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Marquee Business - Buckinghamshire


Complete marquee company for sale.
Based in Buckinghamshire.
We have a few annual events and bookings that would also be passed on if required.

Stock (approximately)
27m x 12m marquee - tectonics
Ivory pleated linings with hips
At least 5 extra pvc roof panels

18m x 9m marquee - tectonics
Ivory pleated linings with hips

15m x 9m marquee - tectonics
Ivory pleated linings with hips

6m x 6m witches hat marquee - tectonics with ivory pleated linings

Extras: 8 other coloured swags of at least 16 pieces of 3m or more
3 x blackout roof panels which fit 12m & 9m
2 x black out panels which fit 9m & 6m plus a 9m panel which only fits 9m
12m blackout gable set and 6m blackout gable set
Extra 9m ivory pleated roofs
3m wide ivory pleated roof lining
(3m hips plus : x 3m middles and a set of triangles)
3m tectonic beams x 10
3m pvc roofs x 5
3m pvc gables x 2 tent sets
6m pvc roofs x 2
6m pvc gables x 3 tent sets
6m roof beams x 6
Other extras like scissors, gable legs, portal beams, strength wires, etc

Dandy dura matting - 4 x 3m, 11 x 6m, 30 x 9m, 7 x 12m rolls all 2m wide with the speck on a corn colour
Also have plenty old pvc and polythene for under matts and dance floors
Plywood interlocking flooring- 180 of 8’ x 2’ panels and 30 of 4’ x 2’ panels

7 of 8’ x 4’ stage panels at 1’ high
1 of black & white dance floor at 18’ x 18’ with edging
1 of 18’ x 18’ parquet interlocking with edging
1 of 18’ x 18’ parquet interlocking with edging - one half panel missing!
Some panoramic window walls - 7 one piece and 3 x lace ups
4 or 5 three seater sofas with changeable covers - black, white or red
5 x tall posuer tables
2 x 5’ limewash bar units
115 x limewash chavari chairs with creams pads- also have black shower caps
7 x 6’ round tables 2014
15 x 5’6” round tables 2014
6 x 5’ round tables 2017
8 x 4’ round tables 2018
3 x 3’ round tables 2012
13 x 6’ x 2’6” trestle tables 2012
20 x 6’ x 3’ trestle tables 2018
Plenty of power - distribution boards, splitters 16amp, 32amp and 63amp cables plus chandeliers, up lighters, pea lights
4 x mother care high chairs 2015
1 x 9m x 3m starcloth roof panel and gable
2 of oasis fitted 3m doors
1 of ac 55 diesel heater 2015
1 of ac 40 diesel heater 2009
Both working
Also have a clear gable on 9m and 12m
There are about 10 different pvc gutter lengths
Leg extensions for trestle tables to make to bar height
Also pallet racking and tools such as sledgehammers lifters and peg puller

Condition: dandy dura matts will need jet washing
Pvc will all need a wipe over, linings I can dry clean as all boxed and stacked and mouse free!

I estimated about 75k a year as I purposely stayed under the VAT threshold. Was work I did turn down or passed on due to this, plus since 2016 I have another job which didn’t help with time to do the jobs.

Non vatable on sale

Contact notes

Email for appointments please no1tentmaster@aol.com

Price: £57500 VAT Free
Ref#: EF77973685D6

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