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Very clean and good condition marquee
To Inc 10 x clear windows 18 x white walls
Full Custom Covers ivory pleated roof and wall linings Inc swags and window drapes
High peak roof section
All PVC and linings washed October 2017.

£15000 +VAT

Used clearspan marquee
| Ref #: 26cbdcaac35a

12x27m Marquee With Lining - Norfolk

Price: £12000 £8500 VAT Free
Used large marquee for sale UK
Custom Cover Frame. Price includes all PVC and a complete set of ivory lining.
All metal work is well used but perfectly serviceable.
PVC is b/c grade.
We have a number a window walls included.

£12000 £8500 VAT Free

Used large marquee for sale UK
| Ref #: a217e352bf00
9m x 12m Galatent Fusion marquee, ex hire, under one year old and in as new condition, comes complete with all sides, carry bags, ground bar set and roof purlin tool.

£2500 +VAT ono

Used framed marquee for sale
| Ref #: 68607f5bd804
Bay Length: 5m
Eave Height: 2.5m or 3m
Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles.
Plain White Pvc Walls centre-split with lacing and eyelet.
If you require a smaller just let us know.
Lining Available for extra cost.

£23800 +VAT

15m marquee for sale
| Ref #: 2079bbe48318
HFA Removals
Running out of stock? Job too big for you? Double booked?
We can help.
Hire more bays of 9m (£135) or 12m(£180) as required.
Hire compleat marquees. From £5 PQM
Or we can put the marquee up for you. From £8 PQM +Transport.
Pick up from Wednesday Drop back by Tuesday 12 pm

£5 +VAT

Dry Hire Marquees
| Ref #: 174fb4067345
Long Term Marquee Hire
Almost any size of marquee available for long term hire.
If your venue requires more than 2 consecutive weekends or 5 marquees a year it could be less expensive hiring the marquee by the month or for the whole season.
Excellent modern stock erected at any location in the UK.
We tailor the marquee to your requirements which could include pleated linings, windows, chandelier lighting, flooring, Doors, heating, air conditioning, tables and chairs.


Long term marquee hire
| Ref #: 3015d23e1d51

12m X 24m Full Marquee Set Up - Buckinghamshire

Price: £15495 ono VAT Free
Framed marquee for sale UK
I purchased this marquee last year new.
Sadly the venue that I had an agreement with has decided to buy their own marquee which leaves me with this as surplus stock.
Marquee by custom Coverts (year old),
Lining, Star cloth, widow walls,
Spot lights, Up lights, Electrics.

£15495 ono VAT Free

Framed marquee for sale UK
| Ref #: c879ac12e39c
We carry extensive stocks of the following frame and PVC
Roder / Tectonics / Coverspan:
3m, 4.5m, 6m, 9m, 12m & 15m
3m & 6m Oriental
Flexible Hire Rates
Free stillage and pallet box loan


Marquee Dry Hire Hampshire 3m – 30m
| Ref #: a422767968cf

Barkers Marquee 22.5M x 9M (4.5M Bays) - Berkshire

Price: £5000 ono including VAT
Used framed marquee for sale
Barkers Marquee aluminium frame 4.5meter bays, 5 bays in total,
Frame, external PVC walls,roof, doors, and Aluminium panel, internal linings for sale. (walk way not included)
Mixture of new and old white PVC Walls,Oasis aluminium wall,Oasis double doors, two sets and Oasis Bi Fold door system, single door and double entry door not Oasis. Ivory coloured wall and cieling linings. service area and bar apex PVC wall have been cut for services.

£5000 ono including VAT

Used framed marquee for sale
| Ref #: d8cfb4b21acb
A complete and great quality 12m marquee – perfect addition to your stock.
All metal work well looked after and roofs and walls all wedding quality.
Looking for quick sell as needing space in the warehouse for winter.
Full set if Ivory pleated linings
Ivory pleated hips and Middle sections, Ivory pleated walls, Swags
Lining bars

£10600 +VAT

12m x 27m Tectronics framed marquee
| Ref #: abec5b13aa19
A tectonics frame with custom covers roofs, walls and windows - well looked after and all PVC good quality and stored well. Perfect for static venue or for increase in your stock.
White PVC roofs & gable triangles
Plain white walls with center spit lacing walls
6 Georgian Windows
White linings with walls and swags
Good condition just excess stock

£13000 +VAT

15m x 21m Tectonics Marquee
| Ref #: 6dbb0d282a85
Walter Revolution Semi Permanent Structures, have been site specific calculated to BS6399 recently dismantled, in storage and now available for sale.
Two Storey building 15m x 10m x 7m eave height, complete with 15m x 10m mezzanine floor
Saddle roof with internal flat roof
80mm Insulated wall cladding
20LM Double glazing
Set of automated sliding doors, Cassette flooring system, viewing balcony and entrance canopy.


