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We are a bespoke Marquee company based in Hayward Heath, providing pole tents for events around the UK.
We are currently looking for people who has at least 2 years of experience putting up pole tents.
The job will involve assisting with the loading and unloading of equipment, travel to site and erecting and fitting the marquees to the company standard.
Hours will vary depending on the location of events but a standard day ranges from 10 – 14 hours. This is a very physically demanding job requiring lots of heavy lifting so a good level of fitness is required.
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Pole Tent Riggers Required
| Ref #: 6a7f4a81ed7e
This lovely hand made trailer is still in great condition, in spite of being over 15 years old.
Stored in doors for the last 10 years its dry and just needs a little service to make it road worthy. Sadly i cannot test it as i no longer have a car with a tow bar.
Steel framed with aluminium base and sides.
Main body is 5ft x 3ft with additional 7" wheel arches either side.
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£375 ono VAT Free

Aluminium chequer plate trailer 5ft x 3ft
| Ref #: b738f3917175
Four Pavilion Party Marquees to 2 @ 5m x 10m. 1 @ 5m x 7.5m. 1 @ 5m x 5m These to be sold as a package to include all window, door, and blank panels. Also included enough parts to use these independently or as one integral unit. Those marquees bought original from 'Bradford Tent and Cover' have been well used and sold strictly as seen. Many extras including roof rails, to prevent ponding, large quantity of cord rolls, patio chairs, attaching annexe 2.m x 2.m, and some carriage lighting. Condition used but very suitable for market stalls, pubs and local events.
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£3000 ono VAT Free

Pavilion Party Marquees
| Ref #: 0b8d32cddf6f
Very good condition. With 8 triangular clear PVC panels.
Great for evening events.
Please note this is just for the PVC roof, no metal structure included.
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£650 £600 +VAT

6m Pagoda Semi Panoramic Roof by Custom Covers
| Ref #: 77b1b376fa23
This was installed in a large warehouse where it was carefully removed.

We can supply smaller or larger amounts.

8.5 x 1.1 x 2.25m

2x uprights

8x 2 tonne bars

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£144 +VAT

1 Bay Apex UK 16 Pallet Racking
| Ref #: f12dafbc581b
Immediate start, salary / day rate negotiable.

Driving licence up to 7.5t an advantage but not essential.


URGENT Experienced Marquee Foreman Required for Busy Marquee Company Located in Kent
| Ref #: d7ccb23f4653

Unipart Structure - London

Price: £12000 +VAT
Unipart Structure
Bespoke 25m by 20m structure.

Comes with central trussing.

The structure is used 4 times and in pretty good condition. It does have some marks some of which will not be removed. Price reflects condition.

£12000 +VAT

Unipart Structure
| Ref #: 7b4cedef635e

Buzon Pedastals - West Sussex

Price: £250 +VAT
Buzons Stacked
Over 1000 Buzon pedestals and extension pieces for levelling
To be sold in lots of 100 minimum.

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£250 +VAT

Buzons Stacked
| Ref #: 7750ee6f54d2

Chrome 5 Bulb Chandeliers

Price: £30 VAT Free
Chrome 5 Bulb Chandeliers
Chrome 5 Bulb Chandeliers
| Ref #: 325b55591910

Gable Legs - Devon

Price: £50 VAT Free
Gable Legs
Gable Legs
6 X available, two channel only standard height
£50 each no VAT
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£50 VAT Free

Gable Legs
| Ref #: dbd9e14bbc2d
Mezzanine is in 5m Bays
Measurement from underside of mezzanine to ground is 4m
Mezzanine includes two sets of stairs built to code
Heavy Duty Floor to anchor mezzanine (no staking required)
Used once – in excellent condition


20m x 30m x 4m & 20m x 10m x 4m Roder Mezzanine for Sale
| Ref #: 030f5e8ae9ec
Brand new & unused superior quality coir (coconut) matting:

M4A4 - Manual handloom, 4 Treadle, Herringbone weave.
Bright/Natural in colour. Both ends bound with natural webbing, and machine stitched.

Dimensions: 12.2M x 1.8M
Weight: ~40Kg

£200 +VAT

Superior Quality Coir Matting
| Ref #: 50bf317bfcf6

Sold Bonga Stretch Tent 11 x 11m

Price: £2099 +VAT
11m x 11m stretch tent
New Bonga stretchtents. 2 ply, 450 gram sand coloured Proflexx fabric with HF welded seams offers a very strong waterproof cover with no memory effect in the fabric. The tent is fitted with removable fixings and 6000 mm water column. Included are: masttops, mastfeet, 50 cm pegs, 4 meter long ropes with buckle, carry bags, side fixings, corner fixings, manual. Other sizes available.
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£2099 +VAT

11m x 11m stretch tent
| Ref #: 47b11f0a84bc
I have for sale 100mm Hanging Glass ball ornaments.

