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For sale we have 1500 Sqm of Used Event Deck Ultra flooring manufactured by Signature Systems.
This is the more heavy duty version of the event-deck floor, it has been brought in batches over the last 6 years so various age and condition (all mixed) but makes a good sub floor to carpet over, ideal for marquees of any size
1500 sqm available but willing to split into smaller amounts.

£20 + VAT per Sqm each

| Quantity: 1500
The Quad Pix Batten is a pixel controllable LED bar with 12 x 4W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs. For ease of operation, the batten features a large number of macros and effects accessible either via the on board menu or DMX. Full pixel control is also available when operated in 48 channel mode to create stunning colour flows and chases. Ideal for up-lighting / colour washing Marquees.

£840 +VAT

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