Sold Marquee Flooring - Selkirk


10ft x 2ft boards made from solid wood floor boards with 2"X2" cross timbers. This flooring was made by a local joiner and it was cheek nailed then screwed.

Once it was made I then sent it away to be pressure treated at a local saw mill with non toxic brown treatment. It has not been varnished and some of the boards could do with attention just to tighten down the odd board.

I used this flooring mainley for one event each year and sometimes I would take on a wedding and use it for that but to be honest the bulk of my work was all agricultural trade shows and we did not require flooring.

This will make great flooring if reconditioned or just as rustic flooring or carpet over the top.

The price is based on all of the above first come first serve.

I can use this flooring to cover a 9m x 30m marquee give or take.

Delivery notes

Collect from Selkirk td7 5dt by arrangment

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Price: Sold