They are 100mm in diameter and have a hook on the top and bottom so that they can be easily linked together or hung using fishing wire etc.

They are very versatile and have lots of applications as can be seen from the picture. They are individually bubble wrapped and come in sets of 10.

They are quite strong and take reasonable knocks.

Price 50p each - qty over 50 only

£1.50 £1 +VAT

lit up Glass ball
| Ref #: f9885bfaae38
26 x 20 x 10ft Heavy Duty Military Shelter Designed to stand for a minimum of 10 years
- Comfortably Sleeps 10 People
- Strong Steel Galvanised Frame combined with Tough Plastic Canvas
- Installed in under 2 hours by 2 people
- Fully Waterproof
- The end panels can be removed to allow vehicle access
- Can be joined together
- Was the main tent system used at Camp Bastion, although these were only stored in the UK and were not deployed overseas.

£1495 +VAT ono

Military Shelter 26 x 20 x 10ft Army Tent Marquee Storage MOD Workshop 8 x 6 x 3m
| Ref #: ce22bc707df9

Sold 400m of Fairy Lights

Price: £1.50 +VAT
Fairy Lights
10 and 3m lengths of fairy lights with numerous 3 and 6-way adaptors and 13A plugs.
All purchased from Essential Supplies, some brand new and still in box.
All in very good condition and well looked after. Would prefer to sell as one job lot

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£1.50 +VAT

Fairy Lights
| Ref #: 79b5d3049cc4

Silk Lilly Stems - Birmingham

Price: £3 +VAT
Red silk flower stems
Used but Good Quality
  • 90x Red
  • 43x White
  • 25x Blue
  • 41x Orange
  • 58x Pink
  • 26x Yellow
£3 each must buy all of any colour cannot split

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£3 +VAT

Red silk flower stems
| Ref #: aa247c225854
2 Set carts originally used for transport and storage of 8ft x 4ft stage decks. Runs on 8 heavy duty castors, has a removable ply top, detachable side gates and fork lift slots at one end. Measures 8’6” long x 3’ 9” wide and 5 ft high.
Designed to travel 2 side by side in a standard truck or trailer.

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£100 VAT Free

Heavy Duty Set Cart for Storage/Transport
| Ref #: e4f87602458d
Roder UK Pagoda 5m x 5m
Used on less than 10 events.
Complete Structure and PVC
Walls included.

£1250 +VAT ono

Roder UK 5m x 5m Pagoda Tent
| Ref #: 05d559c904f9
• 15 of SC 90 Decks including top roto locks
• 8 of 8 foot Cross Braces
• 13 of 4 foot Cross Braces
• 18 of 4 way Leg Clamps
• 18 of 2 way Leg Clamps
• 2 of height adjustable Stair Sets including adjustable Banisters
• 53 of 1 foot Legs with adjustable foot
• 96 of Legs adjustable between 2 and 3 feet together with adjustable feet


£1 +VAT

Stage decking
| Ref #: 7f7398e70f69
Our client, a well established Marquee Business in the East of England, is considering selling the business and we are inviting expressions of interest.

With over 40% of the annual turnover, circa £90,000, coming from recurring contracts the high customer regard for this business is clearly evident. The hire stock of the business is very well maintained and has a market value around £70,000.

Offers in excess of £130,000 are expected for the combined goodwill and hire stock of the business which may also be sold separately.

The owners are in a position to complete on the sale by the end of May to give the purchaser immediate benefit of the summer season.

£130000 +VAT ono

East england marquee business for sale
| Ref #: 3d6f12a4ae1a
If you are interested acquiring the assets and customer list of Florida Marquees (Sheffield) and have the necessary capital, we would like to hear from you.
Florida Marquees (Sheffield) has been successfully trading for the last 17 years and has an annual turnover of £400,000+. The hire stock consists of a very large quantity of framed marquees from 2m wide to 20m wide and traditional marquees up to 50ft wide along with a large quantity of associated equipment. Replacement value of this stock is in excess of £2,000,000.
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£500000 +VAT ono

Clear-span marquees
| Ref #: 801847268575

Sold 20m X 9.5m Large Rectangular Marquee - North Devon

Price: £6950 ono including VAT
20m X 9.5m Large Rectangular Marquee
Purchased second hand and erected 3 years ago , will be taken down for first time September 18th ready for collection. total cost then £17k. Price now £6500.
-Includes all good quality aluminium metal work ,
-full carpeted wooden flooring,
-ivory coloured silk pleated linings for entire roof and sides.
-window walls down one side and end.
-45sqm wooden dance floor
-145 upholstered metal chairs ( can be sold separately)

£6950 ono including VAT

20m X 9.5m Large Rectangular Marquee
| Ref #: 7e8f32cd2eb9
Yellow and white flat lining made by Dover marquees.
Complete with roof with gable ends and walls 3m high.
Flame retardant.
This lining is unused.

