heat output.
Fully enclosed flame.
Fully enclosed, 100% efficient clean, dry air.
Powerful forced air fan.
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£450 £300 VAT Free

Ambirad Tornado
| Ref #: e1b23979fbca
20 x 4m x 3m bay Ivory Middle Pleated Marquee Linings plus 4 sets of 4m gable ends all in excellent condition

£60.00 per bay, £40.00 per set of gable ends

£1360 +VAT

Ivory Middle Pleated Marquee Linnings
| Ref #: 2a5197a6fa30
Both concrete and water weights are available for both dry hire and delivered to site.
We can provide up to 600 tonnes of ballast with timed delivery by knowledgeable staff.
Sizes available
Concrete: 350kg to 3,000kg
Water: 350kg to 1000kg
Phone or email for a quote.


Marquee weights
| Ref #: e36ebd75cc66

Sold 76Ft Diameter Top Marquee - East Sussex

Price: £7000 ono VAT Free
Big Top for sale
This Big Top Style marquee has sat unused for some years and the time has come to reluctantly sell it.

The Tent consists of two roof sections, 4 wall sections, 24 foot centre pole, 12 15 foot queen poles and 36 7 foot wall poles. Included are 36 ropes and stakes though the tent definitely benefit from ratchet straps, especially in high wind. Put up this way it is rock solid.

There are a few minor hole in the roof and one wall, easily patched and not structurally relevant.

£7000 ono VAT Free

Big Top for sale
| Ref #: 6d2f32fb3b11
Our White LED Star Cloths are made with high quality DFR Black Wool Serge and are fitted with Ultra-Bright, wide angle, long life LED's. UK hand manufactured, repair, maintenance and aftercare available. Inclusive with 2 off 10 x 15' starlight cloths is a UniLED controller and PSU, 9 programs loaded (statics, twinkles, fades).


8 Light sources per m2

Ties on all sides, Velcro strips on all sides allow any positioning as well as extension, all of our hire stock use 8 light sources per m2 and will work with any of our hire star cloths. Extra UniLEDs and extension cabling available made to order.

£560 ono including VAT

White LED Star Cloth - 6m x 4.5m
| Ref #: 2ebff38f9093

Sold 6m Roder HTS Pagodas - Kent

Price: £600 VAT Free
6m Roder HTS Pagodas - Kent
Choice of nine 6m, 2010 folding leg pagodas.
We don't have all the ground rails and the PVC is serviceable but will want replacing.
The frame is fine but will show signs of wear.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£600 VAT Free

6m Roder HTS Pagodas - Kent
| Ref #: 022e245d4cad
Marquee roof 12m x 9m with gables. (3m bays)
3m Ivory Walls
3m Ivory Valance
Window draps (In pairs)
6m Hip end

£130 +VAT

12m Flat lining for sale
| Ref #: 727b4686b4f3
I bought this lighting rig and had it made into a 6m x 6m Hexagonal festival stall by adding a roof and side canvas. I no longer have the canvas but you could get sheets made up if you want a unique Hexagonal dome structure for an exhibition stand.
The Aluminium Trilite Truss Rig is made to be used as a lighting rig and still can be.
The set contains:
  • 4 x 2320mm straight sections
  • 4 x 1700mm straight sections (some are made up from smaller sections)
  • 4 x 1700mm straight sections with T shape connect sections (made from smaller sections)
  • 8 x 800mm Hex Angle sections
  • 8 x thin bars (not TRILITE)
  • 1 x central 8 way connection

£1000 +VAT ono

Buy Used Trilite Lighting Rig Structure Stall TRI LITE
| Ref #: 21ee0edb0ee9
Large Quantity Of Warehouse /Transport Stacking Cages (Approx 60))
They Can Be Folded Down To Make An L Shape
All Cages Are Stackable As In The Photo
All In Good Condition
All On Wheels So Can Be Easily Moved Around
Ideal For Chairs And Tables Etc Etc

£95 +VAT

Warehouse /Transport Stacking Cages
| Ref #: f040f58096cb
Walter Revolution Semi Permanent Structures, have been site specific calculated to BS6399 recently dismantled, in storage and now available for sale.
Two Storey building 15m x 10m x 7m eave height, complete with 15m x 10m mezzanine floor
Saddle roof with internal flat roof
80mm Insulated wall cladding
20LM Double glazing
Set of automated sliding doors, Cassette flooring system, viewing balcony and entrance canopy.


