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Most tiles measure 50cm x 50cm require 4 to a square metre, these are normally bitumen backed but can be rubber. (usually favoured by Pubs / restaurants etc).

The other type of tile are foam backed, these usually made by Milliken, these are soft tiles and feel much better when walked on barefoot. they measure 45.7 cm2 and require 5 tiles per SqM.
All our tiles are reclaimed from industrial sites or offices. we only select good grades, after which they are hand sorted, and any defected tiles removed. we then price them as follows

Grade A 75p per tile
Grade B 50p per tile

we do also sometimes keep a lower grade C which we sell at 30p per tile (suggested use for workshops / garages etc).

I estimate we dispose 30% of tiles as being defected / unsuitable for sale.

Carpet tiles stock of 30000 changing weekly, 20+ types

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Available for collection or via courier POA

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Sussex Reclamation Ltd


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