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£7500 +VAT ono each

Miller Weldmaster IEG
The marquee is in used condition, owned for 10 years, but only put up 2/3 times a year

The marquee is complete with all walls, poles, ropes, pegs and stakes

£3250 +VAT ono

60' x 40' Traditional Marquee - Southport
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  • High to Apex 12' 6''

  • Upright Poles are 43mm OD

  • A few small holes where side doors have been tied back. The zip is jammed and may need some attention

Apart from minor cosmetic problems listed the overall condition in good. The steel works, cross pieces and threads are all fine. When assembled they make a good solid frame

New Bungee cords

£1200 +VAT

10m x 6m Commercial Marquee
Mezzanine is in 5m Bays
Measurement from underside of mezzanine to ground is 4m
Mezzanine includes two sets of stairs built to code
Heavy Duty Floor to anchor mezzanine (no staking required)
Used once – in excellent condition


20m x 30m x 4m & 20m x 10m x 4m Roder Mezzanine for Sale
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£650 +VAT each

Jet winch for pagoda for sale

£20 VAT Free each

12m roof tension wires (x8)
| Quantity: 8

£95 VAT Free each

under wall diffusers
| Quantity: 2

£1100 VAT Free each

Army Mess Tent

£120 inc. VAT ono

Emergency Exit Lights
| Quantity: 12
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