Semi portable buildings for sale
| Ref #: 4e66ab6b6ab6
9m Ivory Pleated gable Lining
Made by Tectonics
Very good condition

£50 +VAT

9m Ivory Pleated Gable Lining - Christchurch, Dorset
| Ref #: 47ee82e10223
A portable stage. Made by ESI. You will receive enough equipment to build a stage 9m x 10m.
45 decks, each 2m x 1m, dark brown textured non slip finish. (Also a few spare decks)
Enough legs and underframe to built it from 1m to 2m high in 15cm steps.
Adjustable feet to take up any differences in the level of the ground.
4 sets of adjustable steps, 2 for 1m-1.5 and 2 for 1.5 and above.
Enough handrails to go around 3 sides, with the step at the front.
In very good clean condition. Used about 10 or 12 times. 2 years old.
£10,000 stg 12500 euros. plus VAT
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£10000 +VAT ono

Portable Stage, 10m x 9m up to 2m high
| Ref #: fb6fab2b3492

Sold Wooden Stage Blocks and Ramp - Oxfordshire

Price: £300 ono including VAT
Wooden Stage Blocks and Ramp
EX HIRE STOCK, USED wooden carpeted staging with Skirt and Ramp
7 x 8x4 decks * 1 x 4x4 deck * 1 x 6x4 Ramp
Some wear and tear but otherwise in good condition.
Flat packs as seen in photos.
includes some Skirting
The ramp does not pack flat.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£300 ono including VAT

Wooden Stage Blocks and Ramp
| Ref #: 3ea5d737009a

Sold 9m x 18m White Flat Linings - Surrey

Price: £2150 £1200 VAT Free
Second hand flat lining for sale
2 x 9m gables @ £80 each
6 x 9m roof linings
18 x 3m x 2.3m wall linings
All in extremely good condition and only been used once made by Custom Covers.

Will split up the items but they make up a 9m x 18m complete.

Total price for it all - £1,200

£2150 £1200 VAT Free

Second hand flat lining for sale
| Ref #: 7d9af595eb24
Replacement aluminium cap for 3 - 6- 9m ridge knuckles.
Standard 8m kader.
Pack of 10
Click here for more info and contact details......

£45 +VAT

Ridge Knuckles
| Ref #: d06ae17370bd
15m White Flat 2oz Gable Lining
Made by Custom Covers
Very Good Condition

£190 +VAT

15m White Flat 2oz Gable Lining - Christchurch, Dorset
| Ref #: 6c98ff4ea704
Roofs are 10m wide and 5m length.
All roofs have been used but are in good condition.
Always looked after and have been stored dry.
Will need a slight clean to be brought back to their best.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£150 +VAT

10x5m roofs
| Ref #: d74173746b3b

3x24m Walkway - Sussex

Price: £1900 ono including VAT
3x24m Walkway - Sussex

£1900 ono including VAT

3x24m Walkway - Sussex
| Ref #: 43c61b0669a3
Heavy duty roof rack came off a lwb sprinter van

£200 +VAT

Mercedes Sprinter Roof Rack
| Ref #: 1954b11ddaf3
Dutch lace wall pairs.
Very Good Condition.
Used once.

Want to see what else we're selling, just type in optix_events into the search field

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£90 +VAT

3m Pagoda Panoramic Clear Walls by Custom Covers - East Sussex
| Ref #: be3cb1d3e34a
Structure Marquees

Solid structure marquee custom covers / Roder style marquees, Complete with all sides mixture of solid sheets and window sheets. Solid roof covering
The Marquees were bought brand new and have been used for 3 seasons but in excellent condition, any inspection welcome
Ideal For Starting a New Marquee business or adding to previous stock.

3m width x 9m length

Click here for contact details and for more info.....

£24500 ono VAT Free

Framed marquee with window walls
| Ref #: b8bb35f4cd0e
9m wide with 3m and 4.5m bays. Max size 21m long (4 x 4.5m bays and 1 x 3m bay) but there are more 3m bays if you want it different lengths.
Marquee comes complete with everything you need to put it up: Stakes, sledgehammer, spare roof and wall panels (some with windows some without) and a complete set of roof and wall panels to put it up as a 6m wide instead of a 9m wide tent (though I never have)
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£5995 ono VAT Free

9m x 21m Barkers Marquees Clearspan Frame Marquee
| Ref #: a0f7155fdb32
6m White Pleated Gable Linings
Very good condition

£70 +VAT

6m White Pleated Gable Linings - Christchurch, Dorset
| Ref #: 0992e2a9e513
Height 370mm, Width 360mm, Depth 430mm, weight 20kg, 240v single phase 1.5kw

Process airflow - Dry Air - 290m3/hr

Regen airflow - Wet Air - 75m3/hr

This item has been used by us since new for the past two years to dry timber and is in very good condition with many years useful life ahead of it. It would be useful for anyone who needs to remove moisture from storage areas at low temperatures. It works by absorbing the moisture in the air and removing the warm moist air through a 75mm duct. The dry air is returned to the storage room or area where the unit is located, where flexible 130mm ducting can be used to maximise air circulation. Flexible ducting is not included with this listing but is available if needed.

