Sold Blue Inflatable Structure - Hull, East Yorkshire


This structure is blue and measures approx 22 metres X 10 metres X 4 metres high.

It is designed for indoor/warehouse use and will provide an attractive indoor arena for conference/training sessions, gatherings and the like.

It has an integral roof allowing heating to be introduced very easily. There are two access/egress points. This has been used just once over the festive period and is virtually as new. It is from the same maker as our other listing except because of the fabric colour, and being dark coloured on the inside, supplementary lighting is usually necessary and effective for most events. However, this fact does lend itself to power point and "screened" presentations without the use of other blackout equipment. Again, specialist labour is not required to install this kit and this does represent huge savings where multiple uses are envisaged.

The structure is not designed for outdoor use and the UK weather. It can also be installed within marquees to form separate/break out areas.

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Delivery can be arranged at a cost. Viewing is welcomed and collection could be at the same time if desired.

Hull, East Yorkshire

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