Sold 2x 6m 9m or 6m x 18m Hoecker E6 Frame - Like NEW - Glasgow


This is Rolls Royce equipment bought direct from Hoecker within the last 12 months for over £20,000

Made to Structural Calculations: BS6399 pt2 (wind) & BSEN 1999 Eurocode 9

It could be used for up to 160 guests standing or 80 at 5' round tables.

The marquee is bar tensioned with an eve height of 2.4 m and a profile which is much thicker than most techtonics and Roder HTS structures - therefore can be used as semi permanent.

We bought this for a hire to use as a semi-permanent structure and within 1 month the hotel owner decided to build and extension.

We bought additional elements to split into two 6 x 9m marquees and since have kept the stock purely for small weddings. I also have the kit to ad a 1.5m bay which is handy so can hire as 6 x 7.5m etc

I would love to keep this but at the age of 61 I'm focusing on my book for larger weddings next year and the days of putting out 6-7 marquees per week are behind me.

Welcome to come and have a look or call to discuss and can do a deal to buy both and have new linings to suit if interested.

From the Hoecker website

The main structure of the marquee comprises anodised extruded aluminium profiles. The rafters spaced across the ridge and eaves have quick assembly push fit connections.

The basic unit is 6m long, with wind bracing bays at each end. This can be added to in sections of one bay, and can thus be extended to any length as required. In the case of any length over 24m an additional braced bay would be required.
Maximum spacing between wind bracing bars : 6 bays.

The marquee framework can either be erected on steel footplates or on hoecker flooring systems. The anchoring method depends upon structural calculations. The structure is assembled from ground level upwards, so no dangerous roof work is involved!

The rafters have keder tracks for the PVC sheet keder edges to be inserted, thus resulting in a very tight and secure join between the framework and the PVC sheet.

Walls: Keder edges, sliders at top edge for keder tracked eave and gable purlins, laced at centre, white as standard, other colours avaliable upon request.

The marquee can be supplied with tested structural calculations. According to structural calculations it is stable in structure to BS6399 pt2 (Wind) & BSEN 1999 Eurocode 9. Design of aluminium structures.

Snow must be cleared from the roof regularly or a constant temperature of 12 degrees C must be maintained at the ridge point.

Aluminium Frame Specification

Span Width: 6000mm
Eave Height: 2400mm
Ridge Height: 3424mm
Roof Pitch: 18°
Longest Component: 3800mm (Diagonal Bar)
Aluminium Profile: 120mm x 80mm 4 track
Aluminium Spec: Anodised, Extruded, Tempered, 6082
Wind Speed Rating: 70mph, 31m/s, 113km/h
Snow Loading: 0.2kn m2 Not including internal hanging loads
Purlin Profile: 62mm x 62mm 2 track & 60mm x 60mm
Steel Spec: Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Inserts
Bay Spacing: 3m
Frame Bracing: Diagonal Bar or Portal Brace
Ground Fixing: 850mm Stakes, Anchor Bolts, Weights
Maximum suspended weight per span: 85kg from a single point or 170kg if spread evenly across the span from two points.
Structural Calculations: BS6399 pt2 (wind) & BSEN 1999 Eurocode 9

PVC Specification

PVC Spec: 650g m2, Anti Mould, Low Wick, UV Resistant
Fire Rating: BS, DIN & M2 Standard
Colour: White as standard, others available upon request
Roof Options: Plain White, Clear
Gable Options: Plain White (one piece), Clear (one piece)
Wall Options: One Piece, Centre Laced, Windowed, Panoramic
Tensioning: Bar tension with ratchet straps

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Location Castlemilk, Glasgow South, G45 9UH

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