The manufacturers details can be found here

£395 +VAT ono

Emac DD300 Dehumidifier
| Ref #: cab0bfa326a4

WANTED: Dance Floor

Price: £0 ono VAT Free
Dance Floor Wanted
Looking to buy a dance floor minimum 25ft x 25ft, ideally Webloc 8ft x 2ft panels with edging. Needed for a swing dance which takes place as part of a charity 1940's Revival weekend in June raising money for SSAFA.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details


Dance Floor Wanted
| Ref #: bbc13f7511db
Manufactured by Liri Tent. One marquee features a full cassette floor.
The size of the Marquees are 6x6m and the side height is 2.5m.
Frame uses hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061 /T6(13HW).
Fully enclosed cathedral window sheets.

£6000 +VAT ono

6m x 6m framed marquees
| Ref #: dbcfffe001b8

Sold Indirect Heaters - Cheshire

Price: £1200 +VAT ono
Indirect Marquee Heaters
These are indirect marquee heaters that are designed to sit outside the marquee and blow warm air into the structure, they run on diesel or kerosine.
IP 45 marquee heater full working order with thermostat
IC 25 marquee heater full working order with thermostat
IC 25 marquee heater not working, we have taken a look but cant get it to fire up so this is spares or repair
ITM Antares 50 full working order.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1200 +VAT ono

Indirect Marquee Heaters
| Ref #: 895cb5934355
We have 4ft illuminated letters for sale. They are custom built with aluminium edging and low voltage white LED lamps. They are finished with fairground style caps over the lamps. The caps can be changed from clear to coloured.
We have a full range of letters, symbols and numbers available secondhand and we can make any that we don't carry in stock.
Secondhand letters £250 + VAT EACH
New letters £325 + VAT EACH
New letters take approximately 7 days to complete.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£250 +VAT

4ft Illuminated Letters
| Ref #: b9a4450a8e59

Sold 50ft (15M) Event Dome

Price: £19500 including VAT
50ft or 15m Dome structure for sale
Assembly Time: 10 hours with crew of 4
Floor Area: 1965’ (180M)
Standing: 315 people
Row Seating: 245 people
Buffet Dinner: 200 people
Stand Up Tables: 195 people

We can offer training and engineering for our bigger domes, all our dome frames are powder coated white. The membrane is heavy duty PVC we also have a limited amount of lighter event nylon which is cheaper and easer for set up. All our PVC domes come with a full warranted and fire & engineering certification.

Currently we have all new stock all our domes are unopened and ready for transportation any where in Europe. We have limited stock on some dome sizes.

We are offering big discounts on all our pre session stock this will be for a limited time.
Shipping to be arranged all prices are including VAT.

£19500 including VAT

50ft or 15m Dome structure for sale
| Ref #: aa2de54a9072

Sold Gala Tent Frame & Linings - Essex

Price: £100 ono VAT Free
dressed gala tent
We have a large selection of Gala Tents available for sale. The equipment consists of frames, pvc & linings.

The majority of equipment is 6m wide, we also have some in 3m wide and limited stock of 4m wide.

The linings have been made bespoke for Gala Tents and are white pleated.

This is a very cost effective way of providing a comparable looking product to the more expensive traditional marquee.

Willing to consider reasonable offers.

£100 ono VAT Free

dressed gala tent
| Ref #: 6f513d516008
Used only once and is now surplus to requirements in stock.
Includes sealed air beam system for increased wind speeds and additional event safety measures.
Fans included
Stable in wind conditions of up to 55mph
Really quick installation. A great starter structure for an event company.
Includes zip in night sheets and air closure doors.
15 x 15 x 7.6m Exterior measurements. 185m2 usable interior space.
Packs down to 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.6m
Purchase cost at new £27100 + VAT plus shipping. Our price £9000 + VAT collection from Sussex.