£1800 VAT Free

Yellow and white flat lining
| Ref #: 3b7381651746

8ft Tall Cactus - Berkshire

Price: £250 +VAT ono
Catcus prop

£250 +VAT ono

Catcus prop
| Ref #: 280b6b843f2c
For sale is our 6m x 6m Trailer Stage complete with steps and railings.
Built on a Galaxy Trailer this stage platform is superb for small festivals and shows.
It is also used as a disabled viewing platform and as proved very popular for wheelchair users at many concerts.
It has new tyres and has recently been serviced.
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£6000 ono VAT Free

Trailer Stage Platform, Disabled Viewing Platform
| Ref #: 2e02877f777b

New PVC Roofs And Spares

Price: £200 +VAT
New PVC Roofs And Spares
5x10, 5x8 6x8 6x12 roofs available also loads of spare roof linings poles fittings etc

Price £200

£200 +VAT

New PVC Roofs And Spares
| Ref #: b74e009a1172
Hoecker 6m x 9m Substructure Floor System £2,750
145 No. White Bistro Chairs £750
15 No. 5'6" Round Tables c/w Rubber Bullnose £675
7 No. "Antwerp" 8 Arm Brass Chandeliers £320
VAT to be added
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£4495 +VAT ono

Hoecker Marquee Package
| Ref #: 5a5d223204f2

4x Light Columns - Worcester

Price: £400 VAT Free
Light Columns
FOUR Light Columns for Venues, Marquees or outside use.
These Light Columns create features in open spaces like reception areas, large bars or night club stage areas. Theatres would also use these as props for plays.
They are designed to have small lights inside them for a dramatic night time effect, but can be used without lights. They are designed for event use and are perfect also for decoration in marquees, or fixed venues.
They cost £300 each to make so this is a bargain for two at £200 for £400 for the four*. Sold either as a pair or four.
If a buyer buys all four* Light Columns then the outdoor LED lights that go with these with the leads are included. Value of the four outdoor LED lights on long leads with changing colours and remote control £65
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£400 VAT Free

Light Columns
| Ref #: 315acbb00030
All made by Weatherill Brothers

3 prs Yellow & White Striped 30’ x 15’ Gables ends some wickering but water tight and usable, no holes - £300 each pair no vat Reduced to £120 each pair

1 – 20’ x 30’Yellow & White striped middle section some wickering but water tight and usable - £200.00 no vat Reduced to £100

1 – 20’ x 30’ Yellow & white striped middle section good condition - £250.00 no vat Reduced to £175

1 – 30’ x 10’ Yellow & white striped middle section some wickering - £150.00 no vat Reduced to £75

2prs – 30’ x 15’ White Gable ends some wickering but water tight and usable - £200.00 each pair no vat Reduced to £130 each pair

No reasonable offer refused

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2x 20' x 10' Yellow & White Striped Gable Ends - Exeter
| Ref #: 0e72c8568a9c
Professional, hardworking, motivated, punctual, reliable and passionate! These are to name but a few of the qualities that I pride myself on possessing and confidently demonstrate every day of my 13 years working, living and breathing the temporary structures industry.
Working on and managing various structures at big county shows and events such as Royal Bath and West Somerset, Hampton Court Palace London, NATO Summit in Wales and Balmoral Ireland.
Services available on an hourly, daily, weekly basis. Rates are subject to individual hire requirements.
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Available for Hire Experienced & Qualified Senior Foreman Services for the temporary structures industry
| Ref #: 6893942318de
The perfect 4.5 metre tree to make that statement in your display not just for this Christmas, but for many more to come. Ideal for bringing that festive feel, either on a commercial basis in the shopping mall, foyer or reception areas, or on a personal basis for that larger home with grand ceiling heights.

Easy to assemble as this item comes in pole sections which slot together with ease, and a ground plate which allows you to stabilise the tree onto the ground for stability. The individual branches hook into the centre poles.

We will also add some of the decoration to in the pictures to go with it.

£1399 ono VAT Free

Commercial 4.5 metre Indoor Christmas Tree
| Ref #: 770d5abc21fd
High security safe offering ample space for your valuables. Supplied with key.
Height: 585mm / 23 Inches
Width: 430mm / 17 Inches
Depth: 470mm / 19 Inches
Internal measurements: 460mm(H) x 330mm(W) x 300mm(D)

£100 +VAT

pub safe
| Ref #: ec99c4105a1f
Floor panels are 1m x 1m
Levelling of uneven floors
Feet can be adjusted from the top
Fast installation and dismantling
Max 5,000 kg/m2 distributed evenly across the floor
Individual floor panels can be lifted
Price per m2 £40 per m2 + VAT
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£40 +VAT

