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Emergency Exit Box, with 7m lead and 16A CEE type plug. Illuminated by mains power with battery back-up in the event of power failure. Battery back-up lasts up to three hours. Complete with brackets to suit Walu/Walter Multiform eave bars (lateral or gable).

£30 +VAT

Fire exit sign
Illuminated fire exit signs with battery back up. These have been wired with 16amp sockets in and out so they can be wired in a circuit and include hanging hooks.

£60 +VAT

Illuminated fire exit signs
| Quantity: 4

£35 £30 VAT Free

Double fire extinguisher stands for events
| Quantity: 9
Zeta II continues to be a popular bulkhead emergency light for many types of installation. The shallow, unobtrusive profile neatly blends into any environment and is further enhanced by the semi-recessing trim plate. As well as being a dependable source of emergency lighting, Zeta II can be used as an exit sign with the application of an optional adhesive legend kit.

£10 VAT Free ono

Emergency lights for sale
| Quantity: 5
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£75 £40 VAT Free

Emergency Signs/Lights
| Quantity: 4
Emergency Exit Lighting
  • 16 x Non maintained bulkhead lights
  • 11 x Maintained bulkhead lights
  • 12 x Maintained emergency exit signs
All in good working condition. Wired in and out.

£15 +VAT

Emergency Exit Lighting
Emergency indoor twin flood light.
When the power is cut the lights come on using their in built battery power supply.
Floodlights are non maintained. Lights come on only when the mains fails, then last for approx hours under battery power.
Wired, 16A / switch.

£65 VAT Free

Emergency Indoor Flood Lighting

£120 including VAT ono

Emergency Exit Lights
| Quantity: 12
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