£9000 +VAT

15 x 15m Inflatable Cube With Sealed Airbeams
| Ref #: 83c19ff62f90
We have for sale 10x used max clear / panoramic window walls still in good condition ready for the summer season.
All are no more than 3-4 years old and many were brought new in past 2 years.
All have been cleaned and are ready to use.
All were purchased from Custom Covers brand new.
Will only sell as job lot.

£600 +VAT

10x Panoramic Window Walls
| Ref #: 4a6e18e4e7f0
Used once, 3m clear panoramic walls, centre laced.
New from Hoecker in mid June 2016 and used on one job. As new condition.
For 3m legs.
Complete with bags.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1050 +VAT ono

8 x Hoecker 3m panoramic clear walls - for 3m legs
| Ref #: 4ad0f33a17f6
Well used standard Custom Covers style Pleated Mid Ivory wall linings
Still in use, clean and dry

£10 including VAT

3mtr x 2.3mtr Ivory Pleated Wall Linings - Cornwall
| Ref #: be093694f76d
2x 5m X 5m Roder Chinese hat marquees
2 LED black starcloth roofs for the above
Obviously with all electrics
4x black LED walls to fit above. LED ONLY USED TWICE
New cost for LED Starcloth £4994-72 plus vat.
Linings still available
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£4700 +VAT

Roder Chinese Hats
| Ref #: 12d551d59939
2 x 12M Ridge Knuckles for sale. (Tectonics/ Custom Covers Style).

1 as new
1 requires slight weld as hair line crack

Will take £37.50 for both

£37.50 +VAT

12M Ridge Knuckles For Sale (Tectonics / Custom Covers) - Merseyside
| Ref #: c8648677f0cc

4x Clear Roofs - St Boswells, Scotland

Price: £400 +VAT ono
4x Clear Roofs - St Boswells, Scotland
We have an array of ex hire stock we are looking to sell from our base in St Boswells.
Roder Hts
4 x (15m x 5m) Clear roof panels - all in excellent condition (only been used a maximum of 5 times each) £400 + VAT each
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£400 +VAT ono

4x Clear Roofs - St Boswells, Scotland
| Ref #: e601fdd1eb0a
Used Original Steeldeck 8'x4' For Sale
Can sell individually or in larger quantities.
Limited amount available.
We can fit new tops if required but these are in fairly good condition as the tops have recently been renewed, as photos (could do with a coat of paint.)
The frames are also in fairly good condition but have wear and tear as you would expect with used decks.
All the decks will have had the corner post bolts checked and renewed as required.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£225 +VAT

Used Original Steeldeck Stacked
| Ref #: 5257156d7147

Sold Arcothem EC40 - Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Price: £450 ono VAT Free
Arcothem EC40
Arcothem EC40 Good working order. Comes with extra long ducting pipe chimney and thermostat.
A nice little heater.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£450 ono VAT Free

Arcothem EC40
| Ref #: babbe9d020d4
45.5 x 20 x 10ft Heavy Duty Military Shelter.
- Comfortably Sleeps 20 People
- Strong Steel Galvanised Frame combined with Tough Plastic Canvas
- Installed in under 2 hours by 2 people
- Designed to stand for a minimum of 10 years
- Fully Waterproof
- The end panels can be removed to allow vehicle access
- Can be joined together
- Was the main tent system used at Camp Bastion, although these were only stored in the UK and were not deployed overseas.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£2495 +VAT ono

Military Shelter 45.5 x 20 x 10ft Army Tent Marquee Storage MOD Workshop 14 x 6 x 3m
| Ref #: 7384d46472b8
This marquee is 10m long by 6m wide. Last used in June for my daughters wedding. It takes at least three people to put it up, but when it's up, there is no need to worry about the weather as it is so strong. We just scattered straw on the floor and it was perfect. This marquee has been used a few times and although we have cleaned it each time, it may require a wipe down when you put it up. The bay Length: 3m, Eave Height: 2.3m, plain White Pvc Roof Cover, Gable Triangles, walls etc., Ground Rails & Earth Anchors are included.

£1800 £1550 ono including VAT

Marquee (Genuine Heavy Duty) Professional Quality 10m x 6m, Wedding or Party.
| Ref #: 8becdc4e40ee

Sold 15m Roof Wires - Surrey

Price: £80 £50 VAT Free
15m Framed marquee roof wires
1 set of 15m roof wires in good condition, only been used a few times, basically new.

See the other thing this seller has for sale

£80 £50 VAT Free

15m Framed marquee roof wires
| Ref #: 3ce5fe19f972