Semi portable buildings for sale
| Ref #: 4e66ab6b6ab6
The Pavilion a 15 years old De Borer
30m long 15.4m width
5m bays, 3m eves
Roller tension, Hard sides
Total height from ground to apex of the roof 6.1m
Ladies, gents and disabled toilet cubicle

£35000 £14500 ono VAT Free

De Borer Pavilion For Sale
| Ref #: 2cd85f6f8001

Roder Marquee Package - Hertfordshire

Price: £8995 +VAT ono
Roder 12m x 18m Package
We have for sale a 12m x 18m roder, bar tension marquee with full ivory linings and wooden flooring
Flooring is a underbaors Grumpy Joes style
  • 12m x 18m roder marquee £7000
  • 12m x 18m ivory pleated linings £1800
  • 12m x 18m grumpy joes style wooden flooring £2000 and gel back beige carpet £600
Also have another bay or 2 of the Roder frame and PVC but some items missing and PVC in not very good condition. Will throw this in free with the marquee. - Open to offers on the whole thing...

£8995 +VAT ono

Roder 12m x 18m Package
| Ref #: 5961dfe9e915
Retirement Sale:
1 x 12m x 27m custom covers framework. Price includes all pvc and 6 windows
roof linings and walls, 22 rolls of coir matting in good condition plus three bays of L.E.D black starlight roof linings with transformers and blackout gable.
All framework and pvc/linings in very good condition.
Extra 12m framework available if required.

£12000 +VAT ono

12m x 27m Marquee with Linings / Matting / Starlight - West Sussex
| Ref #: 9b5526368d9f

Thermo Roof 20m x 20m - Staffordshire

Price: £6500 +VAT ono
Thermo Roof - 20m x 20m
Brand new thermo roof with pump and hoses - cancelled order
Suitable for a HTS Roder Hocker structure

£6500 +VAT ono

Thermo Roof - 20m x 20m
| Ref #: 8003bcd11efa
Temporary storage available to hire or buy.
The price is showing it to buy. If you require hire please let's know.
12m x 30m

£16500 +VAT

temporary warehouse unit for sale
| Ref #: 2cf99f2f9322
We have for sale a new 12m x 30m custom covers marquee
With full ivory linings
This marquee and lining we purchased brand new in May 2017 and only been used a few times so in excellent condition.
Price includes all stakes, waires, lifting bars, ground bars etc

£20000 £18000 +VAT ono

New 12m x 30m Marquee With Ivory Linings
| Ref #: b2456fe6f5b8
3m legs, 220/100/3mm profile
Surplus stock, good condition, clean covers (plain translucent PVC all round)
All legs manufactured as corner legs
All beams manufactured as gable beams

£16000 +VAT

20m x 20m Roder Clearspan Marquee
| Ref #: 0eaa097a8d0e
On 3m or 2.3m legs
220/100/3mm profile
Surplus stock
Great condition, clean covers (plain translucent PVC all round)
All legs manufactured as corner legs
All beams manufactured as gable beams

£21000 +VAT

15m x 35m Roder Clearspan Marquee
| Ref #: 20976c20530a
Roder HTS Hocker 18m x 12m marquee, which has steel frame cassette floor with wooden boards, 4 double window panels, Aluminium double door entrance set, entrance ramp, 1 emergency exit panel, complete set of ivory lining drapes with hip ends, swags and spare roof panels, wiring loom and 6 led flood lights for internal lining, wiring loom for additional lighting ( love letters, up lighters etc), 1 set marquee feet for use without cassette floor, peg puller.

£22000 +VAT ono

Roder HTS Hocker 12m x 18m Clear Span Marquee
| Ref #: 46aa0153570a
This frame has only been used once for a two day event! Absolutely pristine condition. It is like new!!
20m x 30m RÖDER HTS GZ Series (Roder Premium frame)

£27900 +VAT ono

20m x 30m Roder HTS GZ Series (Roder Premium Frame) Frame Only Like New
| Ref #: 7f7aba1fa694

Sold 20m X 9.5m Large Rectangular Marquee - North Devon

Price: £6950 ono including VAT
20m X 9.5m Large Rectangular Marquee
Purchased second hand and erected 3 years ago , will be taken down for first time September 18th ready for collection. total cost then £17k. Price now £6500.
-Includes all good quality aluminium metal work ,
-full carpeted wooden flooring,
-ivory coloured silk pleated linings for entire roof and sides.
-window walls down one side and end.
-45sqm wooden dance floor
-145 upholstered metal chairs ( can be sold separately)

£6950 ono including VAT

20m X 9.5m Large Rectangular Marquee
| Ref #: 7e8f32cd2eb9
2009 Custom covers frame marquee complete with ivory pleated roof linings
Complete with PVC all in reasonable condition
One 24m side has georgian windows, the others are plain walls.
Also comes with 21m of Covers and linings flat ivory roof lining only used a couple of times.
I would recommend new wall linings as my lining walls have taken a battering.
We also have available by separate negotiation, a 5m Brian James cargo trailer with H frames that the metal work goes on nicely ( and legally) PVC puts it over the 3500kgs but can go on the towing vehicle.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£9500 +VAT

12m x 24m Custom Covers Marquee - Kent
| Ref #: bbbf26a1e61b
Bay Length: 5m
Eave Height: 2.3m
Plain White Pvc Roof Covers & Gable Triangles.
Plain White Pvc Walls centre-split with lacing and eyelet.
If you require a smaller just let us know.
Lining Available for extra cost.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£15840 +VAT

12m x 30m Clear Span
| Ref #: 44c3a92d3da9
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