Octanorm Flooring
| Ref #: 6f2d44d95b35
Once Used

£9.00 + VAT per square metre for Job lot, may split

£9 +VAT

Portapath flooring
| Ref #: 65862f06a253
ABS Walling for a Roder 3mtr leg 5mtr bay wanted


Wanted ABS Walling for a Roder 3mtr leg 5mtr bay
| Ref #: e93fef59549a
15m Clear PVC Gable - Hampshire
| Ref #: 8259be68d5f2

10.3m Diameter Tipi Frame - Leeds

Price: £750 ono VAT Free
10.3m Diameter Tipi Frame
Made from high quality spruce
9 x Main poles measuring 8.26m
9 x Cross bars
All metal hardware
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£750 ono VAT Free

10.3m Diameter Tipi Frame
| Ref #: 46369db243d0
12m dia hexagon Rigid Frame
6m each side
wall height 2m
height at centre 4.5m
Traditional custom lining and outer decoration
used once for Private Event

£8500 ono including VAT

Stunning Moroccan Party Marquee
| Ref #: e2c8527178b8
This frame has only been used once for a two day event! Absolutely pristine condition. It is like new!!
20m x 30m RÖDER HTS GZ Series (Roder Premium frame)

£27900 +VAT ono

20m x 30m Roder HTS GZ Series (Roder Premium Frame) Frame Only Like New
| Ref #: 7f7aba1fa694
9m x 24m galvanised metal sub-base complete with interlocking wooden floor, designed for use with Tectonics equipment.
Very good condition, having had only had light use, the interlocking boards come in a manageable size for installation, moving and storage.

£4995 +VAT

9m x 24m Galvanised Metal Sub-Base Flooring
| Ref #: d5c741d9b1f8
These new IP65 waterproof LED wash fixtures are perfect for any events that require versatile lighting options.
Specifications: PAR STYLE
- Rechargeable Lithium battery powered, with wireless DMX
- IP65, Outdoor Rated, - Built-in WiFLY wireless DMX:
- Variable RGBA color mixing, - Creates no RGBA shadows

£300 +VAT

IP65 External Waterproof RGB Uplighters with Battery & Wireless Operation
| Ref #: 3dcf4c1d0af0
Price - £Depends on how much you take as it can make various sizes
2x 10x30ft Tube Framed (Can Make Lots Of Various Sizes)
| Ref #: 4603a240cfda
Ivory Pleated Linings Manufactured By Custom Covers & Leisure Interiors. Condition ranging from useable to good used.

For Armbruster Modular Marquees
  • For 20' x 10' marquee :- 10' x 10' Middle, 2 No. 10' x 5' Bells 2 sets like this @ £60-00
  • For 20' x 30' Marquee :- 20' x 10' Middle, 2 No. 10' x 5' Bells 1 set like this @ £80-00
  • For 20' x 40' Marquee :- 2 No. 20' x 10' Middles 2 No. 10' x 5' Bells 1 (Very Old) set like this @ £40-00

Total For these 13 items £180-00 + VAT

£180 +VAT

Ivory Linings
| Ref #: 80a9b71c05bb

£35 +VAT

 5 Arm Chandeliers for marquees in white
| Ref #: 150f8fcaa5ab

£400 +VAT

Used Marquee PVC for Sale
| Ref #: 155d497dbc6f
All Linings can be viewed - Old Clearance Used Linings. Some small holes and discoloration - Hense low prices.
Viewing Welcomed. All Prices PLUS VAT @ 20%
Various pleated and flat wall linings available
Click here for more info and contact details......
Clearance - Ivory Pleated Stock Linings - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
| Ref #: c7a75684935c
Leg pole for Span-Tech Chinese Hat 5x5 marquee. See picture for an example.
Length required is 282cm, must have Kadar grooves.
Any condition considered.
Click here for more info and contact details......


WANTED: Leg Pole for Span-Tech Chinese Hat 5x5m Marquee
| Ref #: 4557bb93b905
We are looking for Drivers with towing experience to delivery Luxury Toilet Trailers and Refrigerated Trailers during the forthcoming busy Summer season. This temporary contract would start in April until October primarily, with potential of a full time contract from November onwards.
We are based in Bishops Stortford (near Stansted Airport) and travel within a 100 mile radius.
Click for full listing and contact details

£0.01 +VAT

Luxury Toilet Hire
| Ref #: d71a0c53a3a9
This 2002 7.5 tonne atego has been well looked after in & out, we like to stick by the book always due to the fact as we have operators license and we need to keep in a good name...
So hence this atego gets pretty much every part as and when it needs it.
This truck always starts on first time and drive perfectly ....
London low emission zone compliant
Eminox clean diesel technology (cost £4600.00)
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£4500 +VAT

mercedes atego 815
| Ref #: 6252c73788bf