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Sold 12m x Any Length of Ivory Pleated Linings - Oxfordshire


12m x 3m Ex-Hire Ivory Pleated Linings

They fit standard frame marquee.
14x 3m x 12m sections. @ £95 per section (if you took all of them @ £1330)

They would make ideal venue decoration. If you have a village hall, sports hall or even a barn you can make it into a "marquee". We can help you with the method of installation.

If you would like less than 5 then £140 each

1x (12m x 3m or 40ft x 10ft) £140
2x (12m x 6m or 40ft x 20ft) £280
3x (12m x 9m or 40ft x 30ft) £320
4x (12m x 9m or 40ft x 40Ft) £460

If you buy 5 get them for £130 each
5x (12m x 15m or 40Ft x 50Ft ) £600

If you buy 6-10 get them for £110 each
6x (12m x18m or 40ft x 60ft) £ 660
7x (12m x21m or 40ft x 90Ft) £ 770
8x (12m x24M or 40ft x 100ft) £880
9x (12m x 27M or 40ft x 110ft) £990
10x (12m x30m or 40ft x 120ft) £1100

If you buy 11,12,13 get them for £100 each.

11x (12m x 33m or 40ft x 130ft) £1100
12x (12m x 36m or 40ft x 140ft) £1200
13x (12m x 39m or 40ft x 150ft) £1300

14x (12m x 42m or 40ft x 160ft) £1330

Please note that the distance in feet is approx. As I have assumed 3m = 10ft at short lengths this will make little difference however @ 160ft the actual distance covered may be up to 22ft short.

I don't have any gables however I could make new ones for £250 each

There is a method of using one roof to cover both gables by using half a roof at either end of the marquee to cover the triangle and to tie the excess to either side of the marquee.

They are made of William Reads Trevira CS which is Inherently flame retardant to UK / EU standards.

They are in good used condition however they are ex-hire so don’t expect brand new!

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Hi Ben,
Your re-working of my advert worked a treat. I had three enquiries and the first person bought the lot.
Where would we be without the Curlew web site?
Thank you.

